Giovanni 29

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Nik woke me up in the wee hours of the morning, which was always a bad thing because I hated being woken up add that to the fact that I was horny and easily irritated before a fight, I almost knocked his ass out until he told me about Ezra and Paul. I can't say I was surprised they were working together, what really surprised me was some of the shyt Nik said he saw in the text; Paul making it his goal to humiliate Gavin, Ezra still hanging on my dick like a jealous ex and something about Julian that we still hadn't figured out. Another thing that I couldn't wrap my head around was why? Like what was the point of all of this.... Ezra was by no means an ugly dude and he could easily pull any dude he wanted but yet he was stuck on me, then there was Paul.... I always suspected he had beef with Gavin but he always hid it really well, I knew there was a story behind the issue but I knew asking would be pointless at this point because Paul wouldn't say anything.

"Nik..... I'm really grateful for you telling me all of this, you could've pretended like you didn't see anything but instead you told me, I know we don't have the best relationship so you doing this really means a lot." I said and Nik just shrugged.

"I don't like being played and Ezra was just using me, like you said he was. But Gio you know you can't tell Gavin.... at least not yet, that dude is going to go on a warpath and might end up in jail behind those two." Nik said and I nodded, I wasn't going to tell Gavin exactly what happened but I was definitely going to let him know about his supposed best friend Julian.

"Aight man well it's late and I'm tired, so I'll talk to you tomorrow." I said standing up and walking back to my room. Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I went to a different college, I swear college wasn't supposed to be like this. I was supposed to be out having the time of my life and making stupid decision not dealing with all this drama that was beyond childish..... but then if I had I wouldn't have met Jeremy, who just rolled over and started laughing in his sleep.

"Fuckin sheep..." He said snuggling against the pillow, I shook my head and smiled as I laid next to him. I really loved this dude I just hoped that he forgave me because there is no telling what I was going to do once I came across Paul, Julian or Ezra........

Jayden wanted to go find those three and beat there ass, Papi wanted to call his cousins from Cali and let them handle it, for some strange reason Gavin was out back talking with Jeremy and Quinton, while both Denzel and Donny sat there quietly and I knew them well enough to know that was never a good thing.

"Let me talk to Paul...... Donny will go talk to Ezra and Gavin can deal with Julian, as his best friends Gavin and Steve could probably force the truth outta him in ways we can't and it's going to require more than a show of force to break Julian. Y'all three stay out of it the last thing I want is for y'all to fuck up y'alls future over them bum ass niggas." Denzel said looking directly at me.

"Ayy Gio can we talk?" Gavin said walking back inside and I already knew something was up when Jeremy and Quinton had everyone clear the room. "I gotta tell you something.... I've been dancing to pay for my bills stuff for my kids; child support, clothes, toys... shyt like that. And well Jeremy and Quinton ended up seeing me and thought it was for me to tell you, now with this whole Ezra shyt I figured it was best you heard it from me and no one else."

"So nigga you selling dick like Julian?" I asked trying to keep my face neutral even though I wanted to laugh.

"Nah fucker, I just dance..... I made five thousand the other night just for waving my dick around....... I haven't told Whitney yet, I don't wanna stress her out even more than I have but I think she'll understand." Gavin said quietly.

"As long as you keep that shyt away from Jeremy we won't have any problems....... so what are you going to do about Juju?" I asked and Gavin just shrugged. "Well since you got so much damn money let me hold something." I said smiling, Gavin just shook as head and smiled but pulled out his wallet and handed me a dollar. "Dafuq am I suppose to do with this?" I asked salty. We talked for a few more minutes and I managed to convince Gavin that he should tell everyone that way it's not really a secret, we talked a little more until everyone except for Denzel and Donny walked back in.

"So what are we going to do for dinner, I forgot to take the chicken because somebody kept me distracted most of the night." Papi said looking at Quinton and smiling.

"Let's go to B-Dubs." Jeremy said and I looked at him like he was crazy, I was on a strict diet and he knew that was one of my favorite restaurants, the temptation alone would put me in a really bad mood. "Please Gio? I know you're on a diet but I'm sure they got salads and other stuff you can eat." Jeremy said.

"Aight man but as soon as this tournament is over you owe me...." I said kissing him.

"Don't worry I plan on giving you a big surprise..... if you win." Jeremy said winking.

"So Gavin....... on second thought never mind." Jayden said smirking and I knew he was going to say something about Gavin being a stripper then thought better of it, but I could see it in his eyes that he had at least ten jokes lined up.

"I'm going to invite Nik...." I said and I could most of them weren't happy about it except for Jeremy who just sat there and shrugged as if I was telling him the time. "You coo with that Jere'?" I asked and he gave me a playful smirk.

"It's whatever you want baby." He said and for some reason I knew he planning something and I was a little curious as to what it was........... This was a bad idea, not because there was drama but because everything looked and smelled so damn good that I could feel my resolve breaking. Kyrese joined shortly after Nik got there and I could tell he felt outta place......

"Man I'm telling this nigga had the fattest ass I've ever seen didn't he Ky?" Jayden said with his arm around Kyrese.

"I'm the one who pointed out to you, you were the one acting all scared to look and shyt. If I see a fat ass on anybody I'm going to say something and I'm most definitely going to look." Kyrese said laughing.

"See Que has a really annoying habit of pointing out dudes dick prints, we could be walking through the mall and he'd be like 'Look Papi', like for real the only dick you need to be worried about is this one....." Papi said grabbing Quinton's hand and placing it on his dick.

"I really don't like you ass Carlos...." Quinton said blushing hard as fuck.

"What did I tell you about calling me Carlos?" He said smirking. I looked over at Jeremy who was so into his food that I'm pretty sure he missed about 90% of the conversation.

"Hold still Jeremy you got a little something right......" I pushed my tongue in his mouth and I found myself getting lost in the taste. Jeremy's hand found it's way to my dick and all I kept thinking was just a few more weeks.

"What is this a competition to see who is the most freakiest couple?" Nik asked clearly irritated and I wanted to feel bad for him but I couldn't, he could go out and find him a dude that wasn't a bitch ass dude like Ezra if he wasn't so focused on trying to compete with me. But I pulled away from Jeremy and tried to turn the conversation back to something a little more PG-13.

"Nik......" I was completely thrown off by Ezra who just walked into B-Dubs with about four dudes and started looking around. "I swear as much as he's on campus...... Nik what are you? Oh fuck......" I said as Nik walked right up to Ezra and punched him dead in the mouth. Nik started to swing again but one of the other dudes hit Nik and even though we had our problems I wasn't about to let my cousin get jumped, I jumped up and ran over to the fight and well let's just say all hell broke loose..................................

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