Jayden 58

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I really wished Papi was here to translate because honestly I couldn't understand anything Kyrese was saying, I had tuned out once I heard the words 'I'm one of the finalist to get into the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs'. Just hearing that turned my body into stone and nothing he said afterwards registered... damn I knew Kyrese was serious about this military stuff but I never thought he'd up and move halfway across the country. The selfish part of me wanted to tell him to decline the offer but in my heart I could never ask him to do something like that, damn if he got accepted that meant right after finals he was leaving which only gave us a couple weeks to spend together and most of that time would be used for studying which really sucked. I got up while he was in mid-sentence and walked out to the back porch, how fitting that it was raining because I felt like crying because once again someone who I had grown close to was leaving me.

"Jayden I haven't decided yet and before you start blaming yourself for my indecision I was having apprehension about going before we even started dating, I mean it's almost impossible to get in even with my grades and extra curricular activities I'll need a letter of recommendation from a senator or someone like that just to even be considered so it's a long shot." Kyrese said looking at me.

"It coo Ky, I'm happy for you..... I'm just salty that everything I got planned for the summer might have to get cancelled but I would never want to stop you from doing something you love." I said truthfully.

"I thought you were going to Japan to spend some time with your dad this summer?" Kyrese asked and I shrugged. "What happened?" He asked looking in my eyes and I hated that he could read me so well.

"We got into another argument last night......" I said trying to downplay what really happened, I'm pretty sure the words 'I fuckin hate you' escaped my lips but I wasn't going to tell Kyrese that because the last thing I need was him telling me that I was wrong for that, which was true but their was a lot of resentment on my part so I had a right to be in my feelings in it came to Samuel's punk ass.

"Jayden you know I'm here if you......" Kyrese started to say but I cut him off.

"I know Ky.... but this is something me and Samuel have to work through on our own, I appreciate the help but you can't fix this." I said quietly, we stood there in the rain when finally I heard someone slamming the front door. "I better go see which one of them is pissed." I said smirking as I walked back into the house to find Gio standing in the kitchen making a drink, damn whatever he was going through must be really bad because he downed the first glass and started pouring another one.

"Gio you aight?" Kyrese asked and Gio shrugged, seconds later someone slammed the door again and Papi walked in and made himself a drink as well. "Umm Jayden I'll let y'all talk, I'll call you when I get home." Kyrese said kissing me and walking out the kitchen once I heard the front door close I made myself a drink because I knew I was going to need it.

"Aight so who wants to go first?" I asked.

"Fuckin Quinton man..... like we were good but when we got back to his dorm he wanted to start trippin about that whole Malik situation. I hate that shyt man, don't forgive me and then keep bring the shyt back up any time you get in your feelings..... I probably should've fucked Malik if I was going to have to keep dealing with this bullshyt." Papi said heated.

"Then you'd be single and miserable..... honestly Carlos, I've never seen you as happy as you are with Quinton. Don't fuck that up over someone who couldn't be honest with you and left you." Gio said.

" Gio's right.... don't get me wrong Carlos, Malik was coo back in the day but he's no Quinton. I know we're still young but I truly believe you peaked with Que you'll never find someone who loves you as much as he does." I said looking at him.

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