Giovanni 43

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We arrived at Melia Las Dunas Resort and everybody wanted to do different things; Matt and Naomi wanted to go scuba diving, Jayden and Kyrese wanted to go eat while Papi and Quinton wanted to go explore the resort (i.e. find all the different places they could fuck). Me I had different plan, plans that would keep me and Jeremy busy for the rest of today leading into tomorrow afternoon. We got up to our suite and Jeremy's lazy ass watched as I put our bags in the corner, I swear if I didn't love him I would've made him carry his own bags; once we were unpacked I looked up and saw Jeremy standing on the balcony and the way the light was hitting his face just didn't something to me that I've never felt before. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his waist, we stood there watching the horizon when Jeremy turned to kiss me.... that was the spark; the tension that had been building since I seen Jeremy walk down the stairs wearing nothing but leather straps. Our kiss turned aggressive as Jeremy pushed me back in the room and on the bed, Jeremy ripped at my shirt and started kissing my chest.... I watched as his tongue ran across my nipples and his hand wrapped around my dick.

"Can I taste it Daddy?" Jeremy asked and this time I knew he wasn't playing with me, I tried to speak but my voice was gone so I settled for nodding. Jeremy smirked because he knew he had me trapped, releasing my dick from my pants he slowly started licking the head causing my body to shudder just a little bit. I looked down as Jeremy licked the few drops of cum that was leaking from my dick and smiled. "Your nut taste good as fuck Gio....... you wanna taste it?" He asked and again all I could do was nod as he stroked a few more drops out and licked them up before climbing up my chest and sticking his tongue in my mouth.

"Damn....." I said sucking on his tongue and tasting my own sweet cum. Jeremy kissed down my body and resumed sucking on the head of my dick, see he was just teasing me but I'd get him back when it was my tur........ "FUCK!!!" I cried out as Jeremy swallowed most of my dick. I gripped the covers and turned my head as he went to work giving me the best head I'd ever received. "Oh my god...... Oh my god...... Oh my god....." I said sounding like a straight bitch as Jeremy started doing things with his mouth I didn't think were possible. The room filled with the sounds of my moaning, Jeremy's slurping and the headboard banging against the wall as I tried to get away from his superior head game.

"Don't run Giovanni....." Jeremy said following my every move. I was trapped between Jeremy and the wall, so all I could do is sit back while Jeremy alternated between sucking my dick and licking my balls; I watched closely as he lifted my legs and smirked.

"Yo.... what are you doing?" I asked nervously.

"Shut up....." He said licking underneath my balls and I was powerless to stop him as his tongue moved to my ass. My body tensed up at the first few licks and eventually that shyt started feeling as good as when he was sucking my dick. "Relax....." Jeremy said and my body loosened up as I felt one of his fingers enter my ass......... then two....... then Jeremy started sucking my dick and playing with finger-fucking my ass which sent me over the edge.

"FUCK... FUCK.... FUCK....." I said as the pleasure became something I never thought was possible. "YO JEREMY I'M BOUT TO....... FUUUCCKKK!!!" I said as Jeremy never missed a beat drinking in every single drop and then some. I tried to get up but he pushed me back down and kept sucking even after I had nutted again he was relentless, I wanted to punch his ass a few times to make him stop but I wasn't even sure if I wanted him to because that shyt was feeling so damn good. Once he was finished having his way with me I laid in bed staring up at the ceiling thinking about how I was going to get my revenge........



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