Papi 64

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Quinton's parents surprised me by inviting me to their family reunion at the end of the summer, I mean I knew his parents loved me but meeting the entire family was a little intimidating. I would definitely be there though because it was happening here a couple days after they got back from where ever they were going in Europe, so I wanted to spend as much time with him as I can and if that meant I had to deal with a bunch of questions from Quinton relatives I would just have to suck it up and endure for a couple hours.... then find a quiet place for me and Quinton to fuck. I laid across his bed watching him pack his bags because they were leaving right after the semester ended which kinda hurt me because I wouldn't be seeing my baby for three months. Though there was a small part of me that was glad he was leaving and that was because of Ezra and Julian..... I was the smartest person I knew; not trying to be cocky of anything but it was the truth and the more I thought about it the more stuff started to become clear to me. I'd wait until Gio hopped off Jeremy and Jayden figured out things with his dad before telling them my theory.

"Quinton, Papi come downstairs I'm about to cook a special meal for you two." Quinton's mom said smiling at me and I noticed Quinton rolling his eyes, he'd never understand how I won over not only his dad but his mom as well. What can I say I just had a charm to me that people found infectious, I got up and started walking down the hall when I noticed Quinton wasn't behind me.

"Baby what's wrong?" I asked walking back into the room where Quinton was standing in the same spot I left him. "Quinton you alright, you're making me nervous." I said grabbing his hand and looking into his eyes.

"Carlos listen to me very carefully, if my mom cooked then that means she's trying to kill us all.... so here's a plan me, my dad and sisters came up with years ago pretend to eat the food and then when she's not looking spit it out. If I know my dad then there should be little trash bags hidden under the seats, we'll take turns distracting her so she doesn't get too suspicious, leave a little on your plate though or she'll offer you more." Quinton said and he was dead ass serious.

"Come on it can't be that bad...." I said and boy was I wrong...... it was hard to describe what was in front of me; I think it was supposed to be chicken but it looked more like a block of dry paint with charred marks on it. Where was the skin? Where was the grease? Where was the high blood pressure seasoning? Then we get to the vegetables that looked drier than that nasty ass spaghetti Gio tried to serve us, even the Kool-aid looked suspect I couldn't see any signs of sugar in my glass and I liked my cool with extra diabetes.

"So Papi what are your plans for the summer?" Quinton's mom asked me and I noticed Quinton and his dad quickly spitting the food into the bag and hiding it.

"Honestly just keep myself in shape for soccer and I'm actually thinking about getting into baseball, I haven't played since I was a kid but with my brother coming to Michigan next year I think it would be cool to play on the same team with him." I said taking a bite of the chicken and all the moisture left my mouth.

"Baseball and soccer uhh? I'll have to see you play, Quinton isn't big on playing sports and I would love to see you play before you get famous." Quinton's dad said and his mom turned towards him, now was my chance I quickly spit the food in the bag and I noticed Quinton's dad wink. The rest of dinner went extremely well with the exception on me almost choking of one of them dry ass carrots and I was ready to get back to Ann Arbor and real food.

"Mrs. Thomas the food was amazing, next time I'm down here I'll cook for you..... a woman as beautiful as you should never lift a finger." I said smiling as she began to blush. "Quinton baby I'll be waiting in the car.... General Thomas we definitely gotta go hunting later this year." I said dapping him up and walking out, a few minutes Quinton walked out with two plates in his hand and I got scared until he got in the car.

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