Jayden 47

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After another night of partying we came back to the hotel and were all sitting by the pool just chillin, this trip was exactly what I needed; no drama and for like nine days I could just leave all my problems behind but they still there..... Terrell for some strange reason was sending me weird text messages telling me that he had volunteered me to send my summers building low-income houses as well as mentoring at risk kids. Now normally I wouldn't have an issue doing any of that I like helping people but there was something about being told I had to do something that annoyed the fuck outta me, but I'd suck it up and push through it like I always did because that's just the type of person I am. Another thing that had been bothering me was the whole Gavin situation...... I was still going to beat his ass but the longer I was here on this island the less angry I become, I get he wasn't the driver but my issue was the fact that he spent years lying to me and until we either talked or fought I wouldn't get over it. The final thing that had been on my mind was Samuel..... I had heard from my dad in a couple weeks and I know he's busy but still he could at least respond to a damn text message.

"I'm just saying and this is no dis' towards my brothers but I'm positive I know my dude better than they know theirs." Papi said confidently.

"You must be out your mind Papi, I mean maybe if we were discussing sex you might but I know everything about Jeremy down to the shyt he doesn't even know that I know." Gio said kissing Jeremy. "You might know more about Quinton than Jay knows about Kyrese but I'm telling you big bro you'd be shocked how much I know about my dude."

"Y'all are both drunk as fuck..... even though me and Kyrese's relationship is the newest we actually took the time to get to know each other first we didn't do that whole back and forth shyt like Papi and Quinton nor did spend the beginning of our relationship debating pointless shyt like you and Jeremy." I said taking Kyrese's hand.

"That sounds like a challenge...." Naomi said smirking. "Okay let's make a game out of it.... I got two hundred dollars for whoever knows their boyfriend the best."

"Aight I'm down.... and since I'm so confident, I'll go first." Papi said standing up. "Okay so Quinton Thomas..... my boo was born on the Fourth of July, his favorite color is purple though he tries to deny it. He has two sister Priscilla and Olivia that he has a good relationship even though Priscilla broke nose when they were kids and Olivia used to torture him. His favorite sandwich is weird because he likes fried ham and barbecue sauce with a pickle on top. He's never changed a tire, he's never cut grass, he can't swim nor hold a note. He's deathly afraid of snakes and just hearing the word scabies makes him itch. His favorite movie is Jeepers Creepers and his favorite artist is Whitney Houston, he secretly has a crush on Lebron's funny looking ass and he thinks the Dallas Cowboys are the most overrated team in sports. So there..... to anyone who thinks me and Quinton's relationship is only based on sex can get fucked by a cactus." Papi said kissing Quinton.

"I guess I'll go next." Gio said standing up and just as he started talking my phone rang and it was one of the people I was just thinking about......

"Ayy I gotta take this. Don't worry I'll be back to embarrass these niggas." I said kissing Kyrese and getting up, I walked to the other side of the pool and sat down. "Wassup dad?" I asked.

"My bad about not getting back to you Jay.... I've been extremely busy and I know you get tired of hearing that but it's truth. And I told you a would fly you out here for one of your breaks but......"

"Let me guess you're too busy? It's cool Samuel, I'm used to you not being around. Look I'm kinda out with my brothers right now so can I call you back when I'm free I'm extremely busy." I said coldly and for the longest time Samuel was quiet, I could he wanted to say something but was holding back. I don't know why but his silence pissed me off even more. "Aight you wanna talk fine, so here's a question for you; Why don't you just admit you don't want me to come out there? Or better yet, why don't you just admit you don't want shyt to do with me? I mean it was a lot easier when you weren't around at least I wasn't looking down at my phone every few minute just so I didn't miss you call or text." I said pissed.

