Papi 44

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I was extremely hungover from last night, we all went out with the exception of Gio and Jeremy and let's just say it wasn't my best night but I had a good time. We all stumbled down to breakfast/lunch around eleven where Gio and Jeremy were already sitting and they were both covered in minor cuts and hickies on their necks and in Jeremy's case there was one on his jawline, Jayden looked sick as fuck and he didn't have anyone to blame but himself; I told his ass not to mix vodka, tequila, whiskey and gin but he didn't listen; Kyrese was still red in the face, Matt kept slumping out of his chair and me I was still seeing doubles of everything..... The only people who didn't seem to be suffering from last night were Naomi who claims that she's been drinking since she was thirteen and Quinton who was a military kid and was used to drinking with them military dude; all in all it was a good night. As they recounted everything that happened I stood up and pulled Quinton with me as we started walking along the beach holding hands.

"How you feeling?" He asked trying not to laugh at me. It took me a minute but the fresh air was starting to clear my vision and my head,once I was feeling a little better I turned to him and smiled.

"I'm doing good Mi amor..... but I was thinking we could skip tonight's festivities. Gio and Jeremy want to go out and knowing Jay he'll probably be down, which means Kyrese will go and Naomi is definitely going which mean Matt is going.... I just wanna chill back at the room with you; possibly have dinner on the beach, something chill." I said looking in his eyes.

"You know I'm down......" Quinton said and I knew there was something else he wanted to say but held back. "So what are we going to do in the mean time?" Quinton asked and I shrugged, he looked out to the water then looked around the empty beach and smirked before taking his clothes off and walking into the water. "Are you just going to stand there or are you going to join me?" He asked smiling, never one to back down I stripped out my clothes and joined him in the water.

"Man it's cold ass fuck......" I said pulling him into my arms. "You know I wouldn't do this for anybody but you." I said kissing him, when he kissed me back I could feel something was off which was weird because just last night we were coo. "What's going on Quinton?" I asked looking in his eyes.

"I'm just going to miss you.... I was talking to my dad this morning and during summer break I gotta fly out with my family for three months, you know how my dad is and it's non-negotiable." Quinton said shrugging.

"Damn Que three months........ look we can worry about that later, we still got all of this month, April and May to chill and fuck like rabbits. I think I can last three months." I said kissing him. "Now let's go a little deeper in the water I wanna show you something." I said pulling him but he resisted.

"Ummm...... what is Jayden doing?" Quinton asked and I turned to the beach where Jayden was standing there with that shyt eating grin on his face, I looked down at his feet where me and Quinton's clothes laid in a pile.

"JAYDEN I SWEAR TO GOD!!!!" I yelled but that only encouraged him to do what he had been planning to do which was grab our clothes and take off back to the resort......

After chasing Jayden around for about an hour, Kyrese finally made him give back our clothes and I punched him in the chest which caused us to start play fighting in his room, Jayden and Gio were really my brothers and if I didn't love them niggas so much I probably would've beat his ass.

"Kyrese how do you deal with this grown ass boy?" I asked as we walked to the pool. "And where's Gio and Jeremy? I've barely seen them since we got here." I asked.

"They're fucking again, I swear you and Gio need to quit being stingy with that book. You should've seen the way Jeremy was staring at the waitress who filled up Gio's glass, you would've thought Jeremy was about to stab the girl." Jayden said laughing. "And I'm a grown ass man bitchboy." Jayden said before jumping head first into the pool. Me, Quinton and Kyrese all sat in the lawn chairs watching Jayden splash around like a child.

"Are y'all coming out with us tonight?" Kyrese asked and I shook my head.

"Nah me and Quinton have plans for the night, maybe tomorrow night if I can pulled Gio and Jeremy apart for a couple hours. Now excuse me......" I said running and jumping into the water with Jayden. "Baby come in the water...." I said looking at Quinton, who shook his head. I watched with a smile on my face as Jayden snuck up behind him, picked him up and threw him into the water....... It took me just over a minute to realize something was wrong, Quinton was under the water and my heart dropped. I swam over to him but before I reached him somebody had beat me to it, I watched as he pulled Quinton out the pool and started performing CPR and a few agonizing seconds later Quinton began to stir and looked around confused.

"God you're beautiful....." Quinton said to the lifeguard and I started to push the lifeguard in the water but decided to check on my dude instead.

"You alright Que?" I asked helping him sit up and he nodded slowly, before turning to the life guard and even I had to admit the dude was cute... hell I was damn near tempted to call the nigga beautiful but he still didn't look better than me. I thanked the dude and walked with Quinton over to a chair and sat down, I couldn't tell what he was feeling but there was something on my mind that I needed to know. "Why didn't you tell me you couldn't swim?" I asked looking in his eyes.

"Because you would've made fun of me....." Quinton said forcing a smile.

"Yeah probably but then I would've helped you learn..... and I never would've let Jayden throw you in the water if I had known that Quinton." I said looking in his eyes. "You should never be afraid to tell me you can't do something Quinton because yeah I'm going to clown you, that's just who I am..... but like I said I also would've helped you learn; like changing a tired, helping you learn how to cook even though you still got a long way to go and a bunch of other shyt. I mean there's shyt that I don't know how to do....." I said smiling.

"Oh yeah like what Carlos?" Quinton asked.

"Umm...... let me think about it." I said laughing as the lifeguard walked over and sat down without being invited. "Ayy we're good over here." I said annoyed with this fuckboy, it's bad enough he had his fucking lips on my dude but now he was openly challenging me by smiling in Quinton's face. "Maybe he doesn't speak English." I said looking at Quinton.

"Actually I speak perfect English..... I was just coming to make sure he was alright and also to let him know that I'll be more than happy to give him a few pointers whenever he needs them....... my name is Carlos by the way." He said smiling and I was liking this nigga less and less the more he talked.

"Nah I got it covered Carlos....." I said with venom in my voice. "Come on Quinton let's go get something to eat." I said pulling him to his feet and as we walked away, I looked back and that nigga 'Carlos' was clearly staring at Quinton's ass....... only a couple more days here, I thought to myself, the last thing I wanted was to end up in a Cuban jail for beating this niggas ass. "Bitch ass dude....." I said as we entered the restaurant in the resort.

"You are just too damn sexy when you get jealous." Quinton said laughing.

"There it is, something I don't know how to do. I don't know how to be jealous." I said seriously and for some reason Quinton seemed to think I was playing because he just laughed harder. "I'm deadass Quinton....oh so you think I'm a joke huh?" I asked getting up and walking over to him, I started tickling Quinton and he was laughing his ass off until we ended up staring in each others eyes and just as our lips were about to touch........

"Papi?" Someone said from behind me and I knew that voice, but I didn't turn around because someone had to be playing a joke on me. Out of all the places in the world how the fuck did he end up here? I turned around and my worst fears were confirmed as my eyes met with my ex-boyfriend Malik..................................

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