Nik 57

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I looked around the room fearful that Zaire was about to get his ass whooped, Gio looked like he was ready to steal on me the moment my reasons for bringing Zaire here didn't meet his standards and if I knew anything about my cousin I knew I had better have a damn good reason. My eyes cut to Jeremy who was slowly but surely moving closer to Zaire, I knew Jeremy didn't like Zaire and Zaire didn't like Jeremy so there was a high possibility that those two might end up fighting. Right now it was six against two and I had to start thinking quick because they all looked pissed.... well not Jayden and Kyrese but I knew once the fighting started then they would definitely take Gio's side. Ever since my 'relationship' if you can call it what with Ezra I've been trying my hardest to find out why he was so insistent in using me as one of his little pawns and my investigation led me straight to Zaire. Damn why was it so hard to talk? Maybe it was because I've never seen Gio look this pissed but before I could try to calm the beast Zaire stepped in front of me and smirked.

"Your cousin Paul is the one who's been fucking up Jeremy's car." Zaire said causing the whole room to freeze. "You seemed surprised..... well it's true and I got proof. See I was going to put some sugar in his tank, not that she needs anymore but when I got there a saw a nigga with a sexy ass back had beaten me to it. So I approached him and he promised not to snitch on me if I didn't snitch on him."

"And yet here you are got the room smelling like rotten fish, spoiled milk, musty pussy and disappointment so what do you get out of this gutter rat?" Jeremy asked and honestly I tired not to laugh because despite the fact that I couldn't stand his ass, that shyt was funny.

"Jeremy chill baby..... so what you're saying is Paul was the one who tried to run over Jeremy on New Year's Eve?" Gio asked and I could see his anger was reaching critical mass.

"Nah that wasn't Paul but I could see where you'd make that assumption, everybody and their momma drives an Impala but on New Year's Paul was with Denzel and Donny..... from what I've been able to gather from sucking his dick and smoking with him Paul doesn't like Jeremy he thinks Jeremy has a smart ass mouth and thought Jeremy needed to brought down a couple pegs which I agree with." Zaire said.

"Keep talking shyt scuttlebutt, I have no problem dragging you across this room then when I'm finished I'm going to beat Paul's ass because I don't play about my car." Jeremy said heated.

"Color me unimpressed sweetie, now moving on to Ezra..... see that nigga made a big mistake by coming at my neck and I got enough trouble to deal with since they're trying to kick me out of school." Zaire said and Jeremy started to say something smart but whatever he was about to say was cancelled out by Gio who kissed and for a second Jeremy looked drunk but after that he sat down and didn't say anything else.

"What exactly does Ezra want you for?" Papi asked and Zaire smirked, clearly trying to get under Quinton's skin and I could tell it was working.

"Better yet, what do you want? Because no one gives away information for free." Jayden said and Zaire started laughing.

"Boy please there's nothing y'all got that I want..... well not you anyways and since Gio and Papi clearly won't cheat on the Doublemint Twins then my only request is simple I want Ezra to get his ass beat." Zaire said and Quinton snorted in disgust.

"Please I cumdump like you wants more than that......" Quinton said rolling his eyes.

"Fine in addition to somebody beating Ezra's ass I want Gio and Papi one to show me their dick and the other to show me their ass...... I don't care which one flip a coin for all I care and once I get my enjoyment out of seeing it live and in person I'll tell you what Ezra is planning." Zaire said and I just shook my head, both Quinton and Jeremy jumped up but got stopped by their boyfriends.

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