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Me and my little bro Jeremy were supposed to be studying but this nigga was never where he was supposed to be, so right now I was sitting in the library looking stupid as fuck. But I'll give him a pass because if it weren't for Jeremy I wouldn't even be a Sigma right now and yeah I'm the one who convinced him to pledge but he was the one who pushed me through the pledging process even though there were times I felt like quitting. Finally he showed up clothes all disheveled and I already knew what he was up to and I didn't even want to think about what him and Gio were up to, but there was another reason I would always consider Jeremy my brother....... a couple nights ago he uhh..... he kinda caught me having a weak moment with Z...... somebody and unlike most of my friends he didn't judge me or look down on me in fact he's been talking me through it. His logic was simply most people experiment in college and it's nothing to be ashamed of, though I could've pick someone better for my 'first time' to be with other than than person.

"Lemme get some little bro...." I said grabbing the Pepsi out of his hand and started drinking it.

"You know what just keep it..... I seen where your tongue has been and I definitely don't what that shyt back. Seriously Matt any dude would've kill to be the first man to experience your dick and you picked Zaire....... I'm starting to question why I'm even claiming you as my brother because anybody related to me would have better standards." Jeremy said.

"Man you're never going to let me live that down are you, for real though Jeremy I didn't pick Zaire; I was drunk, high and horny so it doesn't really count. And I'm not planning on making that a habit it was a one time......." Jeremy cut his eyes at me and I had to laugh. "Okay it was a seven time slip up but we both know I want to be with Naomi, if she stops playing we could've been together by now." I said.

"Look Matt, nobody plans for anything to happen case in point..... I didn't plan on doing the splits on Gio's dick in the bathroom of his parents new condo while we were supposed to helping them move but shyt happens. As for Naomi she is giving you free reign to get all the how out of your system before she gives you a chance, I'm just surprised you aren't exploiting this to the fullest extent you can. But we can talk about that later........ right now is homework, you're coming with us for Spring Break right?" Jeremy asked and I shrugged. "Naomi's coming....." Jeremy said knowing that it would pique my interest. We spent the next two hours we finished up our homework and of course Jeremy couldn't resist throwing a couple jabs about my non-existent relationship with Zaire and Naomi.

"Hey Matt...... Jeremy." Zaire said walking over to the table and sitting down without being invited. "I'm actually glad I ran into y'all, so you know the Sigma's throw the best parties on campus and I'm thinking about throwing a little ABC party right before Spring Break." Zaire said and even though I didn't like him that much I was always down for an Anything But Clothes Party.

"You know I'm down." I said smiling. "I haven't been to one of those since my junior year of high school and it was crazy ass fuck."

"Good I guess we're going to need some females there and seeing as how sexy you are Matt I'm sure you can bring in a lot of women.... Jeremy I'm sure we can find someone who finds you attractive." Zaire said and I just shook my head because I knew Jeremy.

"Wow thanks Zaire, maybe we can find someone who you don't have to pay to sleep with you. I mean then again if you got it flaunt it, everyone deserves love..... even if you have to pay for it for fifty dollars an hour." Jeremy said and I was slightly offended.

"Damn girl that got my pussy wet..... I love it when you get feisty." Zaire said and I could tell Jeremy was at his limit.

"Matt I'll catch you later...... Zaire I'll make sure to tell the librarian to burn that chair won't want someone to catch whatever you got boiling in the bussy." Jeremy said grabbing his bag and walking away.

"Why are you always fucking with him?" I asked looking at Zaire.

"Because I don't like her, but I won't talk about Judy for the rest of the day........ so have you every got your dick sucked in the fiction section? I know you're horny and I need some protein." Zaire said using his foot to massage my dick, fuck why I'm I getting hard. "Let's cut the bullshyt Matt we both know what's about to happen." He said and I couldn't lie the things he could do with his mouth were magical, so I followed him to a deserted part of the library and let him bless me with some amazing head...............


Though I was technically dating Nik, I couldn't help but keep messing around with Matt

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Though I was technically dating Nik, I couldn't help but keep messing around with Matt...... see I couldn't find the balance I was looking for in a man; Nik's dick was long but skinny; Matt's dick was thick but not long enough for me. Now Giovanni Carter he was the perfect blend of both long and thick and I couldn't wait until I had him pounding my bussy into dust. After I sucked the sweet nut out of Matt's body I went back to planning this Anything But Clothes Party, if my plan was going to work I guess I was going to have to be nice to Jeremy or whatever her name was for the next couple weeks.

"I've been calling you Zaire where you been?" Nik asked as I met up with him for lunch. "Damn your lips taste good what have you been eating?" Nik asked and I tried not to laugh.

"This special chocolate my dad got me from Brazil, but I was thinking you should really talk to your line brothers about this ABC Party I'm trying to have people talking about this for years to come and every one knows the Ques have some of the sexiest dudes on campus. I've talk to a bunch of sorority girls and they'll all be there am actually getting some to pose for the flyers so can you do that for me Daddy?" I asked rubbing his dick.

"I got you boo...... but I was thinking we could go back to my place a chill, I feel like all we ever do is fuck and while I all for that I'm trying to get to know the real Zaire." Nik said and I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing at his pathetic ass, he was just a pawn to get Gio and then later Papi possibly both at the same time, I had no interest in him getting to know me.

"I would love to Daddy but you still haven't given me an answer to my question I've been asking you for weeks now...." I said kissing him.

"Baby I'm a top I don't get fucked...... I'm sorry." He said firmly and I rolled my eyes, if I had a dollar for every time I've heard 'I'm a top' or 'I'm straight' from a dude that eventually bent to my will I could pay off my tuition and still have some left over.

"Nik I've let you fuck me every which way you've wanted..... I've sucked your dick in every direction possible and you can't let me get a small sample of your honey well? I thought you loved me, you're acting like I'm going to go around telling people the only people who would know is me and you." I said rubbing his dick.

"Man I'll think about it but no promises...... but here, I talked to Julian and he got me a couple tickets to the show tonight." He said handing me five ticket to see Gavin shaking around his big ass dick tonight. "Are you going to stop by when y'all get back?" Nik asked and I shrugged, he looked a little upset and I needed to keep him happy for a few more weeks.

"I'm just playing Nik...... but it'll have to be after everyone is sleep you know they don't like me for some reason." I said and he smiled. After stroking his ego for a little bit I went home and pulled out my laptop, which one of my special home movies should I watch? Meeche, Julian, Matt, Andrew, Denzel, Frank, Paul the video of Gio in the locker room of the gym getting dressed....... hmmm so many decisions until I found the perfect one. I put my headphones in and played one of my favorite videos, while Meeche and Denzel had the best dick I've every experienced neither one of them matched the freakiness that Steve had and I was sure to bust a big nut just imagining just how good Gio's dick was going to be when I finally got it..................................

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