"Jayden you know it's not even lik......" Click..... I hung up the phone and turned it off. I was done trying to reach out to his punk ass, after trying so hard to rebuild our relationship I wasn't going to put effort in if he wasn't going to do the same. Hell I wasn't the one who walked away he was so why should I be the one who's putting in the most effort to fix things. I started walking down the beach to calm down and as I walked I tried to figure out where all this anger was coming from, I wasn't a angry person but lately it just seemed like everything was starting to spill out; all the anger and resentment, all the hate and pain.... I wanted to get back to the old me but it was becoming more and more difficult with each second.

"Jayden....." Kyrese said quietly from behind me. I turned and faced him, forcing a smile that even I didn't believe; Kyrese knew me well enough to know I was hurting and as he's done from the first second I met him his smile brought me back from the dark read I was heading down. "You aight?" He asked walking over to me.

"Yeah I'm good just a small argument with my dad, but I'm over it. I just needed to get away because I had a feeling there was going to be an orgy by the pool." I said smirking.

"You know what your problem is Jay...... you don't release that anger you got built up inside of you. Instead you brush it off and pretend it's not there when I know you're hurting on the inside. You just need to let it out..... or it will consume you." Kyrese said looking into my eyes.

"I can't do that Ky..... if I let everything I'm feeling out I'm going to end up hurting a lot of people, pushing a lot of people away and I don't think I'm ready to face what's really scaring me....... too many people left me and I'm afraid to be alone." I said turning to the ocean.

"Jayden you underestimate your friends.... your brothers. Gio and Papi won't ever leave your side, they'll kill for you and I'm not going anywhere either." Kyrese said turning my face back towards his. "I promise never to leave you Jay." He said kissing me.

"What if I lose myself when I do let it all out? I don't wanna become someone that even I don't like.... there have been a few times since I found out about what happened to my mom that I've felt myself..... like what happened to Terrell, even though I had nothing to do with him ending up in the hospital I didn't necessarily feel bad for the nigga... I was actually glad it happened and I've never been that cold towards anyone regardless of how I feel about them." I said truthfully.

"Well Terrell kinda deserved it...... look Jay I'm not saying it's going to be easy but letting it out would be a lot easier than holding it all in because once you build it up to a certain point all it takes is one thing that'll set you off and that could be bad for everyone. You don't have to change who you are you just gotta stop pretending that nothing effects you." Kyrese said.

"Kyrese Morgan....... your birthday is May 10th, your favorite colors are black and gold, you are obsessed with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You think Final Destination is the best movie ever created and you think Luther Vandross is the greatest singer to every touch a microphone. You love the Detroit Lions and Pistons, when you graduate you plan on join the military and even though I don't want you around a bunch of DL military dudes I would never stand in the way of your goals. You won't watch any comedy if it doesn't have Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence or Kevin Hart in it and you still believe OJ is innocent........ You still cry at night about losing your brother just like I do but since we've started dating we've both been able to deal with it a lot better than we had before." I said holding his hands. "And I'm so lucky that I got you by my side otherwise I don't know where I'd be and I love you for that reason and many more."

"I love you too Jayden........ let's head back to the pool or we could just say fuck it and head up to the room." He said licking his perfect lips. I weighed my options for a split second before deciding I'd much rather be alone with my dude than listen to them debate who was the better boyfriend. I grabbed Kyrese's hand and we started walking back towards the resort. "So are you going to finally stop holding everything in?" He asked.

"Nah..... I'm going to be who I am regardless of who likes it and if anyone has a problem with it, whether it be Terrell, Frank, Leon even Papi or Gio they can all suck my dick and eat my ass simultaneously." I said laughing.

"I'd beat their asses if they even thought about touching your dick or ass because they both belong to me." Kyrese said stopping as he pulled me into his arms and gripped my ass tightly. "You gonna let me get some ass when we get back to the room?" Kyrese asked kissing me and I smirked... he could get some ass but he was going to have to earn it and if history was any indication as to what Kyrese could do in the bedroom then I knew that should be no problem for my dude................................

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