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Taming the Bad Boy [BxB] by BL_Love
Taming the Bad Boy [BxB]by Wolfie
A school for deliquents and somehow Sam ends up sharing the same dorm as the school's biggest bad boy. Sam doesn't fit in with the agressive students all out to cause ma...
  • malexmale
  • boyxboy
  • lgbt
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Officer Brad [Werewolf][Slow Editing] by Mekzuri
Officer Brad [Werewolf][Slow MW
Strong, lean, and handsome cop, Bradley Henson is back on his feet after being shot in his leg from a drug bust gone bad. He revisits a coffee shop he frequently visited...
  • lgbt
  • manxboy
  • werewolf
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My Home Is With You [m×m; mpreg] by RIShan17
My Home Is With You [m×m; mpreg]by R.I. Shan
There are sacrifices we have to make. There are people we would give everything for. And still, all I want to do is pretend this isn't happening, pretend my family wasn...
  • descrimination
  • homophobia
  • gaylove
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Stay High (manxmanxman) by YaoiLuvr4Lyf
Stay High (manxmanxman)by Mrs. Tumnus
Blake Anderson is fine. Blake Anderson is not a charity case. Blake Anderson is not some stray dog that needs to be coddled. Don't treat him like one. He makes do. He ma...
  • bdsm-themes
  • death
  • boyxboyxboy
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Fate [bxb] ✔ by Rashika_P
Fate [bxb] ✔by tomayto
"And who in the hell are you?" "I...I'm y-your q-queen..." ... Or where, a sweet boy Louis is marked to be married off to the prince of his country f...
  • lgbt
  • homosexual
  • marriage
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'Cannon Fodder Will Rise!'System by B1ackDiA
'Cannon Fodder Will Rise!'Systemby DiA
Yun LiFan who used to look down from the top is now working like a slave just because she was dragged and bounded to this ridiculous system after waking up from her nap...
  • revenge
  • generalfiction
  • romance
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Good as Grey (Man x Man) ✔️ by blueswade
Good as Grey (Man x Man) ✔️by blueswade
WARNING: Mature content such as harsh language and sexual encounters. ---------------- "Name" he says, not even bothering to make eye contact with me. "...
  • romance
  • gayness
  • manxman
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Personal Assistant - Male x Male - *COMPLETED* by EliTheEgg
Personal Assistant - Male x Eli
"Hello. My name is Serene Ochoa. I would more than like to be your personal assistant. I earned my Masters degree in literature and-" "Did you read the re...
  • funny
  • fun
  • ceo
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WAR PRISONER by ChocolateLover1412
WAR PRISONERby Chocolate Lover
BOTH STORY AND DISCRIPTION BELONG TO THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR: 梨花烟雨(Li Hua Yan Yu) /Lê Hoa Yên Vũ ______ General Su Yi is knowledgable in both art and war and has both honor...
  • bxb
  • imperial
  • pain
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Addicted to Chocolate [Addicted Book 1] (BoyxBoy) #WattPride by Coconut4U
Addicted to Chocolate [Addicted Crazy4Coconuts
Meet Ethan Hunter, a pure-blooded incubus-vampire with temper problems and a life that's gone to shit. He wishes he could escape the routine of his day by day fucked up...
  • bisexual
  • bxb
  • malexmale
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The Billionaire's Waiter [Being Edited] by WorldWriter_1
The Billionaire's Waiter [Being 🦂тнє ωяιтєя🐍
{COMPLETED} [MANxMAN/Mpreg] Book 1 of 'THE BILLIONAIRE'S' Series: "N-N-Nick." "Don't speak babe. Stay with me, don't fall asleep." "I-I'm tir...
  • manxman
  • homophobicparents
  • billionaire
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Unfaithful by boyloveangel
Unfaithfulby Angel
My mother never could keep to one man. It wasn't like I went out of my way to fall in love. She was just blind, and he was just... perfect. It was impossible not to fall...
  • romance
  • wattpride
  • bxblove
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Nanny Duties 🔓 ♡BxB♡ by IzzySaysHaii
Nanny Duties 🔓 ♡BxB♡by Izzy
Twenty-two year old Chace O'Connor is a struggling young adult with nothing but a couple dollars lefts in his pockets. He had not finished school and was homeless due to...
  • romance
  • lgbt
  • cute
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Not so Married [MxM]|√ by Anonymous_Summers
Not so Married [MxM]|√by Summers
On the same night Miller was going to propose to his girlfriend of two years. She announced her engagement to another man over dinner. Heartbroken and angry, Miller deci...
  • freethelgbt
  • love
  • married
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Daddy Issues by whatthefuck98
Daddy Issuesby whatthefuck98
This book is made of one shots stories! It is totally for fun and will talk about dad-son relationships; if you don't like it or you're too weak-hearted to read it pleas...
  • oneshots
  • maturecontent
  • mxm
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His Son, His Mate by SangwooxBum4Life
His Son, His Mateby Calligraphy-Sensei
"H-h-h-hey! P-p-please stop! T-t-this isn't funny anymore!" Riley's small hands were placed firmly on his father's hard chest, desperately trying with all his...
  • mates
  • drama
  • love
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THE MAN I WAS IN LOVE WITHby Iyana Jason Creole
~COMPLETED~ Three years ago,i was so in love,i was married to billionaire Ryan Alvares,we were happy till the day he threw me out,pregnant with his child and false accus...
  • family
  • mpreg
  • manxman
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Stallion Mage: A Horse Shifter Mpreg Romance by aospade
Stallion Mage: A Horse Shifter aospade
In a tribe of stallion shifters, Alvarr is smaller and more delicate than the rest of the herd. But he is also a rare stallion mage, a male horse shifter who can perfor...
  • mates
  • malexmale
  • fantasy
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Growing Season (MxM) Complete by JaneyJordan
Growing Season (MxM) Completeby JaneyJordan
Alone at 28, Phillip Cameron has routines. He has a simple existence, a passion for gardening, and the same job he's held for years. His life is quiet and uneventful, an...
  • romance
  • garethandphillip
  • domesticviolence
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How To Tame A Dragon (MxM) by -SicklySweet-
How To Tame A Dragon (MxM)by Julian R Hillis
Glory Willson, Half Vampire, recently turned 21, lightweight drunk.... Ricky Shine, Dragon Shifter, 1300 years old & addicted to the old ways. Ricky wants nothing mor...
  • gay
  • lgbt
  • mxm
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