Quinton 18

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I could tell Carlos felt out of place here at the Kappa Party, the only reason he came was because I damn near had to beg and even then he said I owed him somewhere down the line, I was actually regretting the fact that I invited him because every couple minutes some dude was either avoiding Papi's eye or staring at us enviously. Carlos didn't pay them any attention though because he was too busy watching basketball on his phone, I decided to go get something to drink and as I walked away I saw bitch ass Drew slinking his way over to Carlos but I wasn't worried because I trusted Carlos to shut him down. I walked into the dining room where one of the Kappa's I was cool with named Orlando was making drinks with Atraeu and some girl I've never seen before. As I was about to take a sip of my drink Carlos walked in and grabbed my cup, I watched as he finished me drink and smile at my pissed off expression he was about to say something smart when his eyes got big, as he looked somewhere behind me.

"What are you doing here Erin?" Carlos asked as the chick walked over and gave him a hug, with a jolt I realized this was Ezra's sister and Gavin's baby mom; she was cute but I didn't like the way she was staring a Carlos.

"I'm here with Trae and who is this little cutie?" She asked looking at me and I'm not going to lie her voice was annoying as fuck and the way she called me cutie was almost condescending, like she was making a joke that nobody knew but her.

"This is my boyfriend Quinton...... wassup Trae?" Quinton said looking at the dude who was trying to sneak out the kitchen. "Baby this is the dude that got me to start playing soccer when I younger, I didn't know you were a Kappa." Papi said pulling me into his arms.

"Yeah I pledged over the summer, Erin I'll hit you up later I gotta go make sure they aren't fucking up the house." Atraeu said walking away, Orlando who was silent for most of the conversation offered all of us shots and after about five and dancing to a few songs with Carlos, I had to go to the bathroom, as I stumbled upstairs I walked into the bathroom and Meeche was standing there getting his dick sucked by some chick.

"Oh my bad....." I said quickly closing the door, okay so yeah I checked out his dick and it was beyond impressive. I walked back down to the kitchen and once again one of Carlos's wh0res was smiling up in his face, I sat back and watched waiting to see what he'd do.

"I want you to take a body shot, I remember how expertly you worked your tongue and I........"

"Hold on to that thought thot because I'm not fuckin with you like that, you know I got a dude and I'm not a cheater; am I a hoe? for sure..... a manwhore? possibly...... but I'm not going to put my tongue anywhere near your body especially after I literally just watched four dudes and three chicks take shots off you. So next time you decide to talk to me think about this........." Carlos said and the dude rolled his eyes.

"It's not that serious Papi, we're just having fun and ain't nobody worried about your little boyfriend. We both know if I wanted you I could have you so don't flatter yourself." The dude said and I was about to go off when I felt someone move behind me.

"Ayy can we talk?" Meeche said in my ear, I followed him out to the front porch and really wished he were back inside because it was cold as fuck. "So here's the thing, we're doing something for Valentine's Day weekend for our pledges it's kinda like a bachelor auction and well I normally wouldn't ask if I wasn't desperate but we kinda need like three more people to sign up and I was wondering if you could ask Papi if he wouldn't mind helping us out. It's nothing too serious the highest bidder gets a date with the person."

"I don't know, Carlos isn't with the whole fraternity thing." I said, but the thought of some tramp buying Carlos for a night made me sick. "And what makes you think I'm going to do it?" I asked confused.

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