Management Yells at Larry Part 2

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Because I had several of you wanting a second part, I decided to write you a part 2.  Enjoy.

Words: 1,950

It was the next day, and Harry and Louis had gotten a good night's sleep after such a depressing night the evening before. Harry's headache had seemed to disappear overnight, and he and Louis's eyes were no longer red. The heavy feeling, however, had returned to them when they fully had woken up, remembering the angry words from their managers.

They had just done sound check and were finishing up with getting their hair and makeup done. Fans were already filtering in the arena, waiting for them. As the boys made their way to the stage, the two managers were there in the hallway, staring them down sternly, as if to say we're watching you.

Harry and Louis just looked away quickly in the other direction. Louis allowed Harry to get in front of him so Harry would arrive on the stage first, and Louis stayed behind Niall. They couldn't complain about them showing up on stage together at least.

They came out singing, their mics in their hands. When the song was over, Liam talked to the crowd. "How you all doing tonight?" Screams erupted from the crowd in response. "It's good to be here. We're gonna sing "Never Enough" for you all. Hope you enjoy."

The boys ran along the stage, feeding off of the crowd. Harry and Louis looked at each other in short glances, but stayed yards apart. Management had really instilled fear into them. Harry noticed one of the managers to their left, and once he caught Louis's eye, he motioned with his eyes in that direction. Louis looked over and nodded slightly, signaling that he understood. They were watching them like a hawk.

During another song, while Harry or Louis sang their solos, they tried hard not to look at each other, even avoiding the big screen, which was really hard. While Harry was singing during the song, Perfect, someone had thrown a shoe on the stage, hitting him perfectly on the forehead. He hunched over and held his head, bringing the microphone down as he stopped singing abruptly.

Louis wondered why Harry stopped singing and why the fans were going crazy. He looked at Harry for the first time and turned to Niall. "Niall, what happened? Did someone throw something?"

Niall nodded. "A shoe hit him in the head."

Louis started walking over there, but Niall saw the look on the manager's face and saw the man take a step towards them. "No, Louis! They're watching you! He'll be okay."

"But, Ni! They hurt him!" he shouted. He wanted to see about him so badly.

"No. I'll go check on him for you, and look, Liam's already over there." Liam was talking to Harry as Harry rubbed at his head and Harry nodded, saying something back to him. Seconds later, Harry continued to sing as if nothing had ever happened.

Liam began walking nonchalantly towards Louis and as he passed by him, quickly said, "Harry said he's okay, and don't worry about him."

What a relief. Harry was so sweet to give him that message. Louis began to calm down and saw for himself that Harry was doing okay. He saw Harry run his hand through his hair, walking around the stage just like he was doing before. His baby was going to be okay. Louis had better not find out who threw that shoe, or he was going to have something to say about it.

Once the concert was over and they were back in their tour bus, Louis and Harry couldn't seem to stay away from each other. "I missed you, Louis," Harry said, sitting on Louis's lap.

"Me, too," Louis said, kissing Harry's neck.

"Oh, gosh! Get a room, mates!" Liam said with a sigh. Niall just looked on, expressionless as he ate a bowl of cornflakes.

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