Nik 28

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To make things simple, I don't hate Gio.... was I jealous of him? Maybe a little bit but to me he had the perfect life. Perfect friends, perfect boyfriend just perfect everything. Ever sine we were little he's has been rubbing his perfect life in my face, always choosing his friends over me so I decided that I was going to make his life as miserable as mine. Even after me and my friends put him in the hospital, he was just too damn noble to say anything, he just let us get away with it for the most part..... well until our fight over winter break. I got out of bed and decided to start my day and of course Carlos was having sex, Jayden was acting like an idiot and Gio was sitting on the couch with Jeremy's little sexy ass reading like some fucking nerds. I walked into the kitchen and started making myself something to eat, I was half tempted to eat the Pop-Tarts marked Jayden just to piss his happy ass off but decided against it because it was too damn early to be arguing, so I settled for a bowl of cereal instead that's when Gio walked into the kitchen and sat across from me.

"So....... we're all umm...... going to the movies tonight...... and I figured...... if you weren't doing anything...... maybe..... you might wanna join us.... if you want...." Gio said nervously and I instantly didn't trust him, since when did he want to include me with his little gang.

"Why? It's common knowledge I don't like you and you don't like me.... so let's not pretend that we're cool because we're not, the only reason I'm staying here is because I needed somewhere to crash until I become a Que." I said.

"Nikolas..... I've never had a problem with you, it was always you starting shyt with me. I've tried to be coo with you, I mean we're family and all this beefin between us isn't getting us anywhere." Gio said and I felt myself getting annoyed, here he was trying to take the high road once again, for once could he just be petty.

"Nah I'm going to East Lansing tonight to hang out with Ezra." I said and I saw a flicker of annoyance across his face. "Is that a problem?" I asked trying to see if I could push some of that anger out by getting under his skin.

"Nah you're free to hang out with however you want, just as long as you realize that Ezra is using you..... Ezra has this strange obsession with me and Gavin, I think he feels you'll be easy to manipulate." Gio said shrugging. I could've pushed the issue by letting him know that me and Ezra were in a sorta relationship but before I could fuck up his day even more Donnell walked in and instantly Gio's whole mood shifted.

"Wassup y'all, Gio you ready to hit the gym?" Donny asked, Gio nodded before walking upstairs. "Yo I'm only going to say this once, if you and Ezra are planning to hurt Gio in any sort of way I swear to all the Gods of Egypt I'll beat your ass worse than what Gio did..... and you know I have my father's temper." Donny warned and I smirked.

"What me and Ezra have going on has nothing to do with Gio, while we're together we don't even talk about that nigga..... now the ones you need to be threatening are Julian and Paul from what I understand they've been talking Ezra a lot and a few times I may have overheard them talking about Gio and Gav." I said quietly.

"Trust me I have no problem checking them niggas either, but right now I'm talking to you...... don't fuck with my cousins Nik...." Donny said getting up just as Gio came back downstairs. "Jeremy you're coming with right?" Donny asked.

"Yeah I got nothing else to do." Jeremy said stretching and I took a quick glance at his ass, before turning away I had someone who looked way better than Jeremy anyway so I wasn't even sweating that nigga... maybe if I fucked him it would piss Gio off, but Jeremy didn't seem like the type of dude who'd cheat or even talk to some related to his boyfriend. Oh well.......

After spending most of the day finishing homework that I've been putting off, it was finally time to meet up with Ezra. No lie I had always been crushing on him but I knew he wasn't interested but as soon as I moved down here he wanted to chill because this is something I've always wanted.... so one that not even Gio could pull and according to Ezra, Gio has tried more than a few times.

"Wassup cutie." Ezra said pulling me into a hug, I was kinda salty that we were meeting at a bar (again) I was hoping to finally go to his place and chill there but I knew he wanted to take things slow. "So how's things living with your cousin?" He asked quietly.

"Same that nigga is still thinks he's better than me and...... wait why are you so concerned about Gio? I thought you didn't like that nigga?" I asked looking at him skeptically.

"I don't care about that nigga.... I care about you Nik and I know how unhappy you are there I just wanna make sure you're alright." Ezra said sincerely.

"It's only for a couple more months....... so what's the plan for the night? I really don't wanna hang out in a musty ass bar." I said hoping he'd take the bait.

"Yeah we could do that but first I need you to do something for me...... something that proves you're really down for me." Ezra said and he looked a little sad about whatever it was. "Well you see that dude over there? The one with the crutches? His name is Darius and well he's been sorta hitting on me, I've told him I was talking to someone but he keeps trying then yesterday....." Ezra quickly turned away and brushed a tear out his eye.

"So you want me to check him?" I asked and Ezra shook his head. "You want me to knock his ass out?" This time he nodded. "Aight say no more."

"Thanks Nik.... that really means a lot, I've never had someone willing to fight for me. I'm about to head home, I'll text you in like twenty minutes.... I got something special planned for us, just let me go get everything set up." Ezra said kissing me then leaving.

I spent about ten minutes watching the dude Darius carefully, beating his ass would be easy ass fuck since he was already injured. Finally it was time for last call and Ezra was just now texting me, Darius walked out alone and I followed behind him carefully; he turned down a street where foot traffic was minimal and figured now was my chance. Just as I was within striking distance a cop car started driving down the street stopping me from beating his ass..... I turned down an alley and started walking hoping to cut him off on the next block.

"Baby I'm about to do it now, I just had to make a detour because the fuckin cops were on the same street I was following him." I said answering the phone.

"On second thought Nik just come over, forget about him...... I just wanna be with you." Ezra said and I quickly hung up and walked back to my car, that nigga don't know how lucky he was........ I got to Ezra's place and he was waiting for me on the porch, Ezra didn't say anything as he led me up to his room we instantly started kissing and it was on from there. About ten minutes later Ezra was in the bathroom cleaning up when Paul walked in and looked at me confused.

"Where's Ezra?" He asked looking at me nervously.

"Bathroom..... what are you doing here?" I asked.

"I uhh..... Ezra's my homie and we were chillin earlier, I think I left my phone though. Have you seen it?" He asked and I shook my head, he started looking around and after a few minutes he gave up. "Well let Ezra know I came through and ask him if he finds my phone to hold it for me." Paul said walking out, as soon as I was sure he was gone I grabbed the phone that fell between the wall and mattress knowing it was Paul's...... if I was Paul what would my password be? His birthday and once his phone was unlocked I started reading through the text between him and Ezra feeling completely stupid, not only had I been played but that nigga Gio was right which pissed me off even more.

"Where are you going?" Ezra asked walking back into the room as I got dressed. I tossed him Paul's phone and he smirked. "Baby it's not what you......"

"You better get the hell outta dodge because once Gavin finds out what y'all are up to he's going to hurt both of y'all....." I said brushing past him and ignoring his pleas for me to listen and stop. As much as I couldn't stand Gio or Gavin for that matter, I couldn't stand by and not tell them what Ezra and Paul were planning.........................

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