Gavin 16

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I sat in my parent's house, which would soon be my house watching my son walk around like he owned the place. My father had already been showing him off to everyone who would listen and he already calling him a future Que..... but I wasn't so sure, I wanted my son to make his own choices like he was doing now by messing with everything he could get his fat hands on. I looked at my mom, who sat in the corner with her lips pursed; it wasn't a big secret that she didn't like Erin so I knew she had mixed feeling about everything that's happened. I got up and walked outside with Juju and Steve because I needed some air, this was a lot to take in and I was still trying to come to terms with the fact that I had a kid. My thoughts drifted off to the conversation me and Gio had the other night, I could tell this was getting to him and I hated putting him in this position. We sat in my car and while they smoked I tried to figure out the best way to approach this situation.

"Steve can I ask you something..... let's just say someone does something bad, like really fucked up and you were with them, you weren't driving but you were still in the car and......" I stopped because I could feel both of their eyes on me. "Hypothetically." I said quickly.

"Well it depends on what that person did..... was someone hurt during this very bad thing?" Steve asked looking at me skeptically, I nodded and he sat there quietly. "Well things get complicated because you.... I mean the passenger, wasn't exactly driving and I'm guessing it wasn't intentional so vehicular homicide is the most likely charge for the driver, but then there's the whole hit and run aspect that you have to factor in and like I said it's complicated. I'll have to check but I'm pretty sure there are ways of getting that person off." Steve said quietly, the guilt I was feeling was enough to make me sick. For the longest time I was able to hide it but ever since Ezra found out it's been on my mind heavily.

"I gotta get Lil' Gav back to his mom, so are y'all ready to go?" I asked trying to keep my voice even, they nodded and I ran back inside and got my son. After dropping Juju and Steve off I was on my way to take my son home when I had a thought, I made a quick u-turn and drove to my destination.

When I walked through the door with my son I was swarmed by a bunch of women telling me how cute he was and everything else but there was one person who was trying her hardest not to stare, as I walked over to her I sat down next to Whitney and tried not to smile. She looked amazing pregnant, the glow she had was enough to make me forget about my troubles, Whitney didn't say anything but she led me up to her room and sat on the bed. Lil' Gavin crawled over to her, touched her stomach and smiled at her, which caused Whitney to smile.

"He's a cutie....." Whitney said turning her head away from me so I couldn't see her smile.

"Just like his little brother is going to be, Whit..... I'm sorry for everything. Erin, the disrespect and anything else I've done to hurt you. I love you and I want to work on our relationship." I said touching her hand. "We can start with something small..... dinner, I just want a chance to prove how sorry I am." I said.

"Gavin I'll think about dinner..... but we can start with you calling me tonight, because there are some things I really wanna talk to you about." Whitney said tickling Lil' Gavin, it was better than nothing so I decided to take him home and got out of there as quickly as I could to meet up with Gio and Denzel at the gym.

"Ayy I need your help next weekend, we've decided to start moving early that way we can have the party the last weekend of January and we can get drunk without it interfering with our diets." Gio said punching the speed bag and I was impressed with how much better he's gotten.

"That's fine, I'll see if Juju will get the liquor, his brother is usually cool about letting him use his ID so just make a list of everything you need and we'll get it." I said as Denzel gave Gio some advice on his technique.

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