Louis's Abused by Management

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This is a request by lwtbritish . I had a fun time writing it.  This is a pretty long one.

Words: 5,541

Tom placed his hand on Louis's shoulder, leaning in a little farther. He breathed in deeply (was he smelling him?) before saying, "A little more power on that part, Louis. One more time." Louis could feel his warm breath on his neck.

Louis resisted the urge to shiver and he sighed. He never seemed to please Tom. They'd spent an hour recording, just he and Tom, and Louis was always having to redo things. It didn't seem like the other boys' recording sessions lasted this long. To make it even worse, Tom seemed to linger around Louis a little too long. He was always uncomfortable around him. Today it was getting a bit out of hand with the smelling and extra touching. Tom knew he was with Harry.

Louis tried to focus. Tom played the song again, and when it came upon the measure Tom was talking about, Louis sang his guts out, trying to please him so he could go home in a timely manner for once.

"Nice! Atta, boy!" Tom said. Then he put his hand on Louis's waist and said softly, "That was beautiful." He brought his hand up to Louis's cheek, cupping it. "You're such a stud."

He brought his face closer to Louis's and was this close to kissing him before Louis pulled away harshly and yelled, "What are you doing? I'm married, you know!"

Tom's soft face turned into a nasty scowl in the blink of an eye. "So, what's it to you? A little goofing around won't hurt Harry." He grabbed the front of Louis's shirt and tried to kiss him again, but Louis shoved him away.

This made Tom even angrier. "How dare you!" He punched Louis hard in the jaw and then Louis fell to the floor. "Get up," he ordered.

Louis wasn't fast enough. Tom picked him up roughly and began pounding him in the chest and stomach, one punch after the other. Louis stumbled and fell into a table, the edge of it cutting his shoulder and making him cry out in pain.

"Ow, stop hitting me!" Louis wailed between beatings, the punches hurting him badly.

"Not until you promise you won't tell anyone about this," Tom said. He was out of breath as he gave Louis one last kick to the shin.

"I promise, I promise. Just leave me alone!" Louis was crying now and he rubbed at his leg where he was kicked.

Tom bent down to give him one final warning. "You tell Harry or anyone about this and you're dead and so is Harry. I'll just tell them that you came on to me and I'll get you kicked out of the band so fast." Tom walked away with a hurt Louis lying helpless on the floor.

Once he knew Tom was long gone and didn't hear any footsteps anymore, he began to sit up. A deep ache filled his chest and stomach and he rubbed at it, trying to make the feeling ease up. He took in a deep shaky breath and it made his ribs hurt. He rubbed at them and winced.

He made sure that all his limbs were okay before he made a move to stand up. His leg was a bit sore, but nothing more. His shoulder hurt and he lifted up his sleeve and saw a bit of blood. Taking a tissue from his pocket, he wiped it up and applied pressure to the wound. It wasn't very bad and the blood began clotting after a couple minutes.

His chin ached where he was punched. He touched it and it was very sore and most likely very bruised as well. He'd have to come up with an excuse for when he's asked about it. He couldn't risk telling anyone what went on here or he could become kicked out of the band. Tom had been with Modest Management for longer than Louis had been in One Direction, and it would just be Louis's word over his. No one would believe him if he told the truth.

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