Jeremy 4

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I walked outta class pissed off, I swear I had only been back one week and I was already looking forward to Spring Break. It's bad enough that I to see Ezra's hoe ass but now I had some bullshyt ass TA calling me out saying that he felt I needed to more effort into my work..... like where the fuck did this nigga come from anyways, my grades were on point but he said he feels like I wasn't trying and I could do better. I was over today, I just wanted to go back to my dorm and sleep but knowing Matt he had his raggedy ass friends over and I didn't feel like being around them, Gio was at the gym and Quinton was still in class so I literally had no one to chill with. As I was walking to my car I walked into a wall of flesh, making me drop my books I started to cuss the person out when I realized it was just Benny the Sigma that was acting as my sponsor, while Matt got the more laid back Harper.

"I heard about your almost accident the other night, did they ever find the person who did it?" He asked quietly, I shook my head and he nodded once. "Aight well you should've let me or Harper know y'all were leaving we could've given you and Matt a ride home. We're having a little party next week it's only for Sigma's and the pledges so make sure you're there, I can't have you making me look bad."

"My bad we thought we were good....... but next time I'll let one of y'all know and I'll definitely be there." I said, we stood there for a second before he nodded and walked off. That dude was weird as fuck, but whatever...... I got in my car just as Que text me telling me to meet him for lunch. I got to the restaurant where Quinton was waiting and I could tell by the look on his face he was just with Papi we didn't talk much until our food got there but his happy mood was irritating.

"So...... how was your first week back?" Quinton asked still smiling and I really wanted to stab him with my fork but I hadn't even realized we hadn't really seen each other much this week.

"I hate this new TA, I saw Ezra's bitch ass and I have to deal with this stupid ass dude who lives in my dorm who thinks our dorm is a whore house." I said rolling my eyes at the our different girls Matt had brought back to our dorms.

"I thought Matt was dating Naomi?" Quinton asked.

"Nah they're 'talking' meaning they want to fuck other people until they decide where they wanna go and that's not even the worse of it me and Gio haven't......" I trailed off because just saying the words out loud pissed me off.

"Jeremy that's because of what 'almost' happened with Ezra and because he thinks you're still in love with Darius's punk ass." Quinton said picking some fries off my plate.

"I really wish he'd stop, why is it so hard for him to realize that I don't have feelings for Darius. Yeah I feel bad about what happened to him and yeah I kinda blame myself but that doesn't mean I have feelings for him." I said honestly. "I haven't even spoke to Darius since the last time I went up to the hospital and Gio was with me."

"You just need to stroke his ego...... make him feel like he's the only person in the world for you and if that doesn't work suck his dick." Quinton said laughing and I could help but laugh too because he was crazy.

"Speaking of sucking dick...... you got a little something on your lips." I said laughing.

"Lies..... I got Carlos on probation, I wanna see how he acts under these stressful situations." Quinton said and I just gave him a look. "I'm serious, holding out on him has been the best idea I've ever had, I swear he's been over my dorm everyday fixing random shyt just keep himself from going crazy. But since he's been pretty cool about it when we go to the movies tonight I might play with his dick a little bit." Quinton said and I started to reply when a hand came over my shoulder and stole the rest of my fries, without looking I tried to stab the person but he was too quick.

"You almost fucked up my hand..... then I would've been in the hospital what would Gio have thought about his dude putting his best friend in the E.R.?" Jayden asked stuffing his face full of fries.

"Gio knows how I am about my food, speaking of which where is he?" I asked surprised that neither Gio or Papi were with him.

"I don't know he just asked me to give you this and not to come back to the house until Sunday morning." Jayden said handing me an envelope and walking off, I examined it as if it was a bomb before Quinton snatched it out my hand and started reading it.

"You might wanna go back to your dorm and take a shower because I think Gio is planning on fucking you senseless for the next few days. He wants you to meet him at 7 pm, so we better get going because I don't want to be the reason you're late." Quinton said handing me back the letter.

"Come on I gotta go get ready for this date." I said smiling.

After taking a nap, I started getting ready around six o'clock. I don't know why I was so nervous, I've been around Gio plenty of times but I've never been this nervous before as I sat on my bed Matt walked in with some chick who was staring at me a little too hard.

"Where you going?" Matt asked looking everywhere but me.

"I'm staying the weekend with Gio, there's a Sigma party next week that we have to go to." I said spraying some cologne on, grabbed my bag and walked out the door. I pulled up to Gio's apartment and saw him peeking out the window, I tried not to laugh but he was too damn big to be trying to hide. I walked up to the door and knocked quietly, when Gio opened the door I had to take a step back. "What the fuck happened to your face?" I asked getting pissed.

"It doesn't matter....." He said pulling me inside and normally I would've got caught up in how good it smelled in here but the obvious bruise on the side of his face was really starting to piss me off. I had just seen him this morning and everything seemed fine but now...... "It's not important Jer' look I cooked for you and got all your favorite movies." Gio said leading me into the kitchen. I started going through the pots, then look in the oven and turned to look at him.

"Do you think I'm stupid?" I asked looking in his eyes. "Gio your mom made this macaroni and cheese..... I've had many of dreams about this since Christmas and I can see the love that was put into this." I said smiling.

"Aight you caught me... but everything else I cooked, I swear. My mom just has a way with Mac and Cheese that can't be duplicated." Gio said smiling then winced. I walked over to him and touched his cheek and he kinda flinched.

"What happened?" I asked again.

"Baby I promise I'll tell you everything after we eat, right now I just wanna show how sorry I am for even going to that hotel with Ezra and accusing you of having feelings for Darius." Gio said looking in my eyes, but I wasn't budging. "Aight me and Paul got into..... it's nothing major just a little family spat." I took my anger and put it to the side for now but when I saw Paul...........

"So what all did you cook for me." I asked walking over to the table he had set up in the living room. Now that my anger had subsided I was able to take in everything he had done for our date; he had pushed all the couches out the way and had a table set up with candles lit all over the place. I turned back to Gio who had taken his shirt off and walked over to me with a plate full of my favorites. "I accept your apology and I'm sorry if I made you feel like there were any feelings there for Darius." I said and Gio smirked.

"I won't bring it up again......" Gio said smiling as he moved his chair closer to mine. "This weekend is about us and only us, no sex..... it's also my mission this weekend to prove to you once and for all that Harry Potter is better than Twilight and Lord of the Rings is infinitely better than Star Wars." Gio said kissing me, I couldn't help but smile as I leaned forward and kissed him again.

"I love you." I said smiling, Gio bit down on his lip in the sexiest way possible and placed some food in my mouth.

"I love you too......" Gio said rubbing my face. This was going to be a good weekend and even though I was going to focus all my energy on Gio, in the back of my mind I was already forming the stream on insults I was going to say when I saw Paul's bitch ass.........................

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