Giovanni 74

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Gavin told me everything, how he wanted his son to have the best birthday party ever and how he let Julian talk him into fucking some rich dude for a couple thousand dollars, honestly it really didn't surprise me because it was bound to happen..... I just wished he didn't put so much trust into Julian who had the whole thing recorded and gave it to Ezra, there's no telling what he might do with it in the future. I'm just glad he told me because I felt like it brought us closer together, he didn't plan on telling Whitney because felt it would cause unnecessary drama but I tried to tell him that he just needed to come clean before it came back and bit him on the ass but my brother was hardheaded...... Jeremy walked into the kitchen and my heart fluttered a little bit, this little dude had come a long way from the person I met at the very first party of the school year.... he wasn't that broken kid that let his ex talk shyt to him he was this confident, sexy, strong dude that would cuss any and everybody out at the drop of a hat. Damn I really loved this dude........

"Jeremy when are you going to marry my little brother?" Gavin asked and normally I'd be pissed but their relationship has come a long way since me and Jeremy first started dating and I was glad they were coo now.

"I'll marry Gio when I'm ready, I refused to be pressured into something just because you want an excuse to hire some of our stripper friends to entertain Gio while you get him shitfaced drunk. But now that I think of it Gio when that day comes we're definitely having separate bachelor parties because I don't want you get jealous if some sexy ass stripper wants to wave his dick in my face and I would hate to have to fuck some loose bottom up for rubbing your dick the wrong way.... so yeah definitely separate......." Jeremy said walking out the kitchen.

"Damn why is everyone talking about marriage? First you got Papi thinking about asking Quinton to marry him, now you got Jeremy all worked up and he's probably in there planning his bachelor party..... can't I just enjoy my college years then think about marriage once I've graduated?" I asked and Gavin just shrugged.

"I thought we agreed y'all wouldn't make any of y'alls Struggle Spaghetti?" Whitney asked walking into the kitchen to make Gianni a bottle. "Gavin I taught you how to make spaghetti the proper way, don't let Gio get you fucked up in here."

"Whitney, this is how my mama makes spaghetti, and her mama, and her mama..... we're not going to switch it up just because you don't like it and before you even think about it, I'm teaching my son and daughter how to make spaghetti the 'proper' why....." Gavin said stubbornly. She walked out the kitchen and I asked the question that's been burning in my mind for a few minutes now.

"So..... Gavin how was your experience?" I asked quietly.

"Tight.... I would NEVER do it again but it was better than I expected." Gavin whispered. "That nigga I fucked gave a new definition to words tight end.... he's actually invited me to one of his games. But we're never going to discuss this again and if you bring it up I'll beat your ass." Gavin said threatening me, he could say that he'd never do it again but I knew if the money was right he'd probably have a relapse.

After chillin most of the night with Gavin, Whitney and the kids finally me and Jeremy got some alone time, Justin and Matt were still back at Jeremy's dorm doing god knows what but I'm pretty sure I would find out from Jeremy soon enough. Jayden, Papi, Quinton and Kyrese were doing the double date thing so we had the house to ourselves and I was horny.........

"What was all that shyt you were talking about earlier? Something about strippers and niggas waving their dick in your face?" I asked pinning Jeremy to the couch.

"Get off of me Gio.... I'm still mad at you for that spaghetti." Jeremy said trying to get me off of him but he wasn't stronger than me, especially when my dick was hard.

"I want you to dance for me....." I said biting his face. "You gonna dance for me Jeremy." I asked unbuttoning his pants.

"Nope....." Jeremy said slipping from my grip and running up the stairs. See he wanted to play games..... I got up and chased after him only to find him hiding in my closet. "Seriously Gio my ass needs to rest tonight......" Jeremy said pushing me weakly.

"That mouth don't need to rest tho....." I said smirking and we ended up wrestling in my closet and I ended up putting a hole in the wall..... "Fuck....." I said turning the light on. "My mom is going to kill me if she sees this....." I said going to get a broom, when I came back Jeremy was making the hole even bigger. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" I asked pissed and nervous.

"There's something in there....." Jeremy said pulling the drywall out and I grabbed a flashlight and went back into my closet with Jeremy.

"HOLY FUCK!!!!!" I said my anger turning into pure joy at the sight in front of me....................

Why did I have to listen to Jeremy? He told me the right thing to do was to call my mom and let her know what we found since it was her parents house and of course she came over to look at the three safes my grandma had hidden in the wall..... why didn't anyone in my family know about this? Better yet why did I let Jeremy convince me into saying something? My mom got over to my house and she seemed pretty calm considering what we found...... she sat in the living room for an hour before coming up to my room and trying the first safe, then the second before the combination finally opened the third safe.

"Hmm.... a bunch of old pictures, some legal documents. Let's see what's in the second safe." My mom said opening the second safe which contained even more papers but my mom seemed more interested in those than the legal documents which let me know there was something there that she wasn't going to tell me. We opened the third safe and my dick became hard as fuck. "No wonder my dad was so damn cheap......" My mom said grabbing a stack of money and putting it in her purse. "Consider this hush money.... I'll call your aunts about the two safes and let them know about the documents. You should probably split this with you brother as well..... oh once you cleaned them out I want the safes I'm pretty sure I know someone that will buy them. I'll see you later Giovanni, bye Jeremy boo....."

"Baby help me hide some of this....." I said as soon as my mom was pulling off. "I'll split it with Gavin but not all of it, what he don't know won't hurt him besides this is legally mine since I own the house..... Jeremy." I said turning back to and he was standing there completely naked.

"You know I've always wanted to have sex on a stack of money....." Jeremy said smiling and I guess Gavin could find out in a few hours because right now I had more important things to worry about....................................

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