Quinton 12

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"YOU ARE ACTING LIKE A BIG ASS CHILD CARLOS, I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU SAY ONE MORE THING TO ME I'M LEAVING!!!!" I yelled at Carlos as he sat on his bed smirking at me, this is why I couldn't stand his ass he was so childish at times. I came over here so he could help me with my homework not to sit here and listen to him tell me how I needed to study more and I wouldn't be having these problems. If I wanted a lecture I would've called my parents and to make matters worse we was sitting there with that stupid ass smile on his face like I amused him when I didn't see anything funny about this entire situation. "I'm leaving I don't got time to be sitting here while you think I'm some type of joke." I said getting my stuff together and his ignorant ass had the audacity to open his bedroom door as if he was kicking me out; fine if that's how he wanted to play then I'd play right along with him. As I was walking out his room I ran into Jayden who was smiling like a big ass kid.... which he was.

"Classes are cancelled tomorrow because of the blizzard, they said on the news they're issuing a Level 3 snow emergency which means we're all stuck here." Jayden said pulling his boots on. "I fuckin love the snow, ayy Papi 'do you wanna build a snowman?'" Jayden sang and I tried not to smile because I was still pissed. So I had two options I could go to my dorm and be stuck there, or I could stay here with his stupid ass.

"Ayy you're not leaving are you?" Gio asked walking inside with snow in his dreads. "It's getting pretty bad there, I barely made it to Jeremy's dorm and back here." I noticed Jeremy standing there bundled up like an Eskimo. I guess I was stuck here but that didn't mean I had to look at Carlos.

"I thought you were leaving?" Carlos said walking out his room. "Spoiled brat, you know you are really starting to get on my nerves, I'm not your parents. I'm not going to baby you and let you throw a little temper tantrum when things don't go your way." He said grabbing a bottle of water out of the refrigerator, as he walked past me I smacked it out his hand and he pulled me into his room and slammed the door.

"I thought you wanted me to leave?" I said pushing his head and I could see him turning red in the face and his fist ball up. "What are you going to do Carlos? Hit me? I wish you wou......" I was cut off by him pressing his lips to mine, picking me up and throwing me on the bed. I watched as he ripped both of our clothes off with lightning speed and climb on top of me. "Papi I......" He bit down on my lip hard as fuck and pushed his dick deep inside me. "OHMYGOD!!!"

"Yo shut up.... you talk to damn much..... this is why I can't stand you....." Papi said fucking me hard and rough, my fingernails dug into his ass trying to push him into my soul. "You see what you do to me Quinton." He asked pushing his dick deeper inside me with each word. "I fuckin hate and love that you make me lose control like this Quinton." He said running his tongue across my lips.

"I'm...... I'm sorry Papi......" I said loving every second and every inch of his dick.

"See you don't listen....." He said kissing me roughly. "Didn't I tell you to shut up and take this dick." He said and I couldn't take him seriously because he was trying hard to keep his eyes from going crossed.

"Fuck....... I love you....." I said as he bit done on my shoulder, I could tell he was getting close to busting because he quickly pulled out and started attacking my ass with his tongue. Somehow we ended up in the 69 position and as I sucked his dick I decided to take things to a whole other level; I pushed him on his stomach and let my alpha side take control..... when my tongue touched his ass for the first time he flinched but didn't stop me so I took that as a sign to keep going.

"Damn....." Papi said grasping his sheets, I could tell he was enjoying it but I wanted to see how far he'd let me go, I started to move my fingers towards his ass and he quickly moved and shook his head. "Nah Lil Daddy we not about to do that...." He said climbing on top of me again, can't blame me for trying. He started sucking my neck and grinding against me, it was slow and sensual as if we were dancing.

"I want you to fuck me Papi....." I whispered in his ear and his dick slid inside of me with ease. After that nothing else needed to be said, fucked all over his room; against his dresser, on his floor, in his closet, before making it to his bed where we both finally nutted.

"After we shower...... I want you to go cook me something to eat...... then you're going to finish your homework because I want your undivided attention, I'm not sure how long we're going to be snowed in but the last thing I want is to be the reason your grades start slipping." Carlos said looking in my eyes.

"You are not my damn daddy...." I said rolling my eyes.

"I'll beg to differ...... but seriously baby I'm hungry, you wore a nigga out and I don't have the strength to get up." He said rubbing my stomach. "Please?" He said kissing me.

"I can't stand your ass...... let's go shower so I can cook for your ugly ass." I said getting out of bed and when I reached the door, Carlos ran up behind me and pushed it closed.

"So I'm ugly now?" He asked with lust in his eyes and I already knew we were about to start round two.......................

After a few more rounds of mind numbing sex, I sat in the living room with Jeremy, Gio and Jayden while Carlos took a nap. I didn't mind being stuck here, with them it was what I imagined having brothers was like minus Carlos because of obvious reasons. Jayden was telling us about their eighth grade trip to D.C. where Carlos decided they should try to sneak into the Oval Office so they could get a picture with President Obama and ended up getting separated from the group before they even made it to the White House.

"Baby don't listen to him, he's lying....... it was his idea and he didn't even want to meet the president he wanted to meet Biden because he likes Biden better than Obama." Carlos said walking into the living room and sitting next to me.

"Then there was the college tour we took to Western Michigan when Papi wanted to sneak off with that one dude..... and Jayden being the genius he was thought it would be funny to steal everyone's food and hide it....... I still get flashbacks to the ass whoopin we got when we got home." Gio said laughing, they started telling us some of their craziest stories and I could help but shake my head.

"So y'all three have been thots since y'all were little." Jeremy said sadly. "My question is who is the biggest thot of the group?"

"Papi." Jayden said. "I'm gonna have to say Jayden." Carlos said. "Yeah I agree with Papi.... it's definitely you Jay."

"Wait how did y'all come to that conclusion?" I asked confused because everyone here knew Carlos's history.

"It's simple Jayden Walker will fuck anyone; men, women, dudes with tits, chicks with dick.... if it has a hle Jayden will fuck them and while my body count may be higher, I've had enough self-control to stick with one gender." Carlos said laughing.

"That just makes me a freak if we're going by sheer numbers Papi has more than me and Gio combined." Jayden said offended, I just shook my head because it was clear that these three would be friends for life. Me and Papi walked into the kitchen to get his food and sat at the table talking quietly.

"Yo..... just for the record I've never care about any of them dudes the way I care about you....... I hope I proved that by what I let you do earlier." He said winking.

"Boy please I was going to do it regardless there wasn't too much you could've done about it." I said laughing.

"Bebé, te amo más de lo que he amado a nadie antes y un día voy a hacer que este funcionario que dar mi nombre. (Baby, I love you more than I've loved anyone before and one day I will make this official to give my last name.)" Carlos said smiling.

"Te amo demasiado Papi. (I love you too Papi.)" I said rubbing his dick under the table.

"¿Cuándo entra en la tercera ronda se inicia? (When does the third round starts?)" Carlos asked brushing his lips against mine. I pulled him to his feet and started to lead him to his room when a knock came at the door.

"Who the fuck would be stupid enough to be out in the shyt?" Jeremy asked pissed because from the looks of it him and Gio were about to start their night as well, Gio got up and opened the door and Gio's cousin Nik walked in smiling.

"What's up everybody? Looks like I made it just in time, they just started closing down all the roads so I'll be hanging out with y'all for the next few days." Nik said and I could tell that nobody was happy about it least of all Gio.............................

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