Jeremy 8

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I finished all my homework and decided to head over to Gio's, Matt was having yet another one of his concubine come over and I really didn't feel like being around that. When I got to Gio's I felt like I was walking into something I shouldn't have..... Gio and Gavin stood off to the side while on one side of the room sat Papi and Jayden while on on the other sat Julian and Steve. Gio walked over to me and asked me to wait in his room while they hashed out there issues, as I was walking back to his bedroom I noticed Steve giving me the stink eye so I smirked and kept on walking, it would be too easy to say something to him but I didn't want to mess up their bro moment. I walked into Gio's room and started going through his books, I swear Gio had the best taste in book..... now his taste in movies was another question. After waiting for like an hour I decided to take a shower and get ready for the show I was planning on putting on for Gio, as I washed my body I felt a large hand cover mine, take my sponge and start washing my back.

"Sorry about that we were just having a little meeting to clear the air..... regardless of how I feel about those two, they are Gavin's best friends and they're going to be around a lot. I just don't want there to be any animosity Julian agrees to leave Quinton alone and they've both agreed not to say anything to you, as long as you play nice so for me I'm asking you to be nice..... at least until after they help me move all my stuff." Gio said kissing my neck.

"Wait y'all are moving?" I asked trying to keep my balance as Gio's very touch made my knees weak.

"Yeah but we'll talk about it after our shower." Gio said kissing me. We finished our shower and I was a little pissed that he had a lot more willpower than I did because I really wanted to get to the best part of the night. "Okay so here's the thing my mom, you know how protective she is of her baby boy... well she doesn't like this neighborhood and wants me to move into my grandparents house. It's bigger more out the way and in a nice neighborhood, so after talking with Jayden and Papi we've decided that yeah we'll all move in there." Gio said.

"You gotta let me drive the U-Haul." I said smiling.

"Huh?" Gio asked confused.

"Don't ask me way but I love driving U-Haul trucks..... that's actually how I learned to drive. My dad was of the mindset that if you could drive a U-Haul or an eighteen-wheeler then you could drive anything." I said smiling.

"Why am I just now hearing this?" Gio asked laughing and I shrugged. "But there is one more thing....... uhh..... we're getting another roommate, Nik is moving here to Ann Arbor." Gio said and I knew about him and Nik's relationship, I remember they got into during our winter break trip, I also remember the look in Gio's eyes when he told me the story about how Nik and his friends jumped him, so I knew there was a lot of anger there on Gio's part but I was confused as to why he agreed to move in with him. "I bet you're wondering why I agreed to this? Look I'm trying to be a better person, I can forgive but I won't forget.... I'll give Nik and chance but the first time he tries me we'll Gavin will be getting a new roommate, just promise me something Jeremy; Nik has a bad habit of trying to get with my dudes, he thinks everything is a competition between us and there's going to be a point in time where he tries to make a move on you..... when that happens you gotta let me know, don't try to stop me from doing something stupid just tell me and I'll handle it from there." Gio said.

"I promise...." I said kissing him. "Now let's forget about all that and get to the good part of the night." I said getting up and pulling out the Silly String I had bought earlier today. "Let's go get some payback on Jayden." I said smiling..............

The next day I was sitting in class with Quinton, Jayden and Papi; I was trying my hardest to pay attention but the real show was going on a couple seats away from me. Now I wasn't the type of person who watched other people but Quinton and Papi were some certified freaks, for the first thirty minutes of class Papi was trying his hardest to get Quinton's attention to show off his dick through his jeans, then things got really heated when Quinton moved closer to Papi and pulled his jacket over their laps......

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