Jayden 14

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It sucked we had to go back to class, even though there was a bunch of snow on the ground they felt three days was more than enough time off; I sat in class looking out the window wishing I could be outside...... If you haven't realized by now I fuckin loved the snow, winter was my favorite time of year when I was younger me, my mom and little brother used to go outside every morning and build a snowman then splatter it with paint to make it more colorful. I shook the thought out of my head, the last thing I needed was to be getting emotional in the middle of class; I turned my attention back to the professor tried to focus but his voice made me really sleepy. We got out of class and I decided to go see Kyrese, we hadn't seen each other since the blizzard and I was missing my boo...... as usual, I found him in the library with his frat brothers studying and I thought it was kinda cute that I was dating someone who would rather study that party as I walked to the table I acknowledged everyone before sitting next to Ky.

"Let's get outta here because these three are getting on my damn nerves." Kyrese said irritated, I looked at Terrell, Leon and Frank for answers but they just shrugged and I quickly followed after him instead of walking to our cars he took off down the street, he didn't stop until we were walking along an empty trail in Fuller Park. "Jayden what are you doing?" Kyrese asked as I started taking all my clothes off except my boxers and jumped in the snow and started making a snow angel.

"I haven't done that in so long." I said quickly putting my clothes on and smiling while Kyrese stood there looking at me like I had completely lost my mind. "I wanted to get you to smile, I hate seeing you pissed and my planned worked." I said kissing him.

"Yeah it worked until you get sick and I have to spend my entire weekend taking care of you, know let's get you somewhere warm before I have to explain to Gio and Papi why you have hypothermia." Kyrese said kissing me again, thirty minutes later we were sitting in Starbucks drinking coffee and trying to figure out what we were going to do this weekend.

"I don't know I want to do something romantic." I said smiling.

"I never would've taken you as the romantic type; you're more of the goofy, spontaneous, fuck all night, sleep all day type of person. So what's your idea of doing something romantic?" Kyrese asked looking in my eyes.

"Oh Jayden is very romantic when he wants to be...... isn't that right Jay?" Taylor said standing close to our table. "Remember that picnic we had at the park in the middle of the summer?"

"Yeah you called it corny and left me stranded there and I had to call Papi to come pick me up." I said not even glancing in her direction. "So as I was about to say we're going to do something totally unexpected all I need from you is a yes." I said.

"Jayden can we please talk?" Taylor pleaded.

"Nah I'm coo....... Ky you ready to go I got a lot of homework and this place has become a little too crowded." I said looking around at the other two people in here, Taylor started to say something but I kept walking hand in hand with Kyrese. When I got home everyone was gone, probably out with their dudes; I needed something to do so I figured I'd call Samuel since I haven't spoken to him in a couple days.

"Wassup Jayden?" He said and it was still kinda weird talking to him, but we were making progress. "Sorry I haven't called you, I'm still trying to get used to the time difference and work has been killing me but I'm working on something that you might like." Samuel said and I could tell he was smiling.

"What are you talking about?" I asked curiously.

"Don't worry about it son at least not yet, I'll let you know once I get every thing worked out.... but how's school going?" He asked, we talked for about two hours and the longer it went on the easier the words came out. I looked at the clock and it was almost eight and I still hadn't done my homework.

"Ayy dad, I'll call you later I gotta knockout this homework." I said hanging up just as Papi walked in with a big bag of Subway.

"Here punk, Spicy Italian on Italian Herb and Cheese, Pepper Jack Cheese, Jalapenos, Banana Peppers and Chipotle Southwest Sauce..... since we're not going grocery shopping until we move into the new place, which is complete bullshyt because I don't like fast food like that." Papi said sitting next to me and pulling out two thick ass subs. "Don't give me that judgey look I'm hungry."

"I didn't say anything punk ass but look I need to ask you something, I........." I'm not going to lie when the person started banging on the door, I jumped and almost dropped my food; Papi got up and answered the door and Paul walked in huffing and puffing looking deranged.

"Where's Gio?" Paul asked looking around, normally I would fuck with him but he seemed a little out of it and I knew I couldn't beat Paul in a fight so I decided to keep my mouth shut. "What y'all niggas can't hear or something?"

"Nah I'm just confused as to why you would think he was here considering that 1) his car is gone, 2) you know if he was here, he would've come out once he heard you banging on the door like the damn police and 3) Last time a checked he does have a phone, it wouldn't be too difficult to call him and see where he is instead of making demands." Papi said and I shook my head.

"Jayden where's your boy Terrell?" Paul asked outta nowhere. "I know your boyfriend or whatever is cool with him so why don't you call him up and have him meet me somewhere." Paul said heated.

"Are you stupid?" I asked looking at him. "I'm not about to play telephone because you're in your feelings and you do realize that it's 3 degrees outside if you wanna fight and that shyt good luck to you because it's too damn cold to be fighting." I said going back to eating my sub.

"I SWEAR TO GOD JAYDEN I'LL........" Paul started to say but stopped as his eyes drifted somewhere behind me. "I thought Gio wasn't here? Where's your car Gio?" Paul said staring at me and Papi.

"Jeremy has my car and I was sleeping until your loud ass came and woke me up, why are you yelling, what do you want?" Gio asked stretching and yawning at the same time, Paul looked at us again and motioned for Gio to follow him. "Do you not see me standing here in my boxers, just tell me what you want so I can go back to sleep."

"I need to talk to you in private, it's important Gio." Paul said, Gio walked over to us grabbed one of Papi's subs and walked into the kitchen with Paul; five minutes later Paul walked out more pissed than when he came in and Gio sat on the couch in between us.

"First just let me say Jeremy must got you sprung as fuck for you to be letting him drive your car and I'm willing to bet my life he's the reason you were sleeping so damn hard because you're usually a light sleeper." I said smirking.

"Man I'm telling you that dude right there is something special...... Jeremy just does something to me that I can't explain and it would be pointless to try and make sense of it, so I'm just going to go with it." Gio said smiling.

"Yeah I know what you mean...... Quinton is just........ and the control he has over me is........ and then there's......." Papi said smiling as well. I didn't say anything because even though I was really feeling Kyrese, we were at that point in our relationship where just thinking about him had me at a lost for words like these two were with there dudes. I decided to finally start my homework which thankfully wasn't that much while those two sat around making jokes which is usually what I did.

"Jay your phone has been blowing up for the past hour you better answer it before Kyrese comes over here and........." Gio tried to finish but Jeremy walked in right at the moment causing Gio to forget all about me, he didn't say anything as Jeremy walked into the back and Gio followed right behind him.

"For real Jayden you should really pick that up, I'm starting to get curious as to who keeps calling you it might be important." Papi said flipping through the channels, I didn't have to guess who was calling me though because I already knew and honestly I really didn't even want to talk to that person but I knew inevitably we were going to have to speak I just didn't know if I was ready to do what he was asking...........................

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