Quinton 26

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I sat across Carlos's bed watching as him and Jayden played DragonballZ, Jeremy sat in the corner waiting for whoever lost to pass the controller. I was never into video games but Carlos and Jeremy kept passing the controller back and forth because Jayden never lost; I noticed Jeremy looking at his watch again and I knew he was waiting for Gio to get back from the gym, he had been there all day and I could tell Jeremy was getting annoyed add that to the fact that he was sexually frustrated and his already short fuse was even shorter. My hand absently traced the watch Carlos got me for Valentine's Day and I couldn't help but smile; he had the whole day planned out perfectly, from the word go he did everything he could to make it a perfect day and the sex.......I swear until that day Carlos had been holding back, I never expected to end up in half the positions I ended up in, I didn't even know I was that flexible and now.

"You thinking about my dick again?" Carlos whispered in my ear, sending a shiver down my spine and lighting a fire in my soul. "It's coo if you were boo, sometimes I got pause my entire day just so I can relive some of our greatest hits. But the thing is I've been trying to get your attention for like ten minutes." He said biting down on my ear.

"Man go somewhere else with that shyt." Jayden said looking at us in disgust.

"Nigga this is my room, you can kick rocks..... matter fact take Jeremy with you unless y'all are into watching people fuck and if that's the case you might wanna grade some paper and a pencil to take notes because nobody puts down in the bedroom like Papi." He said smiling.

"Don't act like it would be the first time remember what happened with Lon......" Jayden couldn't finish because Carlos threw a pillow at him, Jayden and Jeremy walked out the room and Carlos started kissing my neck.

"So what exactly happened with this Lon person?" I asked looking in his eyes. "I mean I've heard y'all mention it a few times but I never got the full story."

"Aight but remember you asked, so here's what happened Lonnie was this dude we went to high school with, a real punk ass dude that was always fucking with Jayden for some reason. Well like a week after we graduated, we ran into him and Jayden was ready to knock his ass out, we asked him what his deal was and he told us he just wanted some dick..... long story short the three of us spent a whole night taking turns blowing his back out, honestly it was the freakiest shyt we've ever done together." Carlos said shrugging.

"Did y'all....." I started to ask and he started shaking his head.

"Nah it wasn't like that, we were all in the room but I would NEVER do anything sexual with them but yeah after that Lonnie moved to New York and I ended up meeting some punk ass dude named Quinton who always puts me in my place and stole my heart." He said kissing me.

"What did you have to do to get Zaire to cancel you're little date?" I asked as Carlos kissed my neck and chest.

"I agreed to let the weird ass dude Meeche mentor me, I guess I'm his little community service project or whatever. Now can you please shut the fuck up so I can give you this dick?" He asked pulling my pants off.

"Yes Papi......." Was my last response before my moans and screams filled the room...............

The next day me and Jeremy were walking through campus and I tried my hardest to walk straight but once again Carlos left me unable to walk more than a few feet in a straight line, something that Jeremy was quick to point out. I really wished this damn tournament would hurry up because Jeremy was in desperate need of some dick.

"BIIIITTTTCCCHHH!!!!!" Someone yelled behind us and Jeremy instantly started smiling, we turned around as Naomi ran towards us, slipped on some ice almost busting her ass before reaching us.

"Why didn't you tell me you were going to be up here?" Jeremy said hugging her.

"Well if you would've come to your dorm last night you would've known I was here, but it's good you didn't because Captain Dick'em had me in the crying from damn near every hole. Hey Quinton boo..... what are we doing tonight because I'm trying to get drunk as fuck before I go fuck Daddy.... I mean Matt again."

"I guess we could go out tonight, but first we gotta stop somewhere first." Jeremy said smiling, About ten minutes later we were in the gym working out, well Jeremy was I was sitting there with Naomi talking about people.

"Jeremy I think Gio's trying to get your attention." I said pointing in Gio's direction, we all looked as Gio put on a show of showing Jeremy the outline of his dick then winking before turning away to finish is workout.

"He is sooo fucking childish, he better quit playing with me." Jeremy said blushing.

"Wassup Que?" Julian said walking over to us and Jeremy rolled his eyes so hard I thought they were about to fall out his head. "Come on Jeremy, I thought we were past all that other stuff?" Julian said and Jeremy shrugged. "Well look consider this an olive branch, I got a few extra tickets to the show tonight and I think y'all should come to support me as friends."

"Hmm.... let me think about it? We could go to a bar here on campus and possibly have a good time but we'll have to spend money that I don't have or...... we can go to Detroit and watch a room full of sexy men waving there dicks around for free? So what time does this show start?" Naomi asked.

Needless to say it took some convincing but Carlos finally relented in letting me go, not that I needed his permission but I still felt like I should ask so it wasn't like I was hiding stuff from him.

"I guess I'll chill with Meeche since he called and wanted to hang out. Gio's going to Chicago to see Donny and Jayden left outta here so damn fast, I think y'all take this pledging shyt too damn serious." Carlos said kissing me. "Have fun baby...." We got to Detroit and Jeremy was already a little tipsy.

"He's cute and he got a nice dick." He said pointing at some thick dude who was wearing nothing but a stud leather collar.

"Look at him, he's a little skinny but his dick is almost bigger than he is." Naomi said watching the dude who smiled in her direction. "Jeremy give me some money for a private dance." Naomi said holding out her hand.

"Nah not yet these dudes are cute, but if they're out on the floor then I'm guessing these are the b-list dancers." I said.

"If this is the B-List then we need to find a table near the stage and grabbed a couple napkins because I might spring a leak." Naomi said, I shook my head and lead them to the table Julian had reserved for us which was right by the stage.

Let's go down the list of the A-List shall we; first up was White Hurricane, this super sexy ass white boy with the darkest hair and bluest eyes I've ever seen, his dick was the real show though because I swear it was so damn thick you could probably set a four-course meal on it and still have room for a presidential debate. Next up was (I'm not even going to pretend to know how to say his name but it as Arabic for Sex Appeal) this dude skin was the color of a desert during sunset, his uncut dick had Naomi rushing to the bathroom to gather herself. A few more dudes went each one more sexy than the one before, finally Julian AKA Omega went and I was surprised at how much better he's gotten.

"Aight and now for our finally dancer of the night, MAKE SOME NOISE FOR MR.E!!!!" The announcer said and I perked up, they always saved the best for last. The dude walked out to 'Juicy' by Pretty Ricky and I was beyond impressed, this man's body was a dark chocolate work of art, I mean it was sculpted to perfection and he was really tall (bonus points), I just wished he would take that damn mask off.

"His dick looks like a baby elephant's trunk." Naomi said fanning herself, the song switched to 'Often' by The Weeknd and when I looked over at Jeremy he has a confused look on his face. Mr. E turned around a giving me an amazing view of his beautiful ass.

"OH MY GOD!" Jeremy said looking like he was about to gag, "Quinton that's Gavin." Jeremy whispered in my ear and I quickly turned back and noticed something across his back that I had missed earlier the name CARTER going from one shoulder to the other, I glanced over at Julian who was giving a private dance and I could see the guilt written across his face. Now I just had two questions, one why would Julian set up his 'best friend' and two did Gio know and if not should we tell him?..........................................

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