Jeremy 41

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I have been deliver to the Great Beyond and stared into the face of Jesus himself.... at least that's what felt like when Gio did that witchcraft he did on me now that I had come back to reality I decided for my own safety that I was going to break up with him as soon as he decided to bring his black ass back into this room. No I couldn't do that, I loved him too much and I couldn't picture my life without him or that magic stick between his legs...... what the fuck am I saying? I don't need Gio or his black sorcery, I am a child of GOD and I will not be tempted by some witch doctor...... But his dick is too damn good to ever leave, what if I break up with him and he finds someone else then I would have to kill them because that ten inch flesh tower is all mine..... see this man got you plotting murder and your body is still in a state of euphoria. I should really get up (if I could) and start getting ready for this damn party but I'm saying this now if I see Giovanni dancing with anybody I'll beat their ass because I'm the only person he's allowed to dance with.......... I heard a beautiful baritone laughing in the corner of the room which gave me the strength to look up and Gio was sitting there holding his stomach and laughing his ass off.

"I tried, I really tried to remain quiet while you did your little monologue but that shyt was too funny." Gio said still laughing, oh my god did I really say that shyt out loud? I thought to myself. "First you're not allowed to break up with me, that's just not going to happen I'm addicted just like you are so it would be pointless knowing we'd just get back together. Second I'm not a witch doctor or sorcerer or magic user in anyway, I grew up in a house where such things were not allowed to be discussed so you're safe there. And finally did you really just call my dick a flesh tower? Because if so that's the funniest name I've ever heard someone use in reference to my dick." Gio said walking over to the bed and laying next to me.

"Get... the.... fuck..... away...... from..... me....." I said looking in his eyes. "You and the that meter long King Kong dong, I don't even want to look at you or it for a year....... oh fuck......." I moaned as Gio started sucking on my neck.

"Say you love me......" Gio whispered in my ear and the words flew out of my mouth before I could think. "Say you'll never leave me......" Gio said and again the words flew out before I could stop them. "Now say Rihanna is better than Beyonce." Gio said and I'm ashamed to admit that I actually uttered those words, but in my defense Gio was working some witchcraft on me and I didn't mean them.

"I'm so mad at you right now..... but what was that thing you did." I asked so I knew what to avoid in the future because that was other worldly.

"It's called La pequeña muerte or The Little Death and don't worry I'll won't use it again until our honeymoon next time though I won't go easy on you since you know what to expect." Gio said then started laughing at my expression. "What you don't think I was holding back? You want me to prove I was..... I let you off easy." Gio said playing with my hole.

"No..... am good." I said weakly and I chided myself for letting him wrap me around his fingers. Gio helped me to my feet and led me into the bathroom and I had to keep a close eye on him.

"Man ain't nobody going to mess with you." He said mushing my head playfully and just from that simple touch we ended up in the shoulder with me; back pressed against the wall, legs wrapped around his waist and ten hard inches of heaven touching my soul............

I was the last one to get dressed because all these leather straps had to be adjusted perfectly or I'd be walking around with my business out for the world to see, me and Naomi finished putting the finishing touches on my outfit and I had to admit she looked sexy in her all black catsuit. We walked downstairs and tried not to laugh at what everyone was wearing Matt's boring ass decided on some simple swimming trunks. Jayden and Kyrese had on matching Alpha Phi Alpha jackets, no shirts and some black compression shorts that left nothing to the imagination, with black socks. Quinton went the more obvious route by having himself wrapped in caution tape with the word PAPI'S written instead on caution. Papi was covered in bright purple body pain that would probably look cute under the black lights with a lime green jock strap that had his ass hanging out. But Gio stole the show in my opinion, he wore a see through suit with no underwear and my eyes zeroed in on my favorite thing in the world.

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