Jayden 66

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Papi barged into my room while me and Kyrese were in the middle of rubbing each other's feet begging me to come with him and Gio to the hospital for the birth of Angelo's third and hopefully final child. Normally I'd be pissed but I knew my bro needed me there mainly to keep him from strangling Angelo who missed the birth of his first child and fainted during the birth of his second..... damn this nigga was going to have three kids all under one but better him than me. I told Kyrese I wouldn't be long and promised to make it up to him later, all night if he was up for it..... He got to the hospital and Angelo was standing in the hall chewing on his nail, damn he looked like a little ass kid who was scared for his life. We all sat in the hall talking shyt about our plans for the summer, Gio was taking Jeremy every where..... Papi was going to be in the gym a lot to work off some of the sexual frustration he had from not seeing Quinton and me..... well I haven't decided what I was doing yet. I could go spend some time with my dad or chill with Kyrese, I guess I was waiting on the decision to find out whether or not Kyrese got into the Air Force Academy and if he did whether he'd leave or stay here in Ann Arbor a conversation we had both been avoiding.....

"Ayy y'all he's here." Angelo said smiling and we all got up and I could see he was thrilled about having his first son. "We decided on the name DeAngelo...... DeAngelo Jamal Gomez. I thought it was fitting since he was born on Jamal's birthday and it's my way of honoring my best friend....." Angelo said and I quickly blinked the tears outta my eyes, damn how did I forget today was my little bro's birthday?

"Y'all used to get on my damn nerves..... I hated bringing Jamal around you because you always had him into some trouble." I said smiling.

"You wanna come in there with me? I would ask Carlos but he's already got to see my daughters before everyone else I think Jayden should go first this time and next time it'll be Gio." Angelo said and I could see Papi getting irritated.

"Nigga it better not be a next time, at least for another fifteen years." Papi said as me and Angelo walked into the room to see my new nephew. We spent a couple minutes at the hospital before heading back to the house and no sooner than we pulled into the driveway Gavin called.......

"Fuck we just left from up there..... man aight here I come. Ayy Whitney's water just broke and Gavin wants me to come up to the hospital are y'all coming or not?" Gio asked, Papi agreed to go but I wasn't feeling it. I was still a little pissed at Gavin not to the point where I wanted to fight him every time I saw him but just enough that I still had the urge to kick him in his dick every now and then. I walked in the house and up to my room where Kyrese was waiting damn I didn't want him to leave but at the end of the day I was going to respect any choice about his future he was going to make.

"So have you heard anything about the choices?" I asked and for the longest time Kyrese didn't say anything which made me nervous as fuck until he started laughing.

"Yeah I have and I didn't get in, but they want me to reapply next semester. They told me I had a really good chance of getting in next go around so it looks like you're stuck with me for at least another year." Kyrese said smiling.

"I'm not going to lie I was hoping you would go, I mean when else am I going to get the chance to fuck on a Military Base?" I asked laughing and Kyrese kissed me.

"Well when I join the Air Force you'll be more than welcome to come and get this dick whenever you want it....." Kyrese said kissing me more passionately with each second. "Where are Gio and Papi? It's a little too quiet in this house....." Kyrese asked noticing the lack of sex sounds going on.

"Whitney went into labor so they had to go back up to the hospital I wasn't feeling it so I came back here with my boo....." I said kissing him.

"Jayden what are you doing?" Kyrese asked as I jumped up and turned on my Ipod. "You better not......" Kyrese said shaking his head and trying not to laugh. As soon as the best dropped Kyrese started laughing his ass off.

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