Papi 10

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I sat on my bed playing what was in my opinion the greatest gaming system in the world Nintendo 64 with my little brother Angelo, we were playing Mario Kart 64 while Quinton sat on the bed proofreading my essay and making the changes I made in his essay. I looked at Quinton and started to kick Angelo out so I could fuck my boo... but I had to control myself, I wanted to prove to myself and everyone else that this relationship was about more than sex, I'll be damned if I wasn't tempted though; he look to damn good absently chewing on the end of his pen and his pants hanging just below his fat ass. I focused back on the game and Angelo's cheating ass picked Wario Stadium, I fuckin hated this level because he always cheated by jumping over the wall in the beginning of the race; his logic was it's not cheating if it's in the game, I already figured I lost so I threw the controller on the ground and walked out to the kitchen where Jayden was cooking breakfast.

"So what you think?" I asked sitting at the table, Jayden looked at me and smiled; I knew that smile meant Jayden was trying his hardest not to show his anger. "Yeah I feel the same way but it's Gio's decision and I'll respect that, but I'm telling the first time Nik says something to me I'm going off."

"Yeah my main concern isn't that he'll say something to me or you or Gio, but what he'll say to Ky, Jeremy or Quinton. We both know that Nik is the type of dude that will try to get with somebodies dude just to prove a point..... this arrangement might not be good for any of us, least of us Gio him an Nik are going tooo.... damn." Jayden said and I turned around to see Kyrese standing there wearing nothing but some tight ass shorts. "Ayy you mind watching these pancakes, while I talk to my dude real quick?" Jayden said and without waiting for an answer, he quickly grabbed Kyrese's hand and pulled him into his room. I walked over to the stove and started cooking and I was almost finished when Angelo walked into the kitchen.

"Papi can I talk to you about something?" Angelo said sitting at the table and looking at me, I nodded once and turned my attention back to the sausages I was cooking. "Aight so here's the deal..... I met this girl and......" Angelo flinched at the look at gave him because he knew I was pissed.

"I'm going to stop you right there because I already know where this is going; not three weeks ago you had Simone at the house, you were saying how much you loved her and how much you wanted to be with her now..... if you're about to tell me that you have yet another girl you're fucking with I might just have to beat your ass because you already have not one but two girls pregnant and I swear to god if there's another one I'll.........." I was so pissed I couldn't even finished.

"I haven't cheated on Simone, well not since we got back together.... but this girl is too damn sexy for me not to smash, I can't help Papi I love pussy; it has this control over me that I can't explain." Angelo said and I shook my head, I was extremely fearful for my little brother. Once he got in college he was going to have girls throwing themselves at him left and right, and if he doesn't slow down he was either going to end up with a basketball team of kids or something he couldn't get rid of.

"Angelo, listen to me..... I've down the thing where I fuck one person after another and real talk it's not as fun as it seems. But having that one person you can fuck on a regular basis, honestly it's the best feeling in the world because you don't have to worry about anything but keeping that person happy, it's sex on demand what could be better than that?" I said. "But you'll learn, just be careful and no more kids please at least until you're in your 30's." We sat there talking for about an hour until Gavin showed up with his son and I decided to go back into my room, making sure to lock it, I sat on the bed and ran my hand across Quinton's ass before smacking it as hard as I could.

"AHH YOU PLAY TOO MUCH CARLOS!!!!" Quinton said turning and kicking me off the bed.

"Man let's cuddle and talk, you can finish that shyt later." I said climbing in bed and pulling him into my arms. "Let's talk about what we're doing for Valentine's Day..... I was thinking maybe we could start with....." Quinton kissed me and threw my whole train of thought off track.

"Just surprise me...... but please for the love of everything do NOT get chocolate covered strawberries, I hate them with a passion but everything else is fine." Quinton said rubbing my stomach.

"So what are you getting me?" I asked kissing him, Quinton started to answer but was cut off by Jayden popping the lock on my door and walking in.

"Ayy get your ass outta bed we gotta go take care of something really quick." Jayden said jumping in between me and Quinton, I swear he was so damn annoying but he was my brother so he got a pass. I walked out until the living room and Angelo was sitting on the couch having a heart to heart with Gavin, I knew Angelo really looked up to Gavin and Gavin looked at Angelo like a little brother so I knew Gavin would give him some better advice than I could seeing as how they were going through something similar.

Twenty minutes later we pulled up to Gio's grandparent's house..... or rather Gio's house. We walked inside and the first place I went to check out was the kitchen, I hadn't been here since I as little and but I knew this kitchen was where I was going to spend most of my time or than my bedroom. I walked upstairs and Jayden had already claimed the room he wanted which was the second largest next to Gio's which was cool with me because I already knew where my room was going to be.

"So pick a room, Nik will be here later tonight and it my be petty but I feel like he should get the smallest room." Gio said smirking.

"Actually I was thinking about taking the basement, I remember when we were little we used to camp down there and honestly it's bigger than three of these rooms put together." I said smiling and I could tell Gio was a little salty that he didn't think about it but I knew he wouldn't argue.

"That's fine with me..... I'll see if Jayden is willing to take the third largest room and let Gavin have the second, but look we're going to have to start looking for jobs..... not to pay bills or anything but for food and utilities shyt like that. It can be something part time so it doesn't interfere with our sports and classes, but as of next month this is our home so that gives us plenty of time to start saving up." Gio said leaning against the furniture.

"What are we going to do? Jay is pledging to be an Alpha, Quinton is going to be a Kappa and Jeremy is going the Sigma route. Next year it's just going to be us, everybody is going there separate ways, they're going to be making new friends and we might just be forgotten." I said.

"We'll work it out, real friendship what you, me and Jayden have nothing can break that he's still going to be the idiot that he's always been and as for Jeremy and Quinton, they're not going anywhere as long as we don't fuck it up." Gio said laughing.

"Why is there a stripper pole in the basement?" Jayden asked walking into the living room, I really hoped Gio was right and we all weren't growing apart but we would have to wait and see right now we had a lot of cleaning to do. After we finished doing some cleaning around the house we decided to meet up with Quinton, Jeremy and Kyrese at B-dubs. I sat next to Quinton and bit him on the cheek.

"So what's the move tonight? Angelo is trying to go out and I know this place that doesn't ask for ID's." I said.

"I got this Kappa thing I have to do, but it shouldn't take to long." Quinton said.

"There's this party that the Sigma's are throwing for the pledges, which probably means they're about to start weeding people out so I can't miss it." Jeremy said quietly.

"Me and Ky got a date so maybe afterwards we could meet up with y'all..... if we're not busy." Jayden said taking food off of my plate. Me and Gio looked at each other and I guess it was just us tonight, Gio pulled out his phone and rolled his eyes.

"Ayy before we go out we gotta go pick up Nik from the airport......... Gavin would do it but he's with my parents and he can't get away." Gio said with a hint of skepticism in his voice, I nodded once and went back to feeding Quinton; I guess we better enjoy tonight because I knew once Nik got in town everything was about to change..................

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