My New Book!

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Big announcement, y'all!!....

I'm writing a Louis Tomlinson Fan fic called ''Passing Judgment."  It's about a girl who auditions for the British X-Factor.  She's obsessed with Louis Tomlinson, who just happens to be one of the judges on the X-Factor panel that year, so she's super excited about meeting him. 

Will she win his heart?  And can they hide their relationship from the public before someone finds out, ending both of their careers?   

I will be posting every Thursday, so make sure you come back on Thursday for Chapter One!!  FYI, I'll still be doing sick fics as well, so don't you worry.  :)

I hope you read it since there's  a huge chance (Chonce) that Louis will really be a judge this year, come Aug/Sep.  Then we can all reminisce about that cool story you all read on

K, bye!

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