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After all the drama me and Carlos got back on the road, I could tell Carlos was still pissed about everything that happened but he needed to let it go; Julian, Ezra and Paul were all some bitches and to continue to beef with them was stupid. Besides what he needed to be focused on is how he was going to survive three days with my parents, tomorrow he was cooking breakfast for my family then later him, my dad and brothers in law were doing something they wouldn't tell me about leaving me with my mom and sisters..... damn I hated that in just over a week I would be leaving him for three months. I was going to miss waking up to his sexy ass every morning, I was going to miss him pushing me to finish my homework when all I wanted to do was play with his dick.... I was going to miss just walking around campus with him learning everything I could about him, I was going to miss him pushing me to try new things..... see I was getting myself worked up. We pulled up to my parent's house and Carlos looked at me, god I was going to miss him......

"You know I've been think your parents really need to invest in a gas station to put at the end of this long ass driveway, because I just wasted half a tank just trying to get up to this big ass house." He said as we got out the car.

"Shut up..... I've always hated this house, I've never understood why we need a place this big." I said walking up to the door. "So what are you doing with my dad tomorrow?" I asked trying to catch him slipping.

"Don't worry about it..... baby is my moaning weird?" Carlos asked quietly.

"No don't listen to Jeremy..... you know whenever he gets going he says a bunch of shyt he, well he means every single word but I think it's sexy when you moan. Did you hear about the game The Freak Twins were planning on playing later?" I asked and Carlos shook his head.

"They called up like six girls they met on campus and their going to play 'Who's Sucking My Dick?' It's kinda like musical chairs except it's six dudes sitting in a circle and the girl go around sucking each of their dicks until the music stops, then you gotta guess who's sucking your dick...... I swear they have the weirdest games." I said laughing.

"Maybe you and me can play later tonight." Carlos said smirking and I was about grab his dick when the front door opened and my mother stepped out.

"How are you doing Carlos baby....." She said kissing Carlos on his cheek. "Oh my god Carlos what happened to your beautiful face?"

"It's coo ma..... just a little scuffle with my brother, it happens." Carlos said and my mom dragged him into the house to clean the two scratches he had and ignored me like I was a stepchild. I walked in the house and saw my sisters Olivia and Priscilla sitting with my dad and my brothers in law Rick and Steve.

"Quinton come with us....." Olivia who was the oldest said pulling me into the kitchen. "Okay first of all growing up with mom has taught me that you can't trust everybody's food, so I need to know right now can Carlos cook because your mom tried to cook steak earlier and it tasted like cardboard......" Olivia said.

Mine was burnt on the outside and still frozen on the inside....." Priscilla complained. "But judging from thick you've gotten I would say Papi is either feeding you good or fucking you good."

"Both..... now can I please go check on my boyfriend you know how mom gets and I don't trust her with the First-Aid Kit." I said walking away from them. After rescuing Carlos from my mother we chilled with my family and I was happy to see that my parents were actually getting along with my brothers in law.

"That was all me.... me and your dad had a long conversation and I broke it down to him how you should never judge a man based on how much wealth he's gain but how much that man gave. Your dad never knew that Rick in addition to being a truck driver, delivers food to the elderly and spends his free time helping out in nursing homes. Steve.... fixes things in low-income houses for single parents free of charge. They're really good dudes and I got your parents to see that." Carlos said.

"Umm.... how do you know all of this?" I asked.

"I talked to them, I gotta start getting close to my future brother's in law..... now I'm going to my room, it would be improper for us to sleep together and we're not married." Carlos said tiptoeing out of my room. After tossing and turning for about twenty minutes, I got out of bed and went down to the room Carlos was sleeping in..... "You're going to get me in trouble." Carlos said turning and kissing me, the next thing I knew my legs were wrapped around his back and we were trying our hardest not to wake up the entire house.

The next morning Carlos made; Breakfast Tacos with Chorizo, Egg and Potato, Churros with caramel sauce and Watermelon and Mint Agua Fresca... I've never seen my family eat so fast in my life and if Carlos hadn't been staring at me the entire time he would've heard them begging for the recipe. While my family recovered me and Carlos walked around my backyard and he seemed to be enjoying the scenery.

"You know this is a beautiful spot to get married....." He said looking around the garden my mom had built. "Actually it's perfect..... we can have the seats there, the aisle there, and we can get married under the gazebo." He said smiling.

"Carlos you've been talking about marriage a lot lately?" I asked giving him the side-eye and he started blushing.

"I'm just planning our future baby..... but uhh you know your mom caught us last night, she was dropping hints while I was cooking, she didn't seem mad though in fact she seemed to think maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I slept in your room tonight..... she said something about the A.C. not working in that room." Carlos said and I couldn't help but realize how nervous he seemed since I mentioned the word marriage. Once my dad, Carlos, Rick and Steve left I walked around the house avoiding my mom and sisters but of course the walked into my room smiling.

"Quinton how serious are you and Carlos?" My mom asked sitting on the bed. "The reason I ask is because I've never seen someone stare at another person with as much love in their eyes as Carlos had when he was watching you at breakfast."

"I know right it was like he wanted fuc..... kiss you." Priscilla said, in case you didn't know Priscilla was the wildest of the three of us.

"It's hard to explain.... it's like when I move Carlos moves and whe Carlos moves, I move. At times it's like we don't even realize it..... when he says 'I love you' I feel it in my bones.... and when he kisses me it's like the most real thing I've ever experienced..... and knowing I'm going to be away from him for three months is....... painful." I said honestly.

"You know Quinton you don't have to go with us..... I'm sure your father will understand if you wanna spend your first college summer break with your friends." My mom said smiling.

"I think I need this trip away..... me and Carlos spend every waking moment together and as much as I love him we need some space." I said quietly. "Plus he'd be pissed if I didn't take the chance to test all the German he's taught me...." I said smiling. I spent the rest of the day chilling with my mom and sisters until Carlos, my dad, Rick and Steve got back covered in paint.

"Y'all went paint balling with out me!" I asked and Carlos smirked.

"I would've invited you Que but we had some other stuff we needed to handle once we finished that you couldn't be a part of." Carlos said kissing me. "Let's go upstairs so I can tell you all about it." He said. For the rest of the night me and Carlos laid in my bed talking but he still seemed nervous about something.... the more I thought about it the more I began putting the pieces together, but Carlos could possibly be thinking what I thought he was thinking could he................................

****** QUESTIONS ******

1) What do you think Papi is so nervous about?

2) Should Quinton go on the trip with his family or spend the summer with Papi?

3) This is a fun question; if this was a supernatural story what supernatural creature would each of the main characters be; Gio, Jeremy, Papi, Quinton, Jayden and Kyrese?

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