Rollercoaster Sick- Louis

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Happy Fourth Everyone!  This is a request for Mister .  I originally thought it'd be short and boring, but it turned out a lot better than planned.  I really like this one, personally.  

Words: 4,244

The four boys stood at the entrance gates in awe. There were rollercoasters, crazy spinning rides, contraptions that took you upside down, and among them all, the Ferris Wheel loomed above, creating the centerpiece.

Once the All Access bracelets were slapped on their wrists, they entered the amusement park together with Niall in the lead. He was the most excited about it, as always. Louis, however, wasn't as enthusiastic. He was never much of a fan of fast rides and rollercoasters. Maybe it was because he didn't feel like he was in control of things and the fact that he couldn't get off of it on demand if it got too scary, or maybe it was because he'd heard too many horror stories of people getting their legs chopped off or heads decapitated to really want to engage himself in such activities.

A girl could say she was scared and not ride something, but he was a man, and he didn't want to give away his unease. Harry knew Louis's fear, however, because on one of their first dates, they went to an amusement park on Harry's request, and Louis chose the safest, tamest rides for the two of them to go on. Harry never questioned him, but rather let Louis lead him on to the next ride, one after the other. He didn't want to embarrass him if he was afraid. But the rest of the boys didn't know this.

"So which ride shall we start with first?" questioned Liam.

The boys began walking and came to two options: the one on the left was a sort of thing called The Scrambler, which Louis had enjoyed riding with Harry once. They watched the ride in session as people sat in a booth and were moved around back and forth and side to side, narrowingly missing the people in the booth next to them.

The one on the right was the Tilt-a Whirl, in which two people sat together in a booth and also moved around in different directions. Louis hadn't ridden this one before, but it looked fun and harmless. He thought he'd better show his interested while it was easy.

"I'd say we give both of them a go, yeah?" That's right, he thought to himself. Be enthusiastic when it's easy, and then they can't make me feel guilty for sitting out the other stuff. Oh, yeah. He had this in the bag.

So they got in line for the Scrambler and waited ten minutes before they were let on. They showed the guy their bracelets and were brought on. Harry and Louis got in one together, and Niall and Liam in another. They felt the ride give a little lurch and they were hurled forwards and backwards and this way and that. All of them had a great time, even Louis.

"Woo-hoo!" Harry yelled. He felt as free as a bird.

At one point, both of their booths intersected right at the same time, so they all smiled and waved at each other. Before parting ways, they all pushed their hands forward, trying to touch each other.

"Almost, almost!" Niall shouted with a grin as he 'almost' touched Louis's hand, but in reality, there were a good three feet between them.

The air in their faces was pleasant as the hot sun beat down on them. Pretty soon, the ride began slowing down and they were forced to a halt. They unbuckled their seats and disembarked, making their way to the Tilt-a-Whirl.

"Well that was fun," Louis said. The other lads nodded in agreement.

"Yeah. Loved it," Harry said, watching as the people got off the next ride. They were next.

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