Sexting » Larry AU by justlikelouis
Sexting » Larry AUby ◟̽◞̽
[completed] Where Harry meets a horny older boy on Omegle. ... "So you're just gonna send me a photo?" "That's the concept of a nude, yes. Or a video, if...
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Don Amore ~ L.S. by BellaMartinez203
Don Amore ~ Mysterious Larry
Harry is the king of Legacy Prep, living a life of power. Louis is the school's punching bag, living a life of fear. The only good girls and boys Harry knows jump in hi...
  • harry
  • mafia
  • liampayne
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His Hazza » l.s. mpreg by heartfullofharry
His Hazza » l.s. mpregby over my head
"You're so tiny and fragile, and I intend to treat you that way," Louis plays with one of Harry's curls and smiles. "My perfect boy. My Hazza." ♛ ...
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College Rule (Hybrid//Stylinson) *Complete* by HarrysAngelLou
College Rule (Hybrid//Stylinson) * Allie
Louis hates hybrids. He has to care for a hybrid. Its a college rule. *First published on August 5th 2017* Polish Translation Now By @lizaxliza2
  • harry
  • louistomlinson
  • stylinson
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Baby Boy *larry au* (mpreg) by heartfullofharry
Baby Boy *larry au* (mpreg)by over my head
In which a pregnant Louis texts the wrong number and ends up talking to Harry.
  • mpreg
  • louis
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Flower | larry mpreg | au by happilyeverlarry
Flower | larry mpreg | auby Cass
[Flower child!Louis] [Punk!Harry] Louis Tomlinson is the school nerd. Ever since coming out as gay the entire school has found more and more ways to torture him. Startin...
  • wattys2014fanfiction
  • nerd
  • malepregnancy
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Adorable // l.s by louisisasmolkitten
Adorable // l.sby louisisasmolkitten
"By the way, you look really adorable." Louis Tomlinson's world changes when pop star Harry Styles walks into the cafe he works at. And Harry can't help but be...
  • ls
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The Sassy Tommo - Larry Stylinson [Ageplay] by hisoopsforhishi
The Sassy Tommo - Larry Pastel Pink
"The Sassy Tommo just got sassed!" . . . Ageplay - DDLB (If you don't know what this is, google it before you read.) This book may contain triggering content f...
  • louistomlinson
  • harrystyles
  • larry
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Mum's Best Friend by BSloves1D
Mum's Best Friendby Bailey Stylinson
Where Harry is a fanboy of One Direction and Anne just so happens to meet Jay at a cafe. Highest rank: #708 in fanfiction Highest hashtag: #1 In LarryStylinson
  • wattys2017
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Regret [L.S A/O] by hedmarryhim
Regret [L.S A/O]by hedmarryhim
"I knew that the Alpha was going to reject me, and I'm glad you did to be honest. For the record, if I was Alpha, I wouldn't want to be with myself either, as I am...
  • romance
  • gay
  • stylinson
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27 Minutes -Larry Stylinson- by YorkshirePerrie
27 Minutes -Larry Stylinson-by YorkshirePerrie
Everything has finally become too much for Louis to handle. The lies, fake relationships and fake smiles. The fans were right. They had always been right. Louis loves Ha...
  • louis
  • larry
  • happinessintime
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Out Of Control {Autistic!Louis Businessman!Harry} Larry Stylinson by lousbumtohazsdik
Out Of Control {Autistic!Louis 🌈Ash🌈
"I have fallen in love, out of control." Autistic!Louis (Overlapped with ADHD) Businessman!Harry (Like always.) . . . Translations : -Spanish - @i...
  • autisticlouis
  • autistic
  • louistomlinson
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Love is blind L. S. Mpreg. Book number 1 by indiloveslarry
Love is blind L. S. Mpreg. Book Indi !
This is the first book in this series. Harry has been blind since birth. It was inevitable. No matter how hard Anne and Robin tried to find a doctor who might be able to...
  • liam
  • robin
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Facade (l.s) by lewislovesharreh
Facade (l.s)by ♌️
On the outside, everyone thought his life was amazing, they were often envious of it, wishing they could swap their own for his. But on the inside, he was just a little...
  • harry
  • stylinson
  • alternateuniverse
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For Girls *larry au* (mpreg) by heartfullofharry
For Girls *larry au* (mpreg)by over my head
"Skirts are for girls." "Says who?" ♡♡♡ Louis has always felt prettier in girls clothes. He's been bothered about it all his life, until Harry steps...
  • direction
  • onedirection
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Last Chance l.s. (BDSM)  by starxxy_eyes
Last Chance l.s. (BDSM) by Starry eyed
*My first every Larry story* *This will not be like 50 Shades* Harry Styles is a 25 year old dominant who can't keep a sub because they say that he is too strict and no...
  • stylinson
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NUDES | larry by -SEXANGEL
NUDES | larryby ducky
where harry sends louis nudes and calls him daddy. ©2017, (-SEXANGEL) all rights reserved
  • niall
  • love
  • romance
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A Little Too Much // l.s. by aussie_direction
A Little Too Much // larry ♡
❝Marry me.❞ ❝What?❞ RANKINGS 04/10/15 #422 in Fanfiction
  • stylinson
  • harrystyles
  • gaylove
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Invaded || Larry by larryshaft
Invaded || Larryby Home🌸
[Complete] When a dangerous criminal comes across a lone house in the woods, he figures it's the perfect place to hide out for the night. Only to find out it isn't lone...
  • boyxboy
  • hostage
  • larrystylinson
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Under the Cover. {Larry Stylinson AU} [Completed] by larrywanks
Under the Cover. {Larry queen
"But we all know I can make anyone fall in love with me." "Anyone huh?" Louis nodded. "Well let's make this interesting with a bet. I bet you th...
  • tomlinson
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