Atraeu 39

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What happened with Gavin was stupid and I'm man enough to admit that I lost my cool for a second, but when he told me him and Erin fucked I kinda snapped..... I've known Gavin since middle school, I actually used to hang out with him, Julian, Steve and Ezra until I moved outta state so I completely missed the whole Gavin/Erin lover affair and it wasn't until after I started dating her that I learn she had a baby by him. When I got back to her house, she assured me that her and Gavin had sex before we became a couple and she all but swore on a stack of bibles that the baby she was carrying was mind and not Gavin's or anybody else. I wasn't going to worry about that drama I had other shyt on my mind, like this stupid ass Sigma Party Meeche was dragging me to honestly I didn't know why he was so pressed to go..... probably had something to do with that Carlos. Carlos Gomez.... even when he was a little kid he was cocky as fuck, but Meeche saw something in him; a younger version of himself which was a scary thought because Meeche was a wildboy before he became a Kappa so if Carlos was even half that then I could see why Meeche want to steer him in the Kappa direction.

"Baby Meeche's here....." Erin said walking into our room and looking at the slight bruise I had from my fight with Gavin. "I really wish y'all wouldn't fight, there's too much drama going on already within my family Ezra is beefin with Gavin and Gio, me and Elana aren't speaking but from what I heard Ezra and Papi's brother got into it at the hospital. I just wished y'all could all get along." Erin said in that baby voice that made me laugh every time I heard it.

"You never did tell me why you and your sister were beefin?" I said putting my pants back on, Erin rolled her eyes and mumbled something about it being personal. "Aight well I'll be back later make sure nothing happens to my son....." I said kissing her stomach and walking out, when I got outside Meeche was waiting in his car blasting one of the only three people he listened to (Tupac, Jay Z and Lil Wayne). He adamantly refused to set foot inside the house and whenever I questioned why he would just say.......

"I got my reasons, but look this party is coming up and I got a lot of stuff to do before then so what all do you got to do today so I can give Zaire an estimate of when I'll be free......" Meeche said.

"I don't know why you fuck with that nigga remember last year when that nigga got a train ran on him at the park?" I said shaking my head and Meeche started laughing.

"He called it his Divine Nine Tour..... he wanted to fuck one member of each fraternity and sorority in the same day and somehow ended up with one dude from each running a train on him...... but if I remember correctly you were apart of that group of five." Meeche said smirking.

"I was drunk and low key thought Zaire was a bitch...... so that doesn't really count and if you ever bring it up again I'll beat your ass...." I said looking out the window.

"I'm not Gavin......" Meeche said laughing. "We both know that nigga would still be beating your ass if it wasn't for his son being there. But look you and that nigga need to be on the same page, y'alls kids are about to be siblings and the last thing you need to do is create sibling rivalry before he's even born." Meeche said and he had a point and maybe I could get him to help me fix the rift in the relationship between Erin and Elana.

After finishing up with everything I had to do for the fraternity and graduation in a couple months, I got my car from the shop and went to meet up with Gavin. I walked in and I was surprised that one of his little flunkies wasn't with him; Gavin was coo but I Steve changed a lit since middle school and Julian I didn't even recognize that dude anymore. I sat across from him and I noticed his jaw tighten ever so slightly.

"Look I don't want there to be in static between us, your son is about to be my son's big brother....... I don't want them growing up seeing that there dad's don't get along. I have no beef with you and I would hope there's no animosity on your part either." I said looking in his dark eyes.

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