Giovanni 55

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Today was Gavin's birthday so me and my big bro were having lunch but he seemed like I was going to be extremely late, Jayden was ridiculously sick and I couldn't leave my bro hanging; so after helping him to his room, making him some food, then cleaning up the mess he made I called Kyrese to look after him while I went to meet up with Gavin. As soon as I walked out the door Papi pulled up and I looked at him wondering where he had disappeared off to last night and why he was just getting home, 'I don't wanna talk about it' was his only response as he walked in the house and slammed the door. When I got to Gavin's house there were a bunch of cars parked in front of the house and I knew if my parents still lived here they'd be pissed but this was Gavin's house now so they really couldn't say too much, I walked inside and could barely get through the door because of all the Ques blocking the way. Why the fuck weren't these niggas in class or doing something more productive besides getting Gavin sloppy drunk. As I made my way over to Gavin, somebody grabbed my arm and pulled me off to my dad's old office which was being turned, halfheartedly into a nursery for Gavin and Whitney's baby.

"Ayy Gio you seen that nigga Zaire? I know all y'all gay dudes hang around each other and I'm going to beat his ass for that little stunt he pulled before Spring Break." Steve said and I didn't know whether to cuss him out or laugh because he had a serious case of denial.

"Well since all gay dudes hang out with each other then you should know exactly where he's at, I seem to recall you in one of those clips blowing Zaire's back out and I gotta say Steve you got a nice ass and if I wasn't with Jeremy I might've tried to get a sample because I'm a sucker for fat asses." I said smirking as his face turned beet red.

"Man I'm not remotely gay.... I thought Zaire was a bitch how was I suppose to know it was a nigga?" Steve said trying to convince himself because I know for a fact when Steve was fucking the shyt out of Zaire he gave him the old reach around and started stroking his dick.

"I'm pretty sure the sideburns were a dead giveaway but whatever helps you sleep at night Steve. Where's my brother?" I asked and Steve shrugged before storming out the room, I walked back out into the living room where Gavin was leaning over clearly in no shape to got out to lunch.

"Wassup Gio..... man you know you're the only man I would kill for? I love you little bro." Gavin said wrapping his arm over my shoulder. "Sssoo look, mommy and dad want to have a birthday dinner for me and they want me to bring Whitney and you should bring Jeremy, that nigga is funny assss fuck and I can't wait for you y'all to get married sssooo I can officially call him my little brother....." Yeah this nigga was twisted.

"Aight but you really need to get some sleep because you know Dad will kill you if you show up drunk." I said noticing Julian staring at me and I really wanted to check his ass for that shyt he tried to pull with Papi and Quinton but I knew Papi liked to fight his own battles. Finally deciding this day party wasn't where I wanted to be I decided to go back to the house until I had to go to class.

I walked up to my house and just as I was about to open the door someone jump on my back, I started to toss the person until the scent of his cologne hit my nose and I smiled, turning awkwardly to give my baby a kiss.

"Why aren't you in class?" I asked walking into the house with him on my back.

"Because the seniors are getting ready for their final performances or something and the underclassmen got released early, I should've went back to my dorm and slept but I decided to come suck your dick before you went to class." Jeremy said.

"Oh word?" I asked smirking. "Well how about this instead, I eat your ass while your sucking my dick..... then we go to class, then come back here and get a quickie in before we gotta go to my parents house for Gavin's birthday dinner." I said flipping him on the couch and climbing on top of him.

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