Naomi 46

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I waking up to Matt was always a dangerous because he was so damn sexy and I knew that if he ever woke up before I went back to my room then more likely than not I end up with my legs wrapped around his back and truthfully I wasn't ready for that. Matt was a sweetheart though, a lot of people didn't realize that about him because of his badboy persona but from our one on one conversations over the last few months, I found out he's a big teddy bear on the inside; he wants what everyone wants love, one person to have his back through everything. He's also really smart and I could talk to him about stuff most men would get bored discussing like politics, science, black history and the state of the country; most dudes I used to talk to didn't believe politics effected them but..... I'm getting carried away though, I needed to get outta here before he woke up and judging from the goofy look on his face he was going to be waking up very soon. As I quietly tiptoed out the room the first person I seen was Jeremy, wow I think this is the second time I've seen him since we got here two days ago.

"Was it good?" Jeremy asked smirking and I rolled my eyes. "Chill grandma, I know you got a strict no dick policy until after marriage...... which is admirable but at the same time I don't see how you do it." He said as we walked to my room.

"I can't miss something I've never had.... besides Matt is a hoe, as you've stated numerous times and until he can prove that he's ready for monogamy he can't get anything other than a kiss on the cheek." I said stripping out my clothes and walking into my shower. "Besides I can tell he wants to do a little more experimenting with men, judging from the way he was staring at Papi's ex Malik yesterday.... not that I blame him, if I were a hoe I would've tried to suck the foreskin off his dick." I said as I washed my hair.

"Pause..... I don't wanna hear anymore until we go out on the yacht ride Gio set up for all of us today." Jeremy said and I tried not to laugh, the way Jeremy had just said Gio's name let me know he was deeply in love with him and I was happy the Jeremy had found someone to help him get over The Fuckboy Supreme Darius..... but still Gio had to go through the best friend test before I could give him my seal of approval.

"I'm surprised y'all are actually coming out that damn room, y'all have been fucking like rabbits since our plane landed.... which I'm slightly pissed about because I came on this trip to spend some time with my best friend.... not hang out with his roommate." I said even though I didn't mind hanging out with Matt.

"Whatever Naomi..... I'm just trying to push along the inevitable, you and Matt are so cute together and I want some nieces and nephews to spoil. Don't act like you aren't feeling Matt because I know you are or I wouldn't have caught you trying to sneak out of him room this morning." Jeremy said and I couldn't help but laugh, he was so crazy but I loved him like a brother. "Well hurry up we're leaving in about two hours." Jeremy said walking out my room.

An hour and half later we were all sitting in the lobby waiting for Jeremy and Gio, and I could tell by the way everyone was acting they were pissed. After all that bitchin Jeremy did about being on time and here we were waiting on his ass, Papi mumbled quietly about getting woken up while Jayden flicked grapes at him, Quinton and Kyrese were talking quietly and Matt was staring at me with an irritated look on his face. Finally Gio walked into the lobby with Jeremy on his back and it was clear to me and everyone else what they were just doing.

"Y'all ready?" Gio asked walking past us without stopping...... I swear they were so cute together. We were on the yacht for about an hour before we found a place to stop and of course, the Three Amigos, Matt and Kyrese decided they wanted to go swimming so they all jumped water leaving me with Jeremy and Quinton.

"So what do y'all think will happen to Zaire? Not that I care.... but it's going to be crazy when we get back to school and I don't want us pulled into that drama." Quinton said.

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