Papi 72

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This ring in my pocket weighed a ton, I was so nervous I was sweating like crazy even though the A.C. was on; I've been thinking about it for a while, it was like one morning I woke up and looked at Quinton who was knocked out... he was it for me, he was my peak. I knew in my heart I wanted to marry Quinton but why was it so hard for me to ask him...... was it my fear of him saying no, was it fear of him laughing at me; maybe I needed to sleep on it and then talk to my brothers when I get back to Ann Arbor. Fuck...... I thought as I got out of bed started pacing around his room, I've already asked his dad if he would be coo with me asking Quinton to marry me, he thought we should wait a little while....... even though he told me he got married when he was my age. I needed to relax, I'll talk to Gio and Jayden to get their opinion on my decision. I got back in bed and tried to sleep but my heart was still pounding.... Quinton rolled over and looked up at me and just like that my nerves settled and my decision became that much clearer........ I spent a couple more days with Quinton and his family before going back up to Ann Arbor, I still hadn't ask him but that was only because I was waiting to get the opinion of the two people who knew me best.

"So how was your vacation with the in-laws?" Jayden asked sitting on the couch, in his boxers eating a bowl of Cocoa Puffs."Judging from that bruise on you neck it must not have went well......" He said laughing.

"Shut up Jay, we had a paintball fight and Quinton's dad got me in the neck, I swear that dude is a fucking beast with a paintball gun..... aight here's goes nothing." I said pulling out the box and placing it on the table. Gio who was reading some book stopped and stared at the box for a full minute while Jayden started laughing.

"Wait right here I'll be right back......" Jayden said running upstairs and coming back with the 'Short-Bus Helmet'. "If you're thinking about asking Quinton to marry you then you deserve this." Jayden said laughing.

"Y'all just don't understand how much I love him...... he's my everything. Last night I stayed up watching him sleep and I damn near cried because I was so happy to be with him. I just..... I fuckin love him so much." I said quietly. "At the start of the year I knew..... I just fuckin knew. And yeah we argued a lot but that's because he challenged me in ways no other person has....... Gio you've been staring at that box for about five minutes...... what are you thinking bro?" I asked nervous about what he might say.

"I think you should do it..... I mean if you feel that strongly then go for it. I know me and Jeremy aren't at that point in our relationship, though I love him we still got a way to go; we probably won't be ready until he accepts the fact that I'm going to use his sponge and I accept the fact that he likes Beyonce..... so until then we'll just keep rocking the way we've been since I told him he was my dude." Gio said.

"Y'all both sound stupid.... I love Kyrese, but I know I'm not ready to get married. Diploma, six-figure job, house, marriage kids..... that's my plan and that's the plan we all agreed to in middle school now you're talking about skipping four steps because you're in love......" Jayden said.

"Plans change Jay..... I can still do all that just in a different order. Look I wanted y'alls opinion and now I'm more confused than ever so thanks for that....." I said taking the stupid ass helmet off and walking up to my room. I hide the ring in my pocket and decided I needed someone to help me out here.......

I thought about going to my parents but I knew how their dramatic asses would react, then I thought about going to Jayden's grandparents but they might tell the whole neighborhood, Gavin was out the question and Angelo was really out the question then it hit me..... His ass was probably at the gym right now but I knew he'd help me make a decision. When I got to the gym we was there like always working out.

"Wassup Papi...." Meeche said lifting weights.

"Wassup so I need your advice with something..... I'm thinking about asking Quinton to marry me." I said quietly and he just kept lifting weights. "And I guess I wanted you're advice." I said looking at him.

"Come with me real quick......" Meeche said as we walked over to the mat.

"Man I not dressed....." I said because I knew he wanted to spar. "I swear to god you better not fuck up my shirt." I said taking my shoes off and moving across from him and putting on some gloves.

"I don't think you should do it...... and it's not because I don't want y'all to get married or anything....... it just when you asked me for my advice I heard it in your voice, you were looking for someone to talk you out of it..... and if you're looking for someone to talk you out of asking Quinton to marry you then that means you're not ready." Meeche said dodging all of my punches.

"I think I'm ready....." I said looking in his eyes.

"You're getting sloppy Papi...... and you shouldn't THINK you're ready you should KNOW you're ready." Meeche said flipping me over his back. "So I say wait.... reevaluate again when you feel the timing is right and remember my last name is DiMarino... I expect to be one of the first people on the guest list I don't care if I gotta go AWOL I wouldn't miss y'all wedding for shyt." Meeche said smiling, fuck I hated that he was right.

"Thanks Big Bro......" I said getting off the mat. "So we're still going to Montana in the summer right?" I asked and he nodded. "Aight coo.... he me up later if you're still here so I can come back and beat your ass." I said dapping him up and walking out. I guess I wasn't ready, but that just meant we had more time for our love to grow. I went to get something to eat and saw Malik sitting with one of The Freak Twins..... why were they still on campus? I walked over to the table and dapped them all up.

"Umm Josh you mind giving me and Carlos a couple minutes?" Malik asked Josh nodded before getting up and went to get some more food. "Are you happy Carlos?" Malik asked looking in my eyes.

"Yeah I'm happier than I've ever been in life." I said and Malik nodded.

"That all I ever wanted...... I'm sorry for how I ended thing but I had to set you free because I knew if I did anything less you'd hold on to loving me and I didn't want you waiting for me because I honestly believed at the time I wasn't ever coming back here." Malik said.

"It coo.... It's like I said I'm happy now and I wish you nothing but the second best because we all know it doesn't get better than me and I'm totally committed to Quinton." I said smiling.

"Still as cocky as ever I see." Malik said smiling. I decided to head home since Quinton was finished doing whatever it was he was doing and when I got there Quinton was sitting on my bed waiting.

"Are you going to tell me why you've been so nervous lately Carlos?" Quinton asked damn he was sexy as fuck...... "Does it have anything to do with this?" He asked pulling out the box, fuck I thought I hid it better.

"Ummm look Quinton I've been doing some thinking and I realized that I'm not ready..... don't get me wrong I wanna marry you just not yet." I said and he nodded.

"Good because I'm not ready either.... I would've said yes but it would've been a very long engagement." Quinton said smiling. "Can I open it?" He asked trying to unwrap the box.

"Nah I wanna wait until I'm ready to ask you to see your reaction. You know what this kinda works out in my favor.... now whenever I do something romantic you'll be expecting me to ask you and when I don't you'll be disappointed but then I can just fuck you to make you feel better." I said smiling.

"I can't fucking stand you." Quinton said pulling me into bed with him.

"But you love me right?" I asked and he nodded.

"You know I love you Papi." He said and that was the trigger word, we spent the rest of the day fucking like animals until we were both spent..... damn three months without feeling his ass around my dick and his heart beating against mine.... okay so maybe we weren't ready yet but little did he know I was planning on asking him the second he stepped off the plane I didn't mind having a long engagement..............

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