Gavin 68

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Gio's house smelled like the strip club I worked in and that wasn't a compliment, if I wasn't so pressed for time I would've woke everyone up and cussed them out; including the nigga who was getting his dick sucked by Nik who acted like me and Angelo didn't just walk in the house, the nigga who was standing on the stairs looking at us like he was trying to figure out which one of us he was going to try and fuck. I would've cussed Jayden's ass out who had just walked out of his room with a bowl of Cocoa Puffs and I started to wonder how he was able to walk pass these niggas unnoticed but then I remember this nigga a had a mini fridge in his room.... I would've cussed Carlos out who was in his room but the door was open and he was sleeping completely naked and I definitely was should've cussed Giovanni out who was in his room doing push-ups while Jeremy was laying on the bed watching him..... I wasn't going to argue with Jeremy because that shyt would last for hours..... like I mentioned earlier I was pressed for time and I refused to be late for my son's birthday party.

"Y'all need to clean this damn house up." I said walking over to his dresser and put a bottle of his cologne in my pocket then grabbed the watch I got him for his birthday a couple years ago and put it on my wrist. "Who are those two niggas downstairs with Nik and Matt?" I asked looking at Gio who was now doing sit-ups.

"Jeremy's cousins..... they're coming here next year, I thought we'd show them around campus then we ended up getting drunk. Can I ask why you're stealing my shyt?" Gio asked looking at me.

"I'm not stealing, I'm taking it..... there's a difference. Stealing is me trying to be sneaky because I'm afraid of the consequences, taking means I don't give a fuck if you see me or not because I know you won't do shyt about it little brother......" I said smirking. "Now shouldn't you be getting ready for Lil' Gavin's birthday party or are you not coming?" I asked.

"Yeah I'm coming, I still got four hours before it starts. Where's my niece?" Gio asked smirking and he knew I was still a little tight over the fact that Whitney had a girl but on the other hand I was happy that I had a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

"She with Whitney and you can quit rubbing it in..... my son has a little sister, so I'll get over it. Maybe they'll be as tight as we are the protective big brother and the annoying little sister." I said.

"The shade......." Jeremy said walking into Gio's bathroom, Gio was about to say something smart but Angelo ran into Gio's room and hid behind me as Carlos chased after him. Angelo was my little protege so he knew I wouldn't let Carlos fuck with him while I was standing there.

"It's coo Angelo, that nigga can't protect you forever..... I'm going to catch you slippin so you better watch your fucking back." Carlos said his eyes watering as he limped out the room, pissed.

"Man what did you do?" I asked smirking.

"I tried to wake Papi up but that nigga wasn't moving, I thought that nigga was dead so I punched him in the dick." Angelo said smiling and I shrugged.

"Here..... I was going to have Gio give this to Lil' Gavin but I didn't want him taking credit for my gift." Jeremy said handing me a wrapped box, I started to open but Jeremy punched me in the shoulder and I'm not going to that shyt stung a little bit. "I've pretty sure I just said that gift was for Lil' Gavin not you." Jeremy said walking away.

"Gio your boyfriend better keep his hands to himself. But look I gotta go drop Angelo off, then pick up Whitney and Gianni then I got some other stuff I gotta do so please don't be late...... oh and I don't know if you got my text but the party got moved to my house." I said grabbing his wallet and taking some money out. "Don't look at me like that I need this to order some pizzas, I'll pay you back later....... don't be late Gio." I said walking out his room, ignoring his cries about not losing his watch.

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