Quinton 65

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I swear if it wasn't for Jeremy and Jayden I don't know how I would've made it through dead week; writing end of term papers, studying, going days without sleep, random bouts of sickness.... that was all over. Another thing that I was happy about being over was Carlos the Dictator..... this dude was obsessed with making sure everyone passed constantly going over everyone's papers and making corrections; I know he meant well but damn the only one who wasn't stressing out was Kyrese because he had been through this before so he knew what to expect. But that was all over and now all we had to do was make it through the rest of the year without any drama, I looked over at Carlos who was still studying even though all of our finals were over but he wanted to make sure he got everything perfect. He really needed to relax; tonight we were all supposed going out with the Freak Twins, but the way Carlos was acting I knew he was going to be irritated the whole day unless...... there was a surefire way to make sure Carlos was all smiles for the rest of the night. I walked over to Carlos and sat on his lap, I swear he was so damn sexy when he wore his glasses and that alone gave me the strength to continue.......

"Papi let's go upstairs......." I said nibbling on his ear, Carlos looked in my eyes and smirked. "Come I gotta tell you something that I don't wanna say in front of everybody." I said taking his glasses off and Carlos began kissing me gently, he picked me up and carried me up to his room never once breaking our kiss.

"Whatever you gotta say better be damn important to draw me away from my work Quinton. But since you called me Papi I'm pretty sure I got a good idea of what you're thinking......." Carlos said smirking as I pushed him against his bed and pulled out his dick. "What you bout to do with that Que?" Carlos asked as I slowly stroked his dick until it was rock hard.

"I'm about to suck the soul out your body......" I said kissing the head of his dick and Carlos leaned back and smiled. I began sucking his dick slow at first making sure I gave every inch attention, I noticed Carlos's breathing increase as I began sucking and stroking his dick while massaging his balls at the same time.

"Fuck....." Carlos moaned and I looked into his eyes as I continued to suck his dick slowly. "You gonna let me nut in your mouth?" Carlos asked and I nodded slowly. Carlos's dick was the perfect blend of salty and sweet, like caramel and I was addicted to the taste. "Damn Que that shyt feel good as fuck..... go faster baby." Carlos said grabbing the back of my head and began fucking my mouth roughly.

We went at it for about twenty minutes and in that time we tried various positions; I laid on the ground while Carlos fucked my mouth, I picked Carlos up and had his legs over my shoulders and his back against the wall while I sucked his dick. Now he was sitting on the chair in his room, his legs spread wide against the armrest while I slowly sucked his dick; but then he switched it up on me.

"Shyt..... yo just suck on the tip and play with my ass a little bit." He said and I did exactly what he said.

"Like that Papi....?" I asked massaging his hole with my fingers while making his dick pop in my mouth over and over again.

"Fuck yeah baby..... shyt..... Fuck Baby, verlangsamen ich bin im Begriff zu cum! (Fuck baby, slow down I'm about to cum!)" Carlos said and thanks to all those late night German lessons I understood him perfectly. "Maldición, estoy apunto de cum. (Damn, I'm about to cum)" Carlos said switching to Spanish and before I could react..... another thing I loved about Carlos is when he came it was a lot, like a fountain and I swallowed every single drop leaving no evidence of what had just took place. "Damn Que.... that shyt was wild as fuck." Carlos said kissing me. "Aight now's it's your turn." He said but I stopped him.

"Nah Papi that was all for you, I wanted to show you that I appreciate you and show you how much I love you." I said kissing him, Carlos pulled me to his lap and began rubbing my ass.

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