Papi 52

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"Do you trust me Quinton?" I asked looking in his eyes and saw nothing but fear, I didn't blame him because I was scared too but I wanted to do this, I wanted my first time to be with someone special and though I loved my brothers Gio and Jayden couldn't help me with this one. I looked back and felt the vomit rise to the back of my throat but I refused to look like a bitch in front of my dude, 12,500 feet above ground level I couldn't help but think of what a stupid idea this was but I couldn't back out now, I kissed Quinton and let myself fall backwards and let the whatever happen, happen......... From what I heard skydiving was like riding a roller coaster but that wasn't quite the feeling I got it was something different, travelling towards the ground at 100 miles per hour was smooth and exhilarating, like being weightless. I looked back and saw that Quinton had jumped and I couldn't have been more proud because honestly I thought he'd punk out, Quinton caught up to me and started acting a damn fool; doing back flips and shyt.... basically showing off but he was having fun which was the point of this whole day away from everything going on back in Ann Arbor.

"OH MY GOD THAT WAS SO FUCKIN FUN!!!!!" Quinton said jumping into my arms once we were safely back on the ground. "I LOVE YOU CARLOS!!!!" He said kissing me, my arms wrapped around his waist and my hands found his ass.

"Yeah it was pretty amazing, I didn't think you'd do it but I'll never doubt you again....... so what do you wanna do next? I'm planning something special for dinner so we'll have to wait to eat until later but we can do anything you want......" I said looking in his eyes and Quinton started rubbing my dick. "Except that..... you know normally I'd have no problem fucking you senseless but I wanna slow down a little bit since according to our skeptics all we do is fuck." I said smiling.

"Forget them.... they don't know you like I do, I know you think more with this head than you do with this one......" Quinton said rubbing my dick again. "But if that's how you wanna play fine let's just drive around until it's time to eat." Quinton said as we walked back to the instructor.

"I hope you're putting gas in my car....." I said grabbing his hand and kissing the back of it. "I'm glad we could experience this together, hopefully we have many more first." I said looking in his eyes.

"If you keep this up we can have as many first as you want..... maybe I'll be the first one to slide up in that ass you keep so closely guarded." Quinton said smacking my ass and though I loved him, I definitely didn't see that happening for a while but I learned never say never especially when you love someone as much as I loved Quinton........

"So how'd it go? Did he actually do it?" Meeche asked as I watched Quinton through the window, we had been riding around for about two hours and I was running on 'E' so we made a quick stop to refill because the conversation we were just having was deep as fuck and I really wanted it to continue.

"Yeah he did.... thanks Meeche, man I owe you big time for this." I said shaking my head as Quinton walked over to the slushie machine.

"It's nothing Papi I had a couple extra passes laying around and Quinton is my fratbro, so it was nothing for me to want to do something special for him..... but umm..... I gotta get going, Gavin just got here and I know him and Atraeu aren't really on the best of terms and I gotta play peacemaker. I'll talk to you later." Meeche said hanging up just as Quinton walked out causing my heart to start two-steppin'.

"Senator Quinton Gomez........ you know now that I think about it that has a beautiful ring to it; just think you can get the women's vote by flaunting me around and letting me talk to them and the Hispanic vote will be all your with me out there speaking to them and...." Quinton silenced me by pressing his lips to mine.

"You are so damn cocky.... I haven't even decided if I want to go into politics yet, I was just throwing out suggestions hell tomorrow I could want to be a painter you know I can draw my ass off." Quinton said smiling.

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