Papi 1

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As I kicked those two bums out my house they threaten to expose me all over campus like that was supposed to scared me, hell damn near everyone on campus knew Papi got around so there was nothing they could say that wasn't public knowledge. After pacing around for a few minutes I decided to call my baby Que mostly because I missed him and also I refused to bring in the New Year with a full tank of gas...... Once he let me know he was on his way I cleaned up a little bit and took a quick shower, I didn't see a point in putting on any clothes because I wouldn't be needing them. I sat on the couch waiting for Quinton when it hit me this was the first New Years that I haven't spent with Jayden and Gio, that kinda scared me because I felt like we were growing apart...... I had Que, Gio was always with Jeremy and Jayden was just getting things started with Kyrese, our second semester hadn't even started and we were already growing apart they may not see it but it was becoming clear to me that I was losing my boys. I sat there deep in thought until I heard a car door open; I jumped up so fast my towel fell off and ran over to the window, when I looked out Quinton was leaning in the window of a car talking to someone I watched like a hawk until Quinton was walking through the door smiling.

"Umm..... Carlos why are you standing there naked?" Quinton asked his eyes zeroing in on my dick.

"We missed you..... I didn't want to waste time taking off my clothes knowing that in about two minutes your legs are going to be wrapped around my back. Who was that?" I asked curiously.

"Meeche..... I'm a little tipsy and I didn't feel like getting arrested tonight so I asked him to drop me off. That's not a problem is it?" Quinton asked and honestly I was so distracted by his sexy ass lips that I didn't hear most of it, it wasn't until Quinton walked over to me and grabbed my dick that I realized he had my shyt jumping just by talking. "Carlos I didn't come over here for this, you said you wanted to bring in the New Year with me, so we're going to sit on the couch and watch that damn ball drop in Time Square aight."

"If you say so baby......." I said kissing him, he let my dick go and I walked over to the couch and turned the t.v. on, hopefully I could at least get some head hell I'd even settle for a handjob..... fuck I was horny, Drew and Curtis showing up got me thinking with the wrong head and if I wasn't with Quinton I'd probably be digging them both out by now but as it was I was in a relationship and I wasn't fuckin that up for anyone.

"What do y'all have in here to eat?" Quinton asked and I told him to grab my chips off the top shelf in the kitchen, I watched him walk into the kitchen and try to reach them but struggled then I noticed his pants were hanging just below his ass giving me a perfect view of my dick and tongue's favorite thing in the world......... "Umm what are you doing Papi?" Quinton asked.

"You know calling me Papi turns me on in the worse possible way....... let me just get a little teaser before we watch tv." I said pushing him against the cabinet and pulling his pants down, faster than Quinton could think I was on my knees, spreading his cheeks and started letting my tongue to the talking for me. Three minutes later I had Quinton's legs on my shoulders and my tongue deep inside his ass, while he held on to the cabinet for dear life.

"Baby........ let's....... oh god." Quinton said, I smiled and placed him down on his feet.

"I'm done I just wanted to taste you really quick, let's go sit down." i said wiping my mouth and pulling him to the couch. "Ven y siéntate en mi regazo bebé. (Come sit on my lap baby.) I said quietly. "So how was that little Kappa party you went to?" I asked pulling him to my lap.

"It was coo...... maybe once I pledge you could come to one of the parties." Quinton said rubbing his ass against my dick.

"So I heard you were dancing with that nigga Meeche..... I heard whispers about that nigga on campus what's his nickname The Black Italian Stallion or something stupid like that, I mean from what I hear that nigga got so many bitches and niggas following he should qualify for Secret Service protection." I said laughing.

"Don't tell me Carlos Gomez is jealous........ I thought you weren't threaten by no man?" Quinton said laughing.

"I'm not I just...... look I'ma be real with because that how I've always been before you got here Drew and Curtis were here." I said and Quinton sat up. "They were telling my that you were dancing all on Meeche but I think that was their way of trying to get be to have a threesome with them and I turned them down." I said Quinton laid back and I didn't know what he was thinking.

"We both know if we weren't together you would've fucked them."Quinton said laughing.

"Fuck yeah I would've had this whole house filled with butt naked bottoms trying to get piped. But I'm in a relationship and the last thing I'd ever do is hurt you.... because your dad threaten to cut my dick off if I ever did." I said laughing. "So if you could have sex with any three people who would it be?" I asked wrapping my arms around him.

"That's easy Trey Songz, Orlando Scandrick and Trey Burke." Quinton said.

"Aight well I'd definitely fuck Odell Beckham, that nigga look like he can take a dick or two...... the second person I'd pick is Drake......"

"Eww." Quinton said he said looking at me in disgust. "I'm sorry but Drake isn't cute at all."

"I know but that ass is fat." I said laughing. "And the third person would be this dude I name Quinton..... he's super sexy, got a smart ass mouth, doesn't know how to change a tire but that nigga got my heart. I remember the first time he cussed me out, his Spanish was horrible." I said smiling.

"Aww that is so corny......" Quinton said laughing, I leaned forward and kissed him. "I love you too Carlos. Look it's after midnight Happy New Year's baby."

"Happy New Years Que...... let me go call my bros." I said getting up and walking into my room to get my phone, damn someone has been blowing me up. I scrolled through the messages and quickly threw some clothes on, thankfully I hadn't been drinking because I planned on speeding all the way to Jeremy's dorm...... When we got there Gio was standing in the lobby talking to Matt and I was glad to see my bro was alright.

"Damn what happened?" I asked Gio while Que went to check on Jeremy, Matt gave us some space and Gio relayed everything that Matt told him. "Damn that's fucked up, I hope that nigga pulls through." I said quietly.

"Jeremy is distraught........ I think maybe he might still have feeling for that nigga." Gio said quietly.

"Gio how would you feel if Aaron was in the hospital because of you? Nigga you'd be feeling guilty as fuck, Jeremy may have a smart ass mouth and comes across as mean as hell but we both know that nigga is all fluff on the inside plus he's an emotional drunk so there's that....... trust me bro that nigga ain't feeling Darius like that." I said. "But who do you think would intentionally try to hit Jeremy?" I asked.

"I had three people in mind; Julian, Steve and Ezra but I know it wasn't Ezra because I was with him......" Gio said and I froze.

"You what?! Gio please tell me you didn't?" I asked and he shook his head.

"I'll tell you when we get home right now I just wanna make sure Jeremy is okay then find out where Julian and Steve are." Gio said walking away and I prayed to god he didn't cheat on that nigga Jeremy, but I knew my bro wasn't with that cheatin' shyt so I had faith in him. Now I just needed to call and make sure my other brother Jayden was alright................

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