Jayden 27

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This was some straight bullshyt..... whoever decided this was a fucking sick as individual and I hated them. But seriously though who's idea was it to give me and five other dude, two hours to separate a ten gallon bag of M&M's by color, then drive them to six designated spots all over campus at two o'clock in the morning? I'm thinking it was Frank's idea most of the shyt he had us do had something to do with food, if I became an Alpha I wasn't going to fuck with pledges the way they fucked with us because some of this shyt was cruel as fuck but I told Kyrese I was going to tough it out and prove to Terrell and Leon I could be serious.... at least until I was officially an Alpha. We finished with fifteen minutes to spare, thanks mostly in part because of this dude Ricky who was really OCD and sped through the colors quickly, we decided to would be faster if we each took a bag to one of the spots so we could try to get some sleep before class later today. I took the bag to the park and waited, being that it was late February it was still cold but it was also wet which meant whoever was coming to get these M&M's better hurry up befor they melted.

"You know I was sorta hoping it was you, y'all got done faster than I expected though. How did y'all do it?" Kyrese asked walking over to me.

"Teamwork. That's what this little exercise was all about right? I mean y'all have been testing us in different ways, so we kinda figured this was a team building exercise to see whether we worked well together or worked against each other." I said smiling and he winked. "So are you going to check them?"

"Nah I trust you." He said grabbing a hand full of yellow M&M's and eating a few. "I had to do this same exercise though and some idiot had the bright idea of trying to wash all the color off the M&M's to make them all brown...... that was possibly the worse week I've had on campus." He said shaking his head. I stood there watching him as he wiped the rain out of his curly black hair and I smiled, dude was really sexy as fuck.

"Come here." I said forcefully and he walked over to me and I pulled him into my arms. "You know I've never made love in the rain before?" I said kissing him. "Yo..... WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?!?!?" Jayden said pointing somewhere behind me, at first he didn't seem to believe but when he turned around and saw what I was pointing at he started backing up slowly.

"I think it's a raccoon." Kyrese said starting to relax a little.

"Nah fuck that shyt, that thing is the size of a small horse." I said grabbing his hand and pulling him along quickly, I wasn't taking any chances with that Teenage Mutant Ninja Raccoon. We had to keep stopping because Kyrese couldn't stop laughing at my antics.

"Oh my god you are so fucking dramatic." He said holding his side.

"I'm sorry babe, but I'm not trying to fight Master Splinter tonight. I mean if you were in danger I would've beat his ass but not tonight I left my nun-chucks at home." I said putting my hands in my pocket. "It's pretty late and as badly as I would like for you to come home with me I got class and you move too much in your sleep." I said smiling.

"Jayden I......."

"AYY KYRESE!!!" Terrell yelled from his car and Kyrese shook his head.

"Look I'll see you after you get out of class, I love you." He said kissing me, he started walking away but I pulled him back into my arms and started kissing him a lot more passionately. When we finally broke apart Kyrese stumbled a little bit and lucky for him I was there to catch him.

"I love you too Ky.... call me when you make it home." I said kissing him a little more gently this time before letting him walk off, I looked at my watch and saw I probably had at the most two hours of sleep before I had to get to class, it was going to be a long day but now I had something to look forward to and that was seeing Ky as soon as my classes were over.

"My your grandma better not start no shyt with me today because I'm not feeling it." Papi said and I tried not to laugh, he was still suffering from that hangover from two nights ago. I don't know what Meeche did to him but I've never seen Papi this drunk before, which is why I brought him over here.

"Bro what the fuck did that nigga do to you?" Gio asked as we walked up to my grandparents house.

"He introduced me to some military dudes.... Navy S.E.A.L.S and the had some Russian Vodka..... now I hate all white people." Papi said shaking his head. I was just about to see just how far I could push him before he threw up, when the door opened and I was distracted by the smell of food.

"What did I tell you about coming over here without my boo Kyrese? I'm sorry Gio, I know you didn't want to find out like this but I've moved on...... no please don't cry, we'll always have Paris baby." My Granny said touching his chest. "What's wrong with Ricky Martin?" She asked pointing at Papi. We all walked inside and we retold the story, a few minutes later she came back with a drink and handed it to Papi.

"Pop-pop do you ever move from that chair?" I asked.

"Do you ever ask any other questions? You know what don't answer that, Enrique Iglesias if you throw up on my floor I'm going to put a hot one in your ass." My granddad said to Papi, who looked beyond miserable. We chilled with my grandparents until Papi was feeling a little better, I made a couple plates to take over Kyrese's house then we left. As I was standing in the gas station I heard snow crunching behind me and Ezra stood there smiling.

"I don't know why you keep following me around, fucking creep." I said placing the nozzle back.

"I thought we were boys Jayden? We used to be cool and I'm just stopping but to see an old friend. You know catch up and see how things have been with you."

"We stopped being coo when you tried to blackmail my brother Gio for some dick, then we really stopped being coo when my other brother Papi beat your ass." I said smirking at his anger.

"Let's be clear Papi didn't beat my ass, him and his punk ass brother jumped me... you know what Jayden I didn't come here to argue I just wanted to say wassup and leave." Ezra said starting to walk off but stopped. "But before I go, have you spoke to Gavin lately?" He asked and I shrugged.

"I don't really remember, I don't keep track of him." I said even though I had seen Gavin earlier today. Ezra didn't say anything else and I wasn't going to keep holding a conversation with this dude, I had other things to worry about. I got to Kyrese's place and walked inside, his roommate was sitting on the couch and I was surprised he was here because he was usually gone.

"Ayy Jayden come up here." Kyrese yelled, I nodded to the dude who's name I couldn't remember and ran upstairs. I walked into his room and all I saw was ass...... Kyrese laid across his bed wearing nothing but basketball shorts and I was tempted but tonight we were chillin no sex. "I can already smell the food, I swear your grandma is the best cook I know." He said grabbing the plates from my hand as I sat on his bed.

"Baby I'm going to get you a star, like literally I'm going to buy a telescope and look for a new star that nobody has discovered and name it after you." I said smiling, Kyrese looked at me and his smile warmed my soul he move towards me kissing me on the lips and I couldn't help the fat that my hands went straight for his ass.

"Let's slow down there Jay..... just movies tonight." He said smiling. "Now answer your phone while I go get us some forks." Kyrese said getting up, I looked down at my phone and saw that Gavin was calling and decided he could wait a couple more hours right now was all about me and Kyrese anything else could wait until tomorrow......................................

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