Gavin 51

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Gio walked in the house and I could tell he was hungover but the second his eyes landed on Ezra all that went out the window, Gio's anger was beyond words which understandable but I needed him to chill for a second and give Ezra a chance to explain why he was here. I looked at Carlos who just as, if not more pissed than Gio as well as Jeremy who always seemed ready to fight someone but this was family business and despite my deep loathing for Ezra he was the uncle of both my son and Carlos's niece. I looked at Jayden and for a brief second our eyes connected and I could tell he was still pissed, but not as pissed as he was before he left maybe we just needed to fight and move pass this because as I've stated before I looked at both him and Carlos as my little brothers and I hated the fact that he wasn't talking shyt to me on a daily basis. All this crossed my mind in a fraction of a second then all hell broke loose, Carlos Superman dove over the couch and started beating Ezra's ass, Jayden looked at me and smirked before swinging.............

I could've easily beat Jayden's ass but I knew he was just trying to release his anger at me, so I mostly played defense smacking him around a few times just to keep him mad. I looked over at Carlos and Ezra who were still fighting on the couch and that small distraction was enough for Jayden to get a clean shot to my chin.

"Alright that enough....." Gio said calmly pushing me and Jayden apart, while Kyrese and Matt tried to pull Carlos off of Ezra. "Why is this nigga in my house Gavin?" Gio asked quietly keeping his eyes on Ezra as if he was waiting for him to do something stupid.

"He wants to talk he said it was of the utmost importance...... I think you should at least hear him out. But he won't talk in front of anyone but me and you so everyone else needs to either leave or give us some space." I said rubbing my chin. Gio looked at Jeremy who was just waiting for his opportunity to punch Ezra.

"If it's that important than he needs to just come out and say it or get the fuck out my house." Gio said loudly and Ezra smirked despite blood running from his nose, I didn't know what he wanted to talk about so I really didn't care where we talked just as long as he made it quick.

"Aight what if I told you I may know who was trying to run over Jeremy? Would that get you to kick these pussies out for like five minutes?" Ezra said and I could see Carlos was ready to start fighting again.

"Fine you got three minutes to talk...... we can go to the backyard." Gio said looking at Jeremy and they began to have a silent argument in which Gio won, Jayden and Carlos both moved at the same time as Gio but he shook his head. "It's coo y'all we'll only be out on the back porch." The three of us walked out to the back and as soon as we stepped on the porch, Gio's hand wrapped around Ezra's throat and started choking him, Erza's feet barely touching the ground. "I'm only going to say this once, tell me what you know and no fuckin games....." Gio said his eyes blazing with anger.

"I.... I......" Ezra choked out but the more he tried to talk the tighter Gio squeezed his throat.

"Gio chill he can't talk if you choke him to death." I said still not caring about Ezra's well being but I didn't want my little brother going to jail. Gio looked at me for a split second and I wasn't sure if he was going to let him go but he finally released Ezra who doubled over trying to catch his breath.

"Damn...... you're....... sexy...... ass..... fuck...... when..... you're....... mad....." Ezra said laughing and coughing at the same time. Gio started to grab him again but I pushed Gio back stopping him. "Chill Gio I'm...... just playing...... so look, I kinda felt bad about how everything went down the last time I was here and I wanted to make peace. I knew Jeremy was still a little paranoid about the person who tried to hit him so I did a little digging and came up with a suspect." Ezra said rubbing his throat.

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