Giovanni 3

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The pain in Jeremy's eyes was the worse, even though I didn't cheat on him I was close and that's what hurt him the most. "The fact that you even considered it is just as bad Gio...... if that accident hadn't happened you would've probably had sex with him." He didn't cry but he was close and that killed me, I tried to explain but I couldn't go deep into detail because I would be exposing the secret I didn't want to get out because it wasn't my secret but it concerned my brother and I knew if people knew the truth his life would be over........ So I stood there looking stupid and feeling like the lowest organism in existence. He waited for my response and for the first time I couldn't think of anything to reassure him that I was all in for him, that in the four short months that I've known him he's become my everything, my better half........... I could've said all of that but the look on his ace told me it was better not to talk, a part of me was impressed that this short dude was able to put me in check with just a look.

"I'm going to just head to my dorm, I have a lot to think about...... I'll call you later." Jeremy said turning to walk out my room but I stopped him.

"Baby please just tell me what that you're not breaking up with me." I said, I was so scared of losing him that I was shaking with fear.

"Giovanni if I were breaking up with you, we'd be have a much different conversation and despite what you did I still you love........ wit cho bitch ass." He said pushing my head. "I'll call you later, because you've got some planning to do so you better come up with something good." Jeremy said walking out my room, I walked him out to the car and watched him drive down the street and when I came back inside The Short Bus Helmet was waiting for me........ I swear I couldn't stand Papi.

The next few days went by ridiculously fast and before I realized it, classes would be starting in the morning. As I sat in my room picking out my clothes for tomorrow, a quiet knock came at my door and I figured it was either Jayden or Papi.... but when Gavin walked in a part of me wanted to swing on him for getting me into this mess but the main thing was I was just happy he was alive because it could've easily had been him that got hit by that car instead of Darius...... who I owed a huge debt to. Gavin sat on the my bed and I knew something was bothering him because he didn't even try to take none of my stuff.

"Whitney decided we should take some time apart...... she felt that I needed to take some time to get to know my son. Ezra set something up with Erin so I could meet him later this week and I wanted to see if you wanted to ride with me." Even though he'd never admit it I could tell he was scared.

"Yeah I'll ride with you....... me and Jeremy are on the rocks too. But that's my fault for trying to protect my big brother." I said looking at him.

"What are you talking about Gio?" Gavin asked, I quickly looked out the door, locked it and told him everything that Ezra had gathered on him and for the first time since my grandma's funeral I watched my big brother breakdown in tears. "Yo nobody can know about that Gio........ give me your word that you won't say anything to anyone." Gavin said wiping his nose on my pillow.....

"You know I won't say anything as long as you get me a new bed set...... but seriously Gav, I would never do that to you because we're brothers and I got your back." I said.

"Thanks little bro....... but look I gotta get out here we got some pre-pledging stuff to take care of, I'll see you in the gym after class tomorrow, love you bro." Gavin said grabbing my freshly ironed shirt and walking out my room. The next day I was sitting in class trying to keep my eyes open, I was tired as fuck and I was half tempted to skip the gym and go straight to sleep.

"Alright I've decided to do something different, this semester instead of issuing homework I want to do a project that'll push you to the explore the deepest parts of humanity. I've already selected your partners so open the envelopes I gave you when you walked into class to reveal your partners names." My professor said and I wasn't really feeling the whole group thing, hell I've never been good on teams which is why I was a boxer I only had to depend on myself, I opened the envelope and saw the name Zaire Hargrove and wondered who the fuck was that but my question was answered when this small light skinned dude walked over to me smiling.

"Wassup I'm Zaire, I guess we're working together." He said smiling, I nodded once focusing in on the Sigma jacket he was wearing great another fucking frat boy I had to deal with..... but I'd give the dude a chance since I wasn't trying to fail.

"Yeah that's coo...... umm we can talk about our project a little later. I gotta be somewhere in like fifteen minutes." I said looking at my watch just as it was time to leave class, I rushed outta there trying to hurry to the gym because I didn't want Hurricane Gavin thinking I stood him up but I completely lost all train of thought once I noticed Ezra standing by my car.

"You've been avoiding my calls Gio." Ezra said with that smug expression on his face that I really wanted to knock off.

"True I figured you'd get the point that what happened the other night was a mistake. I almost fucked up my relationship just to appease this sick fantasy you have of my dick...... but trust me Ezra that won't be happening again." I said staring deep into his eyes.

"Gio we had a deal...... I'd keep my mouth closed only if you finally gave me what I've been craving since you hit your growth spurt. You act like you're scared to have sex when we both know that's not the case given how Jeremy follows you around." Ezra said.

"You;re not going to say anything about what Gavin did because regardless of what you think that's still your nephews dad and you wouldn't want him growing up without his dad would you?" I asked and Ezra shrugged.

"Maybe but we'll talk about this some more later, right now you need to deal with that little fireball of a boyfriend you got, while I go check on my boy." He said walking away.

"What did he want?" Jeremy asked scaring the fuck outta me.

"The same thing he wanted the other night but I'm not going to give it to him..... I plan on giving it to you over and over and over again until you forgive me, so be ready Friday night because I got something special planned for us." I said smiling, Jeremy's face remained neutral but I could see the smile in his eyes. "But what are you doing here?" I asked.

"My class is in that building, which I'm about to be late for....." He said as he started walking away.

"Ayy where's my kiss?" I asked slightly hurt.

"You'll get one if Friday is nothing short of perfect...... but until then you better get used to not kissing me, I'll call you later." He said walking away, I stood there watching him until he got to the door and stopped t talk to that nigga Zaire. I shook my head then got in the car because I was already late to meet Gavin but I was curious as to how they knew each other.

"You're late Gio...." Gavin said standing there with Denzel and bitch ass Paul.

"Man it's only like three minutes but while you standing there bitcin' we should be working out." I said placing my bag on the ground.

"There's been a change in plans, we need to head to the house dad, Uncle Chris and Uncle Donte wants to see all of us, apparently it's important so we'll have to rain check." Gavin said and I shook my head, whenever the Three Stooges got together it was never a good thing, so I grabbed my bag and walked out preparing myself for a long lecture probably about nothing knowing I definitely wouldn't be seeing my bed until some time after midnight.................

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