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I know I haven't been posting as much lately and it's because I read a news article saying how harmful blue light is on screens. It's bad for your eyes and can make you go blind and it scared me so much that I bought a blue-light filter screen for my computer and didn't want to write any sickfics until that was on my screen to protect my eyes.  If you're worried at all, I'd recommend getting an app that filters blue light on your phone.  I felt like I should share that info with y'all, too. 

Okay, this one goes out to   blueforhim .  Enjoy.

Words: 1,765

"Alright, hop on in," their driver said. There was a chill in the air that autumn morning, and the boys were about to leave for a city two hours away while riding in a car. Management didn't want to spend the money on taking the tour bus that short of distance, so the boys would have to get used to sharing a tight space without getting to move around as they pleased.

Niall was the most concerned out of all of them. "What about breakfast? I usually make myself bacon and eggs on long trips."

"All taken care of," the driver said. "We'll go to McDonald's drive-thru and get your orders. Plus, we'll keep snacks and candy in the car. You'll be fine."

Once morning came, they began piling into the white car, Louis right behind Harry, keeping his hand on his back, guiding him to the first seat in the back. As promised, they stopped at McDonalds and they each ordered what they wanted. Soon, they were on their way, eating their breakfast.

Not even half an hour later and Harry began feeling queasy. He put his hand to his stomach and turned toward the window, not wanting Louis to see him closing his eyes against the pain. No one needed to know he was feeling ill.

A minute later, he wrapped up the last little bit of breakfast sandwich he didn't finish. The thought of eating it now only made him feel sicker. He cursed himself for not taking his carsickness medicine. A sharp pain hit him suddenly in his right temple and he winced. Just great, now he was getting a headache and they were only 25 minutes into the trip.

He turned his head to face the window. He watched the trees go by and the other cars on the highway. He thought it would take his mind off of his discomfort, but his nausea grew even more. It got so bad that he gripped his stomach and held his head down in his other hand, fighting the urge to throw up.

He thought he heard his name being called but he wasn't sure. His stomach lurched and he involuntarily vomited his entire breakfast at his feet.

"Harry!" Louis shouted, putting his arm to his back. "Oh, gosh." He got the driver's attention and ordered him to pull over. The driver immediately obeyed and they were soon pulled over on the shoulder.

Niall and Liam turned around in their seats to see what the commotion was all about.

"Why'd you stop?" Niall asked. He saw Harry slumped over in his seat and raised a questioning eyebrow.

Instead of answering him, Louis asked Harry, "Harry, what's wrong? How long have you been feeling sick?"

Harry moaned, feeling his stomach cramping up on him. "Since we started moving."

"Did you take your motion sickness medicine?" Louis asked, concern in his eyes.

Harry shook his head, breathing quickly. "No, I didn't think I'd need it for so short of a trip. I hate being dependent on it."

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