Papi 24

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If I didn't love Quinton I wouldn't even being doing this, but it was important to him so I didn't mind helping him out; but I promise if any of these girls that bidding on me thought we were going to a five star restaurant they had another thing coming. At the very least they were going to get a Mcpick two and call it a day, but Quinton.... I had something really special planned for his ass I just had to make it through this fucking Kappa auction. I walked around the house enjoying my solitude, Gio and Jayden were at school and I didn't know nor care where Nik's punk ass was at; I went in the kitchen and started cooking breakfast when someone started knocking on the door and when I opened Quinton was standing there looking sexy as fuck. He didn't say anything he just walked in the house and threw his bag on the couch and went into the kitchen, I followed behind him watching his every move.

"Why aren't you in class?" I asked not really caring, Quinton looked at me and smiled causing me to forget the question I had literally just asked.

"My professor is a Kappa and he knows about the auction so he excused me and a couple other pledges so we could get ready, which is why I'm here.... I need you to cut my hair." He said rubbing my abs and dick, I nodded slightly because he was toying with me but I'd play along for now. I led him into the bathroom with a chair and tried not to look at him.

"I got you..... have a seat." I said placing the chair in front of the mirror, I ran to my room to grab my clippers and when I came back Quinton was sitting in the chair completely naked. "Fuck......" I said quietly walking over to him. I walked behind him and tried to focus but he wasn't making it easy. "If I fuck up your hair it's your fault." I said smiling.

"Before you start...... strip, I don't want you getting any hair on you." He said smirking, I don't know why I was so damn nervous.... this was Quinton, I've seen damn near every inch of him. I pulled my clothes off while never once breaking eye contact with Quinton through the mirror. It started off slow..... I tried my hardest to avoid contact because every time our skin touch a slow flame spread throughout my body. "You seem nervous Carlos." Quinton said running his hand across my dick.

"Chill Que..... I don't wanna mess up." I said quietly, it took me longer than I expected but by the time I finished Quinton had the crispest edge-up in Ann Arbor. "We should umm.... probably shower....." I said looking away from him, damn what was wrong with me today? Quinton turned the water on and stepped in the shower, pulling me in with him.

"Relax Carlos....." Quinton said and with those two words something came over me, don't ask me what it was because I couldn't describe it. "Papi what are you...."

"Don't.... don't move aight?" I said pushing him up against the wall, I started sucking on his lips, then moved to his neck, from his neck I moved down to his nipples gently grazing them with my teeth. I could feel Quinton's heartbeat increase, which told me to keep going; I bit down on both his thighs before finally turning my attention to his dick. I kissed the head and looked up at Quinton who just smiled. "I love you..." I said smiling back, just as I was about to take the dive the door opened and someone walked in and started pissing.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Quinton said pissed, I stood up and peaked out the shower curtain where Nik kept pissing as if he didn't have a care in the world.

"Nigga there are two other bathrooms in here and you choose this one? Ol'cockblocking ass pussy." I said heated.

"Paul is in the other bathroom and Gio's door is locked, get over it I had to piss." Nik said smirking.

"Should've pissed outside ol'punk ass." I said looking at Quinton. "I'm sorry baby, I'll make it up to you later." I said kissing him. We finished our shower before heading downstairs where Paul was sitting on the couch with his funky ass feet on the table. "You know Gio doesn't want you here." I said seriously.

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