Jayden 2

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I work up with a massive hangover, my boxers were wrapped around one of my ankles, there were beer bottles and empty cups all around the room and the bed was covered in like six or seven condom wrappers........ so obviously I had a fucking good night, I looked over at Kyrese who was laying net to me trying to remember what happened. The last thing I remembered clearly was Ky urging me to take another tequila shot after I already had about nine and then nothing...... but judging from the smile on his face I must've put on one hell of a show. I looked at Ky's perfectly shaped ass and decided to wake him up but the second I moved I felt myself getting sick, I ran to the bathroom and well use your imagination........ When I looked at Kyrese was standing there naked while showing his pretty white teeth, I threw a towel at him and he started laughing.

"Don't worry kid..... one of these days you'll learn to hang big boys." Kyrese said walking over to me and to my surprise he started helping me clean up my mess.

"Thanks babe...... damn I don't really remember what happen last night you mind on filling me in?" I asked standing up and grabbing the mouthwash.

"Well we were at the Alpha party you decided to challenge Frank to a drinking contest and well that didn't turn out well for you, I brought you back here and you still wanted to keep drinking and well after a few tequila shots, then you put on the show of a lifetime I'm talking strip tease, lap dance....." Kyrese said laughing as I covered my face in embarrassment. "It's coo Jayden, but look we gotta stop by the frat house and grab your phone."

"OH SHYT!!!! Oh my god Gio and Papi are going to kill me, then my grandma is going to bring me back just to kill me again." I said stumbling as I stood up.

"Hold up Jay, the first thing you need to do is eat because after all that drinking you did last night you need something on your stomach. We can stop by McDonald's on the way to get to your phone." Kyrese said and I had no choice but to follow his lead.

After getting some food and grabbing my phone (which was dead) we went back to my house and braced myself for my bros to go off on me. Kyrese dropped me off because he had to go help clean up after the party and when I walked through the door it was a very somber mood......

"Damn is everything alright?" I asked sitting on the couch.

"Nah, that nigga Darius got hit by a car last night trying to save Jeremy....... we thought it was either Julian or Steve, possibly both but they were at a concert in Detroit last night and they got the pics to prove it....." Gio said quietly.

"What about Ezra?" I asked and Gio shook his head. "How do you know? I mean we all know that nigga is a few nickles short of a dollar so I wouldn't put it past him." I said.

"Yeah Gio tell Jayden how you know it wasn't Ezra." Papi said shaking his head. Gio shot Papi a evil before leaning back in his seat.

"The reason I know it wasn't Ezra is because I was with him when it happened we were about to........ I was so close, Ezra found out something about something that I don't want to get out and he was holding it over my head. The only reason I didn't go through with it was because of the accident." Gio said quietly.

"You better tell Jeremy because and explain what happened because 'a failure of admission is still a lie and if he finds out from someone other than you....... where is he you better go tell him right now." I said looking at him.

"I will and Jeremy's at the hospital with Quinton checking on Darius." Gio said quietly. "But what I'm concerned about was who was trying to hurt Jeremy... if it wasn't Ezra, Julian or Steve then I'm outta suspects." Gio said looking at us.

"Have you ever stop and thought maybe it was a just a random accident, I mean niggas was out drinking last night it could just as easily be a hit and run... maybe you're over thinking it." I said.

"That's what I tried to say but he keeps saying that he has a feeling it was more than that." Papi said irritated. "But we can talk about this later because all it's doing is pissing me off, now how was YOUR night." Papi said smiling at me.

"What are you talking about Papi?" I asked playing dumb but the smile on my face was a dead giveaway that I knew exactly what he was talking about.

"Nigga I'm referring to the fact that you smell like a brothel and you haven't stop smiling since Kyrese dropped you off. Now either you got some ass last night or you gave some ass last night." Papi said and I started laughing.

"I don't know why you're laughing Jay you smell like a prostitute." Gio said laughing. "Damn who would've thought there would be a night when Jayden got some ass and Papi didn't....... I must be in the Twilight Zone or something."

"Fuck both of y'all........ look I'm about to take a shower then head over to my grandma's house are y'all riding..... I mean y'all know she cooked and y'all looking a little malnourished." I said smiling, Papi picked up and pillow and threw it at me as I ran to the bathroom.

After showering and charging my phone, I was ready to go but Jeremy and Quinton showed up and judging from the pissed off look of Jeremy's face Gio had just happened between him and Ezra, while Papi and Quinton were sitting at the table playing checkers. I figured they weren't going so I grabbed my keys and headed out....... I walked through my grandparents house and instantly my grandma started cussing me out.

".......AND ANOTHER THING THE NEXT TIME YOUR OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND YOU DON'T CALL TO CHECK IN I'M GOING TO BEAT YOU AND CARLOS'S ASS....... My boo Gio is fine because he's a good boy......... BUT Y'ALL OTHER TWO, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME JAYDEN WALKER!!!"She asked pointing a wooden spoon at me.

"Yes ma'am....... what you cook?" I asked walking in the kitchen. "So how was church?" I asked fixing me a plate.

"It was good, you know Sister Madison was flirting with your granddad and I bout smacked her thirsty ass if I wasn't in the Lord's house she would've caught that fade." My grandma said and I didn't know what was worse the fact that she was still beefin with Ms. Madison after twenty years or that she was using words like fade and thirsty. "Have you spoken to your father he's been trying to call you." She asked and I shook my head.

"No ma'am but I'll call him once I'm done eating." I said surprised at the news that he was actually putting forth the effort. My granddad walked into the kitchen and I decided to ask him a question that I've been dying to ask. "Pop-pop why does grandma hate Ms. Madison?" I asked.

"Because I cheated on your grandma with her twenty years ago and Ms. Madison still wants the d and your grandma knows it. Hell if she don't give me the pussy tonight I might have to slide into Madison's DM's" He said, after staring at him for twenty seconds I stood up, put some foil on my food and left, I refused to hear about my grandparents fucking much less about my granddad sliding into anyone's DM's........ I called my dad and talked to him for a few minutes before calling Kyrese and told him I was coming over and thankfully he was home.

"Do you ever stop eating?" He asked as I sat on the couch with my plate.

"I gotta replenish all those calories I burned last night......." I said winking at him. "So what are we going to do before class starts back up? Because if you leave it up to me I'm trying to go back to that bounce house cus that shyt was fun as fuck." I said eating.

"Yeah we could do that or......." He paused for second, I looked up at him and he was taking his clothes off. "Or we could just fuck until the semester starts." He said smiling and I didn't have to be told twice as I quickly started pulling my clothes off................................

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