Gavin 9

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I sat in the restaurant with my headphones in, listening to Jay-Z was the only thing that could calm my nerves. I had so much stuff I needed to take care; send time with my son, try to talk to Whitney, beat Paul's ass when I saw him, pick Nik up from the airport, go beat Jayden's ass in a couple rounds off Call Of Duty and look for a job since I had two mouths to feed, it was going to be a busy day. I sat there looking at the menu but I wasn't hungry.... my stomach was always in knots whenever I saw Erin because a small part of me still had deep feelings for her, I always felt she was the one who got away and even though I loved Whitney, Erin was my first love. I turned just as Erin walk in with Lil' Gavin and Ezra and I tried to hide my anger, I was still pissed at that shyt he pulled with Gio but I knew I couldn't go off on him like I wanted to because he knew something about me that I NEVER wanted to get out, so I was going to have to keep my anger in check. The got to the table and I pulled the deep brown skin baby boy, who had all of my features except for my eyes and kissed him on the cheek and sat down.

"Gio's on his way, but y'all can go ahead and order." I said trying to break the silence that had settled over us. I took a chance to stare at Erin and quickly looked away, I couldn't let myself fall back into that trap because I still loved Whitney. "So I was thinking maybe I could get him this weekend.... I know my parents would love to see their grandson."

"Why Gavin?" Erin asked in that baby voice that a lot of people thought was annoying but I lov...... thought was cute.

"I don't need a reason to want to spend time with my son, Erin." I said looking her fully in the eyes for the first time since they sat down. "You've kept him from me for what two years now, you gotta learn to share because I'm not going anywhere..... here comes Gio." I said looking at the door where Gio walked in and I could see he was pissed because Ezra wasn't supposed to be here.

"Wassup Gio?" Ezra said smiling at my little brother and I was too tempted to send all thirty-two of his teeth down his throat.

"Wassup Erin.... this is the cutest baby I've ever seen in my life." Gio said taking Lil' Gavin out my arms and ignoring Ezra who looked slightly pissed about it. "So....... I have to ask why didn't you tell my brother about his son and my nephew sooner?" Gio asked looking at Erin, sometimes I hated that he was so damn blunt.

"Because I was hurt that he slept with my sister...... or that I thought he slept with her." Erin said and I forgot she was always kinda sweet on Gio. "So are you still dating Aaron?" She asked smirking, she used to find it hilarious that me and Gio were dating people with the same name.

"Nah he's dating some little cutie named Jeremy, ain't that right Gio." Ezra said, Gio looked at him and I knew that Gio was beyond pissed. He hated Ezra and rightfully so but this was supposed to be a chill lunch so I put my hand on his shoulder and he relaxed a little.

"Yeah....." Gio said and from there on things were kinda tense but by the time we were finished Erin finally agreed to let me take my son for the weekend. "I really don't like that we're connected to Ezra for life." Gio said as we walked out to the parking lot. "So what are you about to do?" Gio asked.

"I'm about to go talk to Whitney or at least try to....... then probably hit the gym, this tournament is coming up quickly and I'm trying to win." I said, Gio agreed to meet me at the gym in two hours which gave me plenty of time to go make my case to Whitney............

I stood outside her class for like an hour waiting for her to walk out, again I was nervous because the last time I did this she cussed me out but I just chalked that up to her being pregnant hopefully this time she was in a good mood. I watched as people poured out of the classroom and as always my heart felt her before my eyes even landed on her, she walked out and saw me, rolled her eyes and walked past me as if I was invisible but she was walking slow so I knew she wasn't too pissed.

"I miss you...." I said quietly walking next to her. "Whitney..... I'm tired of this break, I've never cheated on you and I didn't know about my son. I just want us to......" Whitney turned so quick and smacked the fuck outta me.

"It's not about that Gavin." She said with tears streaming down her face. "God you are so damn stupid......" Whitney said walking off quickly leaving me standing there trying to figure out what just happened. I elected to skip going to the gym with Gio and thankfully I found out Nik wasn't coming until tomorrow, I really had too much on my mind and I couldn't focus on anything let alone his bitch ass; I went back to the frat house and saw Juju and Steve sitting on the porch looking at me like I was a dead man walking.

"Wassup y'all?" I asked looking at them and they just shook their heads and walked off. I didn't have time for games, so I walked up to my room and found Erin sitting on my bed waiting for me. "Where's my son?" I asked looking around like she was hiding him somewhere in the room.

"With my mom....... Gavin I...... I shouldn't have come here." Erin said trying to walk past me but I stood blocking the door. "Gavin can you please......" I don't know what came over me, but I leaned forward and kissed her. Was I being stupid yeah but I was also hurting so I was doing what came naturally to me. Erin pulled my shirt over my head and pulled me over to the bed and for the next few hours I forgot all about my problems............. I sat on my bed while Erin got dressed and I was already feeling guilty.

"Erin....." I said quietly, she turned and smiled at me.

"Lil' Gavin needs some clothes and shoes, I'll drop him off on Friday after I get off work." Erin said walking over and kissing me on the cheek. "I never forgot how good your dick was.... I must say that your skills have improved greatly since high school." Erin said sitting on my lap.

"Erin..... this can't happen again, I had moment of weakness and I'm regretting it now. From now on we should keep our contact...... fuck....." Erin was distracting me by sucking on my neck, so I quickly moved off the bed and walked across the room. "As I was saying we should keep our relationship strictly platonic." I said quietly, Erin smiled and walked out the room but I remembered that Erin always got what she wanted including me, so this may not be as easy as I thought.

"Nigga you just cost me $300!" Juju said walking into my room pissed. "I told this bum that nah there's no why in hell my boy would fuck Erin again, he has way too much self restraint for that but you just couldn't keep it in your pants." Juju said looking at me.

"Shut up stupid...... look I need a favor. I need to barrow some money to get some shyt for my son, I'll pay you back as soon as I find a job I swear but right now my funds are looking a little tight." I said looking in his eyes.

"You know I got you bro, you've always looked out for me and besides that's what friends are for........ tomorrow we can hit the mall and pick up a bunch of stuff for my godson. On to some real shyt Gavin you definitely need to tell Whitney what happened, even if y'all aren't together at the moment if she finds out she's going to be pissed." Julian said looking at me.

"I know..... but she can't really be mad, can she? I mean she broke up with me, I'm single so it's not like I cheated on her." I said knowing that sounded like some bullshyt.

"You got a lot to learn about the baby mom/ girlfriend dynamics. Any time you spend with Erin is going to piss Whitney off, so it's better to have her mad at you now than to find out later and be super pissed."Julian said.

"You're right........ but look my parents are moving into a smaller place and giving me the house. I probably won't be able to move in until next semester but I was thinking maybe you, me and Steve could all move in. Don't get me wrong I love this place but it gets irritating being around some of these dudes all the time, that gives me plenty of time to find and job and start saving up some money for my sons." I said laying across my bed.

"Gavin......" Julian said quietly, I looked at him and he was suddenly looking nervous. "What if...... what if I told you I knew how you could make a lot of money really quick?" Julian said and I sat up and looked at him, I knew what Julian did to make money and there was no way in hell I was about to start selling dick to niggas and the look on my face told him exactly that. "Look it was just a suggestion...... forget a said anything." Julian said getting up and walking out my room. I don't give a fuck I was desperate but not THAT desperate and there was nothing that could make me change my mind on that........................... at least not yet.

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