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My thing was making list, it's what I do.... It's something I've been doing since I was a freshman in high school; I would make a list of ten dudes I wanted to fucked by the end of the school year and I would do everything in my power to make sure my list was complete and so far there have only been two dudes that I couldn't pull (not including this year). This year I was eight for ten and the last two on my list was Giovanni Carter and Papi Gomez, I've been trying and trying to get them but they wouldn't budge. There had been rumors that Papi got around but stopped one he started dating Quincy or whatever her name was and Gio well he's been on my list since I saw him at the Que party last year, plus there's a little pride in there since I couldn't pull his brother Gavin. I sat in the library waiting for Gio so we could start our first draft on this damn project and he was running late, does he not realize that I had to suck our professor old wrinkly dick to get him to pair me up with Gio? So he better make sure his sexy, dark skinned ass was here because I hated being stood up; just as I was about to call and see where he was at he walked in and...... MY LORD, I was about to call my Senator and have him pass a law that required Gio to wear nothing but sweatpants because I could see everything and just thinking about his dick made my jaw sore.

"Sorry I'm late, I had stuff to handle but look I can't stay too long I got a whole day planned with Jeremy so we gotta make this quick. I've already started the draft so you can just through and make your edits." Gio said and I mostly tuned him out after he said the pledges name and focused all my attention on the bulge in his sweats. "Are you paying attention?" Gio asked irritated.

"Sorry but you have the sexiest skin complexion I've ever saw, it's like somewhere between dark and regular chocolate.... then your lips....... they are just so damn kissable..... wait where are you going?" I asked trying not to laugh as he stood up.

"Look I don't have time for games, I take my class work very seriously and if you're just going to sit there making these unwanted ass comments then I think my GPA can survive at least one C." He said as he started putting his stuff back in his bag and I used that time to check out his muscular ass, damn I wonder what it taste like?

"Wait hold up don't leave, I was just joking..... god you're so damn serious. Listen Gio, you're in college you need to loosen up a little bit, relax enjoy this time because it's over in a blink of an eye." I said working my charm on him.

"Man aight but I really gotta be outta here in an hour at the very latest." He said and I tried not to roll my eyes, I really didn't give two fucks about what he had planned with the pledge my only concern right now was seeing just how far I had to go to break his will. The next five minutes I went over his draft but I what I was really paying attention to was his handwriting, he was cocky but not arrogant, the pointed letters told me he was aggressive, intense, very intelligent but also curious. The thing that caught my attention was the way he wrote is 'X' it told me he was sexually adventurous.

"It looks good Giovanni, if you don't mind I'd like to take this home with me so I can start the second draft we could me up sometime next week and start on the final draft." I said putting my phone on the table, he shrugged and I decided to take a shot in the dark. I turned my phone on and with the slightest glance Gio caught a glimpse of my screensaver which was a picture of me completely naked, ass in the air; he acted like he didn't see it but I could see him shift uncomfortably. He was definitely curious and if I timed it right he would be fucking me really soon, but right now I had to work on getting Papi first. After Gio left I decided to stay in the library to do some actually work, when he walked up behind me.... His signature cologne gave him away before I even saw him, of my MANY sexual adventures the three best were all Meeche DiMarino.

His father was a Navy S.E.A.L, his mother a chef and I couldn't even think about him without having to change my panties, this man was sex personified. When he sat across from me those hazel eyes bore into my soul making me uncomfortable, but I tried to hold his gaze. I knew after this semester he was going to follow in his father's footsteps and......

"Your date with Carlos isn't happening." Meeche said confidently.

"Umm I paid a lot of money for that date and I expect y'all to come through." I said trying to sound more confident than I felt.

"One.... you weren't even supposed to be there. Two.... I know you Zaire, the only reason you did that shyt is to try and fuck up his relationship which is your favorite pass time. Three... we both know you would've broke that little boy..... you need a man who's a little bit more sturdy." He said running his long tongue across his juicy pink lips.

"What do you have to gain from this DiMarino." I asked smiling because I knew how much he loved being called by his last name.

"That's between me and Carlos, so do we have a deal because that money is nonrefundable and I'm your best bet." Meeche said standing up and stretching, and I caught a glimpse of the silky patch of hair that led to his dick. Meeche believed it was a sin against god to wear boxer, briefs, or anything that covered his beautiful dick and I wished more men thought like him. "I can see it in your eyes you wanna say yes, so let's just assume you've already agreed, I'll be to get you at eight so be ready and make sure you wear the red lace ones.... you know which ones I like." He said walking away leaving me wondering what the hell just happened?

I got back to the frat house and of course the pledges were in there doing push-ups in their underwear normally I would've stayed and watched but I had other things on my mind, Meeche was sexy but I had a list to complete so I'd let him think he had me off of Papi's scent for now but I had other ways on getting what I wanted. As I got dressed, there was a quiet knock on my door; when I opened it sexy as Matt was standing there and I debated whether or not I had time to suck his dick really quick.

"Ayy Big Brother Harper is requesting your presence." Matt said turning and walking away before I had even made up my mind, low key I was kinda hurt (not really) but Matt had the sweetest tasting dick I've tasted this year, I guess you could say I was addicted to the taste. I walked downstairs where everyone was getting ready to leave and I saw Jeremy giving me the evil eye.

"Wassup Harper?" I said smirking because he was always trippin over something, like this dude permanently had a stick up his ass; maybe if I sucked his dick he'd chill out.

"Zaire you're acting out again and scaring off the pledges." He said in that deep voice that you could feel in your bones.

"Isn't pledging supposed to separate the weak from the strong? I think I'm doing a service for our illustrious fraternity. Case and point Prancer get over here." I said pointing at Jeremy, who walked over and I could tell he was biting his tongue. "I need for you and Lil Rocky to go to Detroit and get me a box of special condoms and I want the receipt so I know y'all actually went." I said and I could see Jeremy working up a string of insults.

"Forget that Jeremy and Matt, y'all were dismissed for the day.... don't listen to shyt he said." Harper said, they looked at us confused as to who to listen too; they couldn't deny a request from anyone in the fraternity now they had two giving them conflicting orders. "I have seniority remember that Zaire, y'all go ahead and head home."

"That was extremely petty Harper." I said smirking.

"Nah what's petty is how you got to bypass the pledging process just because your daddy pulled a few strings, what's petty is how you use this fraternity as your own personal brothel, what's petty is how you keep trying to fuck up people's relationships, what's petty is how you intruded on the Kappa's Bachelor Auction. I'm serious Zaire if you don't chill out, I'll have you kicked out and I don't give a fuck how much money your dad pours into the fraternity." Harper said walking off. I couldn't stand his bitch ass, but I'd deal with him later right now I had to finish getting ready for my night with Meeche's sexy ass then I could get back to work on how I was going to get Gio and Papi....................

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