Matt 11

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Me and Jeremy sat in our dorm chillin before it was time to go to the party, I could see that Jeremy was starting to worry that we may be starting the initiation process but I reassured him that, that came later around mid-February tonight was just about us meeting the other pledges and learning what it meant to be a Sigma. I was glad I had someone to go through this with, from what I've heard my cousins it's easier to go through the pledging process with someone you were close with and Jeremy was like my little brother. Which is why it was so hard to keep this secret from him, actually the first being about his best friend Naomi, I knew one of them he might not be shocked by but the other........ Jeremy snapped me out of my daze and told me it was time to go. Within ten minutes we were walking into the party and I was surprised that so many people were here, but from the looks of it this wasn't much of a party, it was more like an orientation. We sat there learning about the history of Phi Beta Sigma and everything the fraternity was about, an hour later the actual party started and Jeremy was instantly pulled away by some girl while I was cornered by Zaire.

"I'm glad you could make it Matt." Zaire said smiling and I tried not to get pissed, this dude was on my dick a little too hard; what had happened between us was a one time thing, I was drunk and high and horny and none of my girls were answering. So yeah I let this dude suck my dick and I really needed someone to talk to about it but I was embarrassed but I was even more embarrassed by the fact that I enjoyed it.

"Yeah well it was kinda mandatory.... I really want to be a Sigma, so I wouldn't have missed this for the world." I said looking around for Jeremy and I spotted him dancing with some girl on the other side of the room. "Ayy I'll catch you later I gotta go talk to my roommate about something." I said quickly walking away. "Ayy walk with me outside real quick." I said walking away, we got outside and I pulled out a Black & Mild and stood by the street. "Jeremy I......"

"Hold up." Jeremy said cutting me off. "Take a picture of me real quick so I can send it to Gio." He said handing me his phone, I shook my head and quickly the picture of him before sitting on the curb. "Okay so wassup?"

"I let a dude suck my dick......" I said looking away.

"Is that why you've been so damn distant, boy you are in college..... this is the one time in your life where you're allowed to experiment and no one judges you, hell I'm pretty sure most of them dudes have let some nigga top them off so you have nothing to be ashamed of........ now here is the million dollar question, was it worth it?" Jeremy said looking at me.

"Definitely the best head I've ever had in my life." I said smiling sheepishly.

"Well there you go bomb head trumps everything, just don't be looking at me thinking I'll help you out when you're horny because I'm not with the incest shyt." Jeremy said laughing and I pushed him gently.

"Fuck you bro...... let's just go back inside and get pretty fucked up." I said getting up and walking back inside. We went back inside and got pretty fucked up, before Gio came and picked us up, Jeremy went with Gio leaving me alone, I decided to call Naomi and see what she was up to and possibly make plans to drive down there tomorrow to see her.

"Why are you still up this late?" Naomi asked and it as clear to me that she was still wide awake.

"I was thinking about you..... and what happened last weekend." I said smiling.

"Oh god you're drunk, where is my bestie because we both know he's too young to hear our grown folks talk." She said laughing.

"He went over to Gio's but I forreal I really wanted to talk to you, why won't you try to start school up here? I mean I really think something could work with us if you were closer, this long distance friendship we got is killing me." I said walking around my dorm.

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