Quinton 33

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Carlos is a bitch flat. the. fuck. out...... like I was so sick of this bastard, y'all just didn't realize how bad I wanted to beat his ugly ass sometimes. Okay a little bit of background, I was all for a little public displays of affection but he like to take it overboard; I mean there was no reason for him to try and shove his long as tongue down my throat every chance he got or for him to grab my ass so damn tight you would think he was trying to give me an enema. Then there was his attitude I could write a book on his attitude, okay I was a little spoiled but he knew that from the word go..... if I say I want something to eat I'm not expecting him to jump up and get it for me I'm just letting it be known I'm hungry, nobody told him to drive all over the city to get me what I wanted or if I tell him I don't want to go out nobody forces him to stay in the dorm and watch movies with me. I swear it's like he tries to pick fights with me, which is why I've been ignoring him for the past couple days; fight, fuck, chill, repeat that was our cycle. If it was up to me I'd be staying in my dorm after all my classes but Jeremy wanted to drive back to Columbus later so I would much rather do that than be stuck in the same city as Carlos.

"I don't believe this shyt....." I said punching my steering wheel, how the fuck does this brand new car keep having problems? I'm really starting to think I got scammed or maybe the universe was telling me to call Carlos (yeah right).

"Hey Quinton you need some help?" My roommate Chris said walking past my car, I was still pissed at him for turning our dorm into the orgy spot so right now he was the second to last person I wanted to talk to next to Carlos.

"Nah I'm good but thanks...... I'll be gone all weekend so please don't have any of those whores you have running in and out of our dorms on my bed." I said forcing a smile.

"Man I know I'll catch you later Que....." He said walking away as I popped the hood like I knew what the fuck I was doing.

"Car trouble...." A sweet Spanish voice said in my ear and despite my anger my body became limp and my ass got we....... never mind. I turned around to face Carlos and there was no reason in hell he should look this good in a beater and some jeans but he did. "Let me give it a look....." He said pushing me out the way and three seconds my car started.

"Carlos look at me........." I said staring at him, he look at me and I saw the little glint in his eyes that told me he was up to something. "How was it that you magically popped up right when I was having car trouble?" I asked quietly, I could see a smile tugging at the corner of his lips and I knew what he had done.

"Quinton........." Carlos said backing up slowly.

"You arrogant bastard, you broke up with me now you wanna try to get me back by playing these little games...... no I'm not falling for it again." I said avoiding his eyes.

"Quinton I break up with at least twice a week because the makeup sex is always explosive........" He said stepping towards me and now it was my turn to retreat. "Where are you going Que? What you don't love me anymore?" He asked putting his finger in the front of my pants and pulling me towards him.

"I can't fuckin stand you......" I said turning my head as his lips made contact with my neck and his hands found their way to my ass.

"I can't fuckin stand you either brat..... but you're my dude and yeah we may fight a lot but I wouldn't want to be with anyone other than you. So quit fighting me and go get dress we're going out tonight." Carlos said looking in my eyes.

"I'm going home tonight..... I was actually on my way to meet with Jeremy when you decided to fuck up my car." I said just realizing my hands were in his pants wrapped around his dick.

"No you're not..... Jeremy is back at the house getting dicked down by Gio. I'm actually the one who had him call you and suggest it so you would see that you're car wouldn't start and I could come in like a Sexy Knight and save the day." He said smiling.

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