Louis Sick After a Fight with Harry

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So it looks like EVERYONE wants this prompt. I was asked by three people the same request, only tiny variations or add-ins to each one, so I've decided to combine them into one request. So this story goes out to: Zainyyy_styles larry_is_life_98  for_youreyes_only . Thanks, guys, for this request.  Hope you like it!

Harry had been really busy lately, and so had all the other boys. It was always go, go go, and not enough sit-down-and-relax-time. The only time they had to take some time off was Saturday evening. They were constantly recording, practicing, or doing something in the studio and it was making them all go a little nuts.

 Harry in particular was really stressed about it all. He never found time to hang with Louis. He'd hoped to be able to go on dates with him or chill at their house together, but Louis always wanted to hang with his friends and go clubbing all the time. Harry was sick of it. Louis had been doing this for the past month already and it was wearing on Harry's last nerve.

 And today had been awful because management scolded him for anything he did wrong, from not reaching the high notes perfectly every time, to giving Louis too much attention while in public. He wasn't in the best of moods. When he and Louis arrived home for the evening, Louis could tell.

 "Louis, I told you to take out the trash before we left this morning. It's piled high to the ceiling, and you can't cram anything more into it," Harry said, irritated.

 "I know. I just forgot. We were in a rush," Louis said. 

 Harry rolled his eyes. He opened the cupboard and got out a trash bag, slamming it shut. He took the trash out of the trashcan and replaced it with the new bag. "So what are the plans this weekend then?" Harry asked, filling up the sink with water so he could do the dishes.

"I'm gonna go hang with Stan and the guys at the club," Louis responded.

 This was exactly what Harry was expecting. Harry clenched his jaw, wiping down a glass cup with a rag in the sink. "Well, I thought you and I could do something."

Louis laughed. "We're always together, Harry. We can do something anytime."

Harry looked over at Louis, washing the soap off the mug. "No, we work together all the time, but we don't get to hang out. I wanna hang with you sometimes, too."

Louis got out a towel and began drying the dishes. "Well, you can come along with us then if you want. I'm sure Stan wouldn't mind."

Harry shoved the mug in the water angrily and it clanged against another one. "Why do you always have to hang with Stan? Can't we be together just the two of us for once?"

Where was this abrupt anger coming from? It was scaring Louis. "Well, I guess we could, but I've made plans with him already."

"Can't you break them?" Harry yelled. "It's not fair. Do you really think he deserves to take up every single one of your weekends?"

"Harry!" Louis shouted. "I don't hang with him every single week. "And besides, we're not always in town."

"I don't hang with him every single week," Harry mimicked Louis in a childish way. "Well that's bull, Louis. You're always with him on your time off and I'm starting to think you prefer him over me." 

 Louis gasped. "How dare you say that! You know that's not true."

"Whatever! It is true! And then there's that girl you were talking to today!"

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