Gavin 30

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Bailing Nik out jail was extremely frustrating mainly because me and Whitney were just getting into things and after damn near having to beg for almost two hours she finally decided to let me fuck her, something I've been craving for a while. I wasn't like Gio who had to abstain from sex before a fight, I was always angry about something so for me I just need a couple days off and I was good. And just as things started to get heated, I got the call that Nik and Ezra had got into a fight and Nik ended up getting arrested; so here I was bailing Nik's dumbass outta jail and even though I wasn't really coo with him like that he was still family and I expected every single penny back plus interest. After he got released I listened to his weak ass excuse about how he was pissed when Ezra showed up and blah blah blah..... I was too irritated to really listen to anything he was saying, besides I had my own shyt to deal with which is why I really needed to get back to my place, tomorrow I'd go over Gio's and get the story from him. I got back home and it was about two in the morning so I figured he was probably sleep, but I knew my boy Steve was up which worked out perfectly.

"Bro just let me go in there and start beating his ass." Steve said and I just smiled, I knew he was ready to fight the second I walked through the door because he had on his fighting clothes.

"Nah Juju is still our boy, but we are about to wake him up and see just what the fuck is really going on. If it'll make you feel better, if you don't like his answers then you an beat his ass." I said walking into the kitchen and grabbing the pot of ice water out the sink and walking up to Julian's room. Steve opened the door and we walked inside, Julian was knocked out which his fan on which was good I knew his ass loved to sleep in the cold; Steve counted down from three and I poured the freezing water on him.

"YO WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? I SWEAR Y'ALL PLAY TOO FUCKING MUCH!" Julian said jumping out of bed and looking like he wanted to swing on one or both of us.

"Shut yo bitch ass up Ju..... what the fuck are you and Ezra up to and before you even fix your mouth to lie Nik saw the text between you and Ezra where y'all were talking about Gavin. Speaking of which you need to be asking Nik why he was texting Ezra about you and Jayden too." Steve said looking at me.

"I already asked him, he showed me that they were talking about trying to get Jayden to flip from Alpha Phi Alpha to becoming a Que...... but what I really wanna know is why you were plotting on me Julian? After everything we've been through you choose that nigga over me I thought we were better than that?" I asked looking at him.


"Let me steal on him please....." Steve said.

"Look Ezra told me what you did Gavin, he also knew about your financial problems..... you got one kid and another on the way so he thought I could help you out by getting you a job working with me and that worked out for you and your kids." Julian said.

"That's all fine and well, but if you weren't plotting on me then why did you invite Jeremy and Quinton to Detroit to see me dance? I told you when I started I didn't want anyone to know and you couldn't keep you mouth shut, thankfully they came to me before they ran to Gio and Carlos. So tell me Juju what's your excuse for that?" I asked trying my hardest not to snap.

"He was going to tell Jayden what you did, if I didn't invite them up there......" Julian said and I felt like I was punched in the throat.

"So how is that Ezra trying to help Gavin? Like I'm really confused Julian because it seems to me that all this is Ezra looking out for Ezra and using your stupid ass as a pawn." Steve said so close to swinging on Julian that I had to step in between them.

"I know y'all don't trust Ezra but at the very least y'all could do is trust me...... I wouldn't be helping him if I thought for one second he was playing me, just trust me please......." Julian said looking at me and Steve. "Fine I'm just going to stay at my cousins." Julian said throwing some clothes on and walking out the room.

"You should've just let me fight him." Steve said pissed, whatever I'm going to sleep because I knew tomorrow was going to be stressful as fuck.............

"...........AND JUNIOR YOU'RE THE OLDEST!!!! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO MAKE SURE THEY STAY OUTTA TROUBLE AND I GOTTA HEAR FROM SISTER COUGHLIN THAT THEY WERE IN B-DUBS ACTING A DAMN FOO, I'M JUST DISGUST WITH ALL FIVE OF Y'ALL!" My mom said yelling at me, Gio, Nik, Jayden and Carlos. I looked at the four of them letting them know just how pissed I was, I wasn't even there and I was getting cussed out.

"Well Sister Coughlin was up there with her side dude so........." Jayden said and everyone looked at him, this nigga didn't know when to shut up.

"That young man helps her around the house, they aren't in a relationship........" My mom said and for a second Jayden's stupid ass comment distracted her but not my dad.

"What I want to know is why y'all were even fighting? The Mitchell's have known y'all forever and they're damn near family, Junior you got a baby with Erin and Ezra was your best friend at one point so what happened?" My dad asked.

"Ezra wants Gio's penis in or around his mouth." Jayden said and once again everyone looked at him. "What I'm trying to get outta here?" Jayden shrugged, I was about to cuss his ass out when a knock came at the door and my dad opened it.

"OH HELL NO Y'ALL GOTTA LEAVE, MA I DON'T WANT THEM IN MY FUCKIN HOU....." The slap my mom just gave Gio was hard enough that every one in the room held their face, even my dad. But I was just as confused as Gio as to why Ezra and Erin were here.

"Gavin why is the bitch here?" Whitney asked quietly and I jumped, damn I forgot she was here Erin looked at Whitney and smirked, I grabbed Whitney and pulled her into the other room. "I wasn't going to say anything to her, I'm coo Gavin." She said.

"I'm not taking any chances because Erin is going to try to get under your skin, just please stay in her." I said kissing her and closing the door behind me. I walked passed Gio who was so mad that I could feel the heat coming off his body.

"Mr. and Mrs. Carter, I would like to apologize about the fight yesterday it was totally outta line. But y'all know how it be sometimes friends fight then their cool again the next day I just think this whole thing is one big misunderstanding." Ezra said and I could see my parents eating this up.

"What's this I hear about you uhh..... wanting Gio?" My dad asked and Ezra laughed.

"Sir Gio is like my little cousin, I have never and will never want Gio in that way. Which is why I asked y'all to set up this meeting so we could all talk like adult; Gavin you and Erin have a son together and Carlos your little brother has a kid on the way with my other sister so can we please just move past this?" Ezra asked and Gio started to say something but quickly covered his mouth with his fist.

"Erin...." My mom said like her name was razors in her mouth. "I want you and Whitney to sit down and talk woman to woman..... Junior relax, I'll be in there to make sure nothing happens." My mom said and I shook my head, we all sat there for about ten minutes before my dad finally couldn't take it anymore.

"Aight so talk what the hell is the beef?" My dad said looking at me.

"That nigga was blackmailing Gio." I said looking at Ezra who had this cruel fire dancing in his eyes. Yeah I was definitely going to beat his as real soon.

"Blackmailing you how Giovanni?" My dad asked turning to Gio.

"Sir I wasn't blackmailing Gio, I just thought Gio should know what his brother did to his best friend's mom." Ezra said and the room froze, I looked at Jayden who had been smiling this entire time looked at me with confusion in his eyes. I looked Gio who understood before everyone because he knew parts of the truth just not all of it.

"Gavin?" Gio said quietly.

"YO WHAT THE FUCK IS HE TALKING ABOUT?!" Jayden yelled jumping up. Fuck it, I might as well beat Ezra's ass now... I was going to wait until after the tournament but I didn't have the patience. "SOMEBODY BETTER START FUCKING TALKING!!! EZRA WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" Jayden yelled and I never seen Jayden this mad in my life, before Ezra could speak I heard a bunch of yelling coming from the room where my mom, Whitney and Erin were all supposed to be talking. I swear this day couldn't get any worse so naturally it did................................................

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