Darius 59

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Sometimes I hate myself for putting Jeremy in these situations, I always forgot that Jeremy is a little thug. Matt sat in the backseat uncomfortable at the whole situation, but once Jeremy set his mind to something it was almost impossible to get him to change it. That was the difference between me and Gio; I would let Jeremy fight his own battles, if Jeremy wanted to walk into a dangerous situation I wouldn't try to stop him and I would stand by his side. Gio wouldn't even consider letting Jeremy walk into the situation we were about to, and if by chance there was a situation that couldn't be avoided then Gio would stand in front of him to keep him safe. We both loved Jeremy but I was starting to realize that Gio loved Jeremy more than I did and Jeremy knew it too which is why Jeremy told Gio he needed to talk to me alone, Gio would be pissed if he knew what we were really doing. We pulled up to the house and surprise, surprise Ezra was sitting on the porch waiting for us when our eyes connected and even from the parking lot Ezra couldn't hide his smile.

"Damn what a pleasant surprise Darius and Jeremy......." Ezra said loudly and I noticed someone peeking out the window, I guess I wasn't the only one who noticed it because Jeremy and Matt began having a silent conversation while looking at the window. "So what brings you to my humble home?" Ezra asked smiling.

"Your sister tried to run me over and ended up hitting Darius and since I don't hit women I figured I'd beat your ass instead." Jeremy said pissed. "Imagine my surprise when I saw Paul's big headed ass peeking out the window, he fucked with my car so after I beat your ass I'm going to beat his ass." Jeremy said waving at the person who was peeking out the window, Ezra looked at Jeremy like he was a puppy, who was doing something amusing.

"Jeremy I'm not going to fight you..... I tried to tell Gio that my sister was a little tipsy and tried to run over her deadbeat baby dad, she regrets that night but that's between Erin and Gavin..... and I guess Darius since he was the one that was actually hit. Now what's going on between you and Paul..........." The door opened and out walked Paul, Julian and some dude I didn't know and judging from the look on his face he didn't want to be here.

"I've been waiting to beat your ass since the moment I met you." Paul said taking his shirt off and walking out to the middle of the street. Jeremy god bless his soul, walked out there completely fearless and took his shirt off revealing his scrawny chest that I used to leave hickies on just for the fuck of it. Before they could even start fighting two cars pulled into the parking lot; Gio, Gavin, Carlos, Quinton and that dude Denzel I think his name was all got out the car and walked over to Jeremy and Paul.

"Jeremy get in my car and go back to the house with Quinton." Gio said never taking his eyes off of Paul. "I'm not playing Jeremy......" Gio said and I thought Jeremy was about to cuss his ass out but instead he smirked and walked off with Quinton. Once Jeremy and Quinton pulled off Gio turned to me and I could see it in his eyes he was pissed that I brought Jeremy over here.

"Where's Erin? I heard she was over here?" Gavin said looking at Ezra as soon as Ezra opened his mouth to speak however Gavin wasted no time punching not Ezra but Paul, Carlos stole on Julian and Gio started fighting Ezra. Honestly it was a massacre, me and Matt just stood there trying to focus on three different fights; when it was all said and done Ezra, Julian and Paul had all got their asses whooped but still showed no fear.

"Aight now that we've settled that....... Julian, Quinton doesn't want you so drop it. There's no point in you continuing to get your ass beat and over a nigga that don't want you. Paul me and you got a lot to talk about so whenever you're ready come to my house. Ezra leave my little cousin the fuck alone because the next time you won't be fighting Gio you'll be fighting me and we both know once I start I don't know how to stop......" Denzel said and I saw a spark of fear in Ezra's eyes. "Aight let's get outta here, I'm hungry as fuck." Denzel said walking back to the cars.

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