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Zaire was a bitch as dude for the little stunt he pulled and normally I would've been pissed when I caught Jeremy beating his ass but he deserved that and more, I pulled Jeremy away and tried not to laugh as Jeremy called him everything from a bitch to a seeping cesspool of semen. We got into the car and sped off, I knew Papi and Jayden were coo because I saw Papi's car in my rear view mirror.... damn that party was crazy as fuck and I should've known Zaire was planning something so whatever happened to him was his own damn fault. I looked over at Jeremy who's leather straps had fell off during his fight with Zaire as he mumbled to himself quietly and I started laughing I didn't know where he came up with half the shyt that came out his mouth but it had me dying. We got back to the house where Jayden, Kyrese, Matt and Naomi were all sitting on the couch going over everything they had seen happen at the party but I was focused on Jeremy who was still steaming.

"Well I couldn't think of a better way to start Spring Break now that I have something to keep me entertained throughout the entire trip I'm going to try and get some sleep before this trip in the morning. Come on Kyrese we gotta get some rest." Jayden said pulling Kyrese is to his feet.

"Yeah it's pretty late and no offense, but I wanna sleep in my own bed." Matt said standing up with Naomi. "Little Mayweather I'll catch you in the morning." Matt said as Naomi gave Jeremy a quick hug before walking out the house.

"Stupid ass skeez-bucket..... I swear to god I hate messy ass bottoms who don't have anything other to do besides fuck up people's lives." Jeremy said heated. I walked over to him and sat on his lap. "Gio get your big ass off of me I'm trying to vent here." Jeremy said pushing me weakly.

"Give me a kiss first......" I said biting at his face and neck, Jeremy started laughing and pulled me in for a kiss only for me turn my head at the last possible second. "You know on second thought I'm thinking we could hold off on that until we get to our destination tomorrow afternoon." I said laughing, Jeremy stood up and I fell on the floor.

"I'm going to bed." Jeremy said walking off and I knew he was a little salty, but I had something planned for this trip that would definitely make up for it. As I got off the ground I was about to go up to my room when I heard a key in the door and Gavin walked in looking a little exhausted.

"What happened? I know you only come over here when you want something so hurry so I can get some sleep, I got an early flight tomorrow." I said knowing he was here for a reason.

"I do got a reason but not the one you think Gio, just coming to check on you and thank Jeremy for beating that dudes ass." Gavin said sitting down. "I gotta admit Gio, I wasn't sure about Jeremy at first but he's starting to grow on me..... little dude's got heart." Gavin said laughing.

"Yeah he does...... so what's up Gavin?" I asked sitting next to him.

"Aight I was planning on staying here tonight. Steve and Mesha were arguing about that video montage and I didn't feel like hearing it, I couldn't go to Whitney's because all them girls were talking about was the video and gossiping...... which would probably go on all night." Gavin said and I shrugged, he knew where his room was and I was tired. When I got up to my room Jeremy was laying across my bed.

"Why are you still wearing your costume? Not that I'm complaining but that shyt can't be comfortable." I said laying next to him, Jeremy looked at me and started slowly unbuttoning my see-through suit and smiling. "Oh so you're not going to answer me? Aight fine let's see if you get any dick during Spring Break." I said standing up and taking the rest of my suit off.

"You are being really childish Gio.... look I'm trying to help you out because if you think about it, this will be the last time we can fuck in this bed for an entire week. I just think it's not fair to the bed y'know." Jeremy said walking over to me.

"You sure you can handle that? I mean the last time I gave you some dick you were in here talking to yourself and accusing me of being a voodoo priest or some bullshyt." I said laughing. I didn't realize me and Jeremy were standing in my shower until the water started hitting my back causing me to flinch. "You an these scalding hot showers...." I said shaking my head. "Give me a kiss..... I'm serious this time." I said leaning forward and he pressed his lips to mine. We stood under the water kissing and Jeremy started stroking my dick until it was fully hard.

"Can I taste it?" Jeremy said and i a trance I nodded my head slowly. Jeremy dropped to his knees and kissed the head of my dick before looking up at me and started laughing. "You know on second thought I'm thinking we could hold off on that until we get to our destination tomorrow afternoon." Jeremy said quoting me from earlier.

"Nah you already done started you might as well finish the job Jeremy." I said salty as fuck but Jeremy continued to wash up ignoring the kisses I placed on his neck and shoulders. "Come on Jer' you can't leave me like this." I said pressing my dick against his ass. "You know you want it stop acting like you don't." I said turning him to meet my eyes.

"Actually I don't...... your dick is wack anyways." Jeremy said rinsing off and stepping out of the shower. See he was testing my patience and that shyt just turned me on even more. I finished washing up and followed him into my bedroom where he was rubbing lotion on his legs.

"Do you really think my dick is wack?" I asked knowing damn well I had amazing dick, Jeremy looked at me for a second and I could see the lust in his eyes.

"Very wack..... I was faking most of it earlier." Jeremy said lying his ass off, but it was coo...... if he thought what I did earlier was 'wack' then I guess I had to step my game up. I climbed into bed and like a moth to a flame Jeremy followed me. "I don't think I can sleep." He said laying his head on my chest.

"Yeah neither can I.... I was so tired when I got home but now I'm wired. Just think in a couple hours we're going to be sitting on a beach staring off into the sun senset..... you know I've never had sex on a beach before?" I said laughing.

"It's not all that...... too much sand everywhere." Jeremy said and that was one of the many things I like about him, we could talk about sex without it being ackward. "I just hope our hotel has a balcony maybe we could have sex on the balcony instead...... piss off our neighbors." Jeremy said laughing.

"Knowing Papi he'll probably bring Quinton outside just to see who can make their dude moan louder." I said laughing. "I think we got them beat when it comes to sex..... and our relationship is definitely stronger." I said kissing him.

We spent the next few hours just talking until it was time to get up for this trip, thankfully Matt and Naomi showed up early so we didn't have to wait for them. Me and Papi loaded the cars and looked around for Jayden, I swear this dude was forever making us late for something and if I had to catch a later flight I was going to be super pissed.

"Can somebody please go see if Jayden is woke?" I said checking my watch. Papi ran upstairs. FINALLY when everyone was ready to go I walked over to Gavin and smacked him awake. "Ayy bro.... we're about to head out, make sure you lock up when you leave and don't be having no parties in my house." I said.

"Whatever Gio..... y'all be safe, all of y'all." He said glancing over at Jayden who just walked out the house. I gave Gavin an apologetic look before walking out as well, I planned to leave all the drama here in Ann Arbor for the entire time we were gone and hopefully everyone else could follow suit.

"I've never been on a plane before." Jeremy said as we boarded our flight and I could feel his hands shaking a little bit.

"Don't worry Jeremy, I'll keep you safe." I said kissing his forehead, which wasn't hard since he was so damn short. We got to our seats and after about thirty minutes of waiting our plane was in the air. "Those two......" I said shaking my head because Papi and Quinton who were seated in front of us were already going at it.

"Quit being a hater Gio..... just because your dude is scared to get a little adventurous." Papi said turning in his seat. I looked at Jeremy who had a fire in his eyes, before I knew it his hand was in my pants and he was jacking me off, I was glad it was a relatively empty flight because I'm sure we would've been getting a lot of dirty looks and after a seven hour flight we were landing in our destination....... Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba. I just had a feeling this was going to be the best trip of our lives... so far..................................

****** For Valentine's Day I wanna do a full sex chapter between one of the couples but I'm not sure which one so who do y'all think should get it? Gio/Jeremy, Papi/Quinton or Jayden/Kyrese?****** 

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