Jeremy 73

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I was so glad to be moving out of this damn dorm, I've had to replace to many pairs of socks, I was almost certain the mayonnaise lover down the hall stole a couple pairs of my underwear, though I couldn't prove it and I was tired of having to deal with clogged drains because niggas on this floor insisted on jacking their dicks in the shower. Though part of me was going to miss living with Matt, he was moving into the frat house next semester..... we both we're but I'm pretty sure six night out of the week I'd be staying with Gio and the other night I was going to out getting drunk somewhere..... I glanced at my bro Matt and smiled, it's crazy how our first day he was going to catch these hands but now we were calling each other brothers. There was a quiet knock on the door and The Freak Twins walked in and I was instantly put in a bad mood, to think for the next three years I was going to be stuck with them hurt my soul especially since they were already becoming close to my friends........

"Ayy Jeremy let's go, the little homie Luka wants to chill and you know my dad will be there later tonight...... you're coming to our graduation right?" Josh asked while Justin stared at Matt's ass while he was bending over to grab something from under his bed.

"Graduation yes..... but I'm not taking y'all back, I'm letting y'all barrow my car and I'm leaving it my dad's while me and Gio travel this summer. I swear to God if there's some much as a scratch on my car when I return I'm going to fuck y'all up, give the keys to my dad as soon as y'all get there......" I said seriously.

"Yeah, yeah..... umm Josh you mind taking Jeremy to the store before we hit the road." Justin said and I already knew what he was trying to do before he left and I wasn't going to block on him, so I walked out leaving him and Matt alone for a couple hours.

"Ayy let me use your car to go see somebody....." Josh said when we reached the store.

"Umm no...... y'all better be lucky I'm even letting y'all use my car in the first place. Who is that??????" I asked looking at his screen and almost gagging. "You really thought I was going to let you use my car to go see Darius? I mean me and him are coo.... but not that coo." I said disgusted with Josh.

"I can't help it that nigga got good dick...... and his head is something to be cherished. You know my goal is to turn every nigga verse and right now my target is Darius..... and I'm close to breaking him, then I'm going to try and have a threesome with him and that Malik dude. Ain't that Ezra?" Josh asked pointing to the door and sure as shyt Ezra walked in with his sister.

"I swear they are always on this campus.... but I'm not going to let them fuck up my mood." I said walking away, I wanted some Pizza Rolls so I walked over to the frozen food section and someone wrapped their arms around my waist.

"You know I'm half tempted to fuck you right here in front of the eggrolls." Gio whispered in my ear. "Go find your cousin give him your keys, you're spending the rest of the day with me." Gio said smacking my ass.

"You're not the boss of me Giovanni." I said rolling my eyes.

"You weren't saying that last night...... but forreal Jeremy go give that nigga your keys so we can get outta here, I'll get your Pizza Rolls." Gio said kissing me. I walked off not because he told me to but because I wanted him to pay for my food. I found Josh grabbing a bunch of condoms and shook my head.

"I'm leaving with Gio, not a scratch Josh or I'm going to beat your ass......" I said handing him my keys. "Call me when you and your ugly ass twin get to the house." I said walking off to go find Gio.

"Jeremy....." Ezra said as I walked into the aisle where he was shopping and I rolled my eyes and turned around, there was literally nothing he needed to say to me and there was nothing I needed to say to him. "I'm trying to apologize......" Ezra said.

"No you're trying to get on my good side so I won't feel some type of way about you trying to suck my cousin's dicks in perfect sync. I don't like you and you don't like me so..... we have nothing to talk about." I said walking off to find Gio.

"Was that Ezra?" Gio asked as we walked out the store and I nodded. "He didn't say anything to you did he?" Gio asked.

"He wanted to fake apologize, but I know he's still plotting and scheming like always but it's the end of the year and I'm not trying to start my summer vacation off with an assault charge...." I said taking his keys and walking over to the driver seat.

"What hold up I'm driving..... I mean how are you going to suck my dick if you're in the driver seat?" Gio asked smiling. "For real Jeremy let me drive." Gio said walking over to me.

"First I'm not sucking your dick.... you're on probation for having that bitch playing last night and I wanna drive this whack ass Chevy." I said getting in the driver seat and turning on the radio.

"Visions in my mind of the day that we met. You showed me things that I'll never forget. Took me swimming in the ocean. You had my head up in the clouds, made me feel like I'm floating........" Blasted from the speakers and I looked at Gio in disgust.

"Really Gio......" I said giving him the side eye.

"Come on Jeremy don't be like that...... I swear you get on my nerves. Aight fine I'll concede that maybe Beyonce is, by the thinnest of margins better than Rihanna." Gio said quietly.

"Nope not good enough..... I need to get you on camera and say it a little more convincingly. And....... Action." I said pointing my camera at him.

"I, Giovanni Carter concede that Beyonce is better than Rihanna......" Gio said smirking. I saved the video and started to back out. "Wait I thought I was driving?"

"Nope, I'm driving however......." I said reaching over and pulling his dick out his shorts, I started stroking his dick until it was hard ass fuck and kept going until Gio was gripping the seat tightly. We almost crashed twice but I was able to recover and when we got back to Gio's place we didn't even bother getting out the car Gio just pulled me to the passenger seat and started kissing me........

"UNCA G!!!!" A little hand started banging on the door and we looked out the window to see Gavin, Whitney and Gianni walking through the yard.

"Later....." Gio whispered as we began fixing our clothes and got out the car. "I told you about coming to my house unannounced." Gio said looking at his older brother.

"Yeah whatever Whitney wanted to bring the kids to see their favorite uncle and I guess you too Gio." Gavin said smirking. "Nah for real Whitney wanted to chill with Jeremy before y'all left and I need to talk to my little bro about something that's been on my mind lately. So y'all two relax while me and Gio cook for y'all......" Gavin said.

"As long as y'all aren't making none of that white peoples spaghetti I'm good, come on Whitney I wanna show you this amazing video......" I said kissing Gio before walking into the house................

